I used to hate it when teachers mysteriously disappeared from school without telling us why. Had they been abducted by aliens? Were they vacationing on a beach in Mexico? Dancing with penguins in Antarctica? We never knew.


I’ve been out of school for most of this week and the culprit is my evil gall bladder. Well, maybe it isn’t evil but it isn’t working properly. So tomorrow I’m going to have surgery to have it removed. The good news is that it is not a big surgery and people don’t really much need their gall bladders. I am kinda bummed that it’s not my appendix they have to remove because then I could be just like Madeline.



Gall bladders are kind of boring, so this is your chance to be creative. Write a comment with a few lines or a story about where I have been this week. Make it as strange or silly as you’d like but do use good judgment and be appropriate.


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