Chatting About Poetry

tinychatInspired by a post about using chat in the classroom, I decided we would try it for an introductory discussion about poetry. I was interested in countering some of the negative attitudes students had about poetry and getting a sense of their prior knowledge base (types of poems, poets, specific poems etc.) We used tinychat, a website that allows you to create a chatroom which disappears once the chat is closed without registering a username and password. Before the chat, we reviewed good internet safety and courtesy practices. 

The chat was great for a quick introductory discussion about a subject, but it isn’t something I would use to have an in-depth conversation or with a subject that needed to be pursued linearly. In a quick debriefing dialogue after the chat, students observed that the chat was “awesome,” but sometimes difficult to follow. Some students found it difficult to keep comments relevant to the topic at hand. However, they thought that this skill might develop with practice just as it had with our Socratic dialogues.

Below is a slice of the chat we during one class…

(12:15 PM) Colin: poetry that famous authors made are boring

(12:15 PM) AwsomeJ1234: Why does it make you fall asleeep?

(12:15 PM) MSSTEWART: anyone have a favorite poem or poet?

(12:15 PM) beakerrules!: i like funny poetry only because its less boring 

(12:15 PM) AwsomeJ1234: WHY?

(12:15 PM) hersheybar11: )

(12:15 PM) BAMxxITSxxME: we all have our opinions, some of us dislike poetry some of us dont. I respect ur opinions

(12:15 PM) maddog47: i don’t

(12:15 PM) FuzzyGreenHa: I don’t have a favorite beacause I never remember the names of the Poets

(12:15 PM) metalmaxx211: william bouroughs

(12:15 PM) V-Man: I hate poetry :mrgreen:

(12:15 PM) metalmaxx211: is mine

(12:16 PM) HannahBanana: poetry is boring when it’s too deep to undersstand

(12:16 PM) J-wes: :0

(12:16 PM) Marleybob: teehee.

(12:16 PM) Colin: I dislike poetry

(12:16 PM) AwsomeJ1234: Everyone should like poetry.

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