Ode to Shamwow
by Katherine K.

The suspicious looking figure
Holds it up for all to see
Brags it can soak up anything,
And demonstrates its absorbing power
Like a parched, hungry dog,
It takes in the liquid greedily
Holding it in its wool structure,
Like a roaming camel.
Woven with German hands
Soft and smooth to the touch
He displays all the sizes, types, and colors
Stroking his hand, smoothing out the creases
Blue, orange, green and yellow,
Boxes float upon the screen,
Flashing and turning, so that all at home can see
A cute little jingle plays throughout the scene,
And suddenly he yells,
Startling the camera man,
Shocking the audience,
Into taking the time to order,
The magnificent item now,
And all this happens in less than two minutes.
Everybody takes this guy for granted,
They ignore the temptation to call the number,
And turn off the Television silently,
Continuing with their everyday lives.


Ode to the Energizer Bunny
by Matthew H.

You power my house
You power my stuff
You pink lovable ball of fluff
You never stop
You never stay
You beat that drum of yours all day
Who doesn’t want you
You double AA
There is no other battery for me


Ode to a Marker
by Celia M.

Black Ink
running on a dry erase board
words that swirl
marker smells funny, but words bring pictures to your mind
like a mouth, that speaks on paper
“Bold color dry erase”,
puts people’s poems on the board
teaches us vocab
tells us the date, homework, and lesson
and gives us instructions from the teacher
but at the end of the day it’s gone
gone with the wind, the makers words were once there
but now are no more.


Ode to A Pushpin
by Andrew K.

My pushpin with its delicate transparency,
How you dazzle me with your see through details.
Like a lionfish in the water,
You have a deadly edge but a beautiful body.
Like a shimmering diamond in the moonlight,
You light up the night and my life.
Like a beautiful jewel,
You are priceless, sitting on my desk.
Ready to be pierced into cork,
Like a bumble bee in distress.


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