Dreaming About the Future of Education

Many of the teachers I talk with spend a lot of time thinking about the future of education and technology. Today I thought it would be interesting to have the same kind of discussion with students. During class we watched a video from the 2009 Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) conference debuting a wearable “Sixth Sense” device from the MIT Media Lab. Students discussed their reactions in class, and I’ve also invited them to post their reactions here. (You can watch the video by clicking the play button or clicking on the link above.)

Students: What did you think of the Sixth Sense device? How do you think such a device might change the way we go about our everyday lives? How do you think such a device might change learning in and outside of school?
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14 Comments on “Dreaming About the Future of Education”

  1. ravenw1 Says:

    this is so kewl……….wish I had one……*sigh*

  2. amandal1 Says:

    I think the sixth sense device is really cool, however i think people would loose a lot of knowledge because everything they want to know would be given to them without them having to think at all.

  3. Kaavya Says:

    I really liked the Sixth Sense device because it was so useful and it could be used in many different sorts of ways. One way it could be used at home and in everyday life is if you need to figure out 7% of 4 for tax and you’re not very good at math. Another way it could be used during everyday life is if you need to call your parents because you got lost in the neighborhood but you left your cell phone at home.One way it coul dbe used at school is if you don’t know the answer to a test question and you can just look the answer up on the web. They also cost less than tablets.

    I really wish I had one of those.

    Kaavya A 😳

  4. MsStewart Says:

    That’s a really interesting point, Amanda. I wonder if in the future knowledge will be more about knowing where to find information and how to use it and less about being able to memorize facts.

  5. varunk1 Says:

    I think this is one of the coolest things that a person can have, but you need to carry alot of stuff around to use it, although I still I had it.

    Varun :mrgreen:

    P.S. Amanda don’t give anybody ideas like that.

    Ms. Stewart edit- It’s mrgreen, not drgreen.

  6. zakd Says:

    It is 1 of the greatest inventions of all time. This device will make everyday life so easy. Just imagine everything in this 1 device for only $350. But if you bought everything on this device separately, it would cost you something like $10,000. This device would be good if you were on vacation or at a museum or something but not good for school. No one would learn anything because this device would do all the thinking for you.


  7. caseym1 Says:

    It was cool.


  8. samif1 Says:

    I thought that this was extremely cool. I hope that it will soon become an object as common as pencils in schools. But I disagree with Kaavya about looking up answers to questions on tests. I think that this ruins the point of education because everything is just given to you and you don’t have to try to do anything.

  9. jacobw1 Says:

    I think it is nice, but it is intruding on other peoples perssonal spce, as their facebok page appears on their chest. However, I thing it is still a nice contraption.

  10. joannaw1 Says:

    I think they could get in trouble for having the feature where it will tell them all about if they searched their name. That feature could get banned because that would make people mad. Some people prefeer privacy. It’s a cool idea though.

    -Joanna :mrgreen:

  11. katiesh Says:

    I really liked their idea. I liked how they called it the “Sixth Sense.” But if students have a device, they might not be motivated to learn, because for the rest of their life, to find a piece of information, instead of knowing it, they would just be able to look it up. So although these are super-super-cool, it might be better not to have them in school. Also I think it would be very funny to project somebody’s Facebook onto them or something like that.

    ~Katie S. :mrgreen:

  12. kristina Says:

    I think that this isn’t really a sixth sense because you are not born with it, yet it is really cool! Also, I think that showing your face-book is an invasion of privacy! However, it would be very cool to have one. I just hope they will not be as tacky or big! 😀

  13. nyalp Says:

    Not to be rude but they’re not going to sell it. If they do, I wouldn’t buy it because my parents would think that it is a waist of money for people who don’t travel for their job. They also think the iPhone is a waist of money for kids and people who are not lawyers or something.

  14. tandrews Says:

    I think it was very cool, but I think it was too hi-tech for the situation with the economy at the moment.

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