Red Scarf Girl Characters

This week students created ways to present their knowledge about the characters we have encountered so far in Red Scarf Girl. Here are some great examples of student work.

This group of students recorded quotes for each character using Audacity and embedded them in the PowerPoint. Unfortunately, you will not be able to hear them while vieing the SlideShare show. There is a way to record audio with SlideShare; we just didn’t do it for this project.

This group of students used Glogster for their presentation. If  you click on the picture, you will be able to interact with the glog. Students knew that origami is traditionally Japanese, not Chinese, but it “looked cool.” 🙂


Here’s another glog. This group chose to give more detailed information about fewer characters.


Students planned this poster on their tablets and then created it on poster board.

LitMagSpring09 006

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