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Art and Poetry in the Garden

April 13, 2009

floweringcherryStudents completed their haiku and Japanese line drawing projects today. The project was inspired by Tosa Mitsuoki’s paintings, Autumn Maple and Flowering Cherry with Poem Slips. Mitsuoki’s paintings feature trees bedecked with traditional Japanese poetry. An excellent resource for teachers about the Flowering Cherry painting is available from The Art Institute of Chicago, where both paintings are housed.

The project was a collaboration of World Cultures, Language Arts, and Visual Arts classes. Students completed line drawings of an object in the Japanese dry garden and then wrote a haiku based upon their drawing.

Here’s a Power Point I used in Language Arts class for an introductory lesson on haiku. Here are some haiku students wrote as part of that lesson.

Below are pictures of the Japanese garden and one of the completed scrolls.