Diigo and Homophones

If you’ve ever wanted to highlight or put a sticky note on a webpage, Diigo may be the answer. Diigo is a website and toolbar that allows readers to bookmark and annotate web content. It also allows users to share their bookmarks, highlighting, and annotations with others. Diigo has both a toolbar download and Diigolet, which a user can easily drag and drop into his or her browser toolbar.  

Yesterday students employed Diigo to review for a grammar quiz on homophones. Students chose articles from Wikipedia on any subject of interest to them. Choices varied from chocolate to liger to Sears Tower. Students located homophones in the article, highlighted them, and explained why particular words were chosen instead of homophones of the word. Students in each class are in a group in Diigo, so they can view each others’ highlights and annotations. Below is a screenshot of an annotation one student made. (My explanation is inked in blue.)  


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One Comment on “Diigo and Homophones”

  1. newman Says:

    Hey Ms. Stewart,

    Thanks for the link and I’m glad to know you are using Diigo with your class.

    One quick question: I couldn’t see the annotations the students made on the chocolate nor the liger wikipedia pages. I suppose this is because I’m not a member of the ‘Seventh period Stewart’ group?

    Thanks again,
    Newman5 on twitter

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