Summer Reading

Teachers are getting ready to choose summer reading for next year and I’m interested in your feedback. Since summer was a long time ago, I’ll remind you that your summer reading was to read Gathering Blue and The Giver. If you had already read The Giver, you were asked to choose another book from the list.

Please answer the survey questions below. Only vote once! If you have any additional thoughts or ideas, please leave them as a comment. We will consider your thoughts in deciding what books next year’s 6th graders will read over the summer.

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27 Comments on “Summer Reading”

  1. kristina Says:

    I think that the books you chose to read were very good. I really enjoyed reading these books, as they were related to eachother. Also, when the summer ended, and we had school I think that the projects we did with the books (like the trial) were very interesting!

  2. nyalp Says:

    I liked both books. I didn’t like Shoadow Spinner but it is ok because we got to read the better books in the summer! I agree with Kristin, the trial was awesome!

  3. zoedo Says:

    I liked all the books we have read. I like the trial a lot.

  4. abbyha Says:

    I liked reading Gathering Blue over the summer. I don’t think I liked the Giver as much, but it was still an enjoyable book! 🙂

    Abby Hall

  5. shannons1 Says:

    I liked the Giver better because it was more unique, because of the setting, and more creative. Gathering Blue was ok but it was odd. It was odd because of the way people acted. Anyways I agree with both Kristen and Nyal that the trial was really fun. I like when were able to kind of choose an alternate ending. Thanks for choosing those books:)
    I also read, A Day No Pigs Would Die, that was really good.

    ~S~h~A~n~N~o~N~ ~s~T~o~H~l~M~a~N~

  6. gmaxg Says:

    I think that Gathering blue was a little bit better than the Giver. But this might be because I had already read the Giver and I immediatly understood the plot of gathering blue.

  7. ivanap Says:

    I liked the Giver a lot. I thought Gathering Blue was pretty good, but I really enjoyed the trial. I’m glad we got to do activities with the books, becasue that made me like them even more.

  8. alexah1 Says:

    i liked the giver more than gathering blue. i thought it was interasting that people could not see colors.

    alexa :mrgreen:

  9. katiesh Says:

    I had already read the Giver so I enjoyed the choices of reading if we had already read the Giver. In particular I enjoyed the book A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. I didn’t like Shadow Spinner and if we have to have summer reading I would prefer a list of choices. I agree with you guys, the trial was super fun. 😆

    ~katie s.

  10. rianas Says:

    I liked the Giver a lot better than Gathering Blue. I enjoyed reading it, but I also liked having the list of reading books, just in case.

    -rIaNa :mrgreen:

  11. zakd Says:

    I hadn’t read either Gathering Blue or The Giver. I really didn’t like either of the books. They just weren’t my kind of books. To tell you the truth I fell asleep evertime I read those books. Most of the time the books made no since. Also I was hoping not to have summer reading this year/summer.


  12. amandal1 Says:

    In 5th grade we had to read “The GIver.” I though it was pretty good. I didn’t like “Gathernig Blue.” It was really boring which made it a long read. I thought the list of books that we could pick from was pretty good. I would have liked it if it was slightly longer, but I think it was pretty good.

  13. samanthas1 Says:

    Last year I read The Giver, and i enjoyed it, but reading Gathering Blue was extremely boring,(no ofence to anyone who liked Gathering Blue). Because we to read the book, I should probably say that it was a good conversation book, but I don’t want to break the ten comandments, so I’m speaking my mind and saying i disliked it very much.
    ~Samantha 😛

  14. ravenw1 Says:

    I personally liked the Giver better than Gathering Blue but Gathering Blue was still a good book. Also I prefer to read books during the summer because I like to read my book on my own and I don’t really like to discuss things that much even though I do participate in the discussion. I like to just read the book whenever I want to not when the teacher tells me to. It just makes the whole situation a lot more bearable to know that I don’t HAVE to do something.

    ~Raven W. :mrgreen:

  15. Kaavya Says:

    I personally am not sure if I wanted to read Gathering Blue over the summer. I think it would be a better idea if I read it over the period we were learning about the book. That way, we could read some chapters for homework and discuss what we read the next day.

    Kaavya 😳

  16. joannaw1 Says:

    I read Gathering Blue and The Giver. I read The Giver first so i enjoyed that 1 more because i wasn’t tired out from reading and it was kind of like Gathering Blue. Since everyone read Gathering Blue and another book i think they should just make it easier and just have everyone read the same book(s) maybe The Giver or Gathering Blue or both. If 1 book seems not enough then you could add in a book review to do about the book over the summer.


  17. MatthewG Says:

    I thought reading gathering blue would have been better if we read it during school so we could discuss it, in class because some parts were a little confusing to me and maybe to others. I think that you should have everybody just discuss the book because it is a good first book to see what LA is going to be like for the rest of the year.

    Matthew G

  18. sydneyj Says:

    I liked the book choices over the summer. The extra book i read was HARRY POTTERRR. I thought that reading Gathering Blue in the school year would’ve been better because we could’ve understood the book better. I like how the Giver and Gathering Blue kind’ve connected though. Great book choicessss!

    ♥SyDnEy JoHnSoN♥

  19. maxgor Says:

    I liked the book choices over the summer because it had a good variety. The book i chose was not a good book in my opinion I read the book hoot I did not know it was a little more on the girl side of books

  20. minjiey Says:

    I enjoyed reading all of the summer reading books. The books were very exciting and I didn’t get bored by the books very much. The books we read were very similar to each other and in a way, had a connection. They were a pretty good choice.

    ~M!NJ!3 Y!M~

  21. cohend Says:

    I enjoyed the Giver a lot, but I did not like Gathering Blue as much because there wasn’t really anything exciting going on. The books we read were almost sequels to each other. They had similarities in many ways. These books were good choices, but this summer, i would like to see maybe an action book, or one that keeps you involved. I have really enjoyed Percy Jackson greek mythology books, and also i read two called the Shakespear Stealer, and Shakespear’s Scribe. Both were very good.


  22. matthewh1 Says:

    I think that they are both great books. I thought that Gathering Blue was better than the Giver. Both books had the same theme, being controlled by the government.

    Matthew Hutzenbuhler 8)

  23. carolinew1 Says:

    I think that the books were okay. I thought the Giver was better than Gathering Blue. The activities that we did in class very fun and interesting.

    ~Caroline Wagner 🙂

  24. tandrews Says:

    The extra book I read for summer was harry potter. I LOVE harry potter. I would of much better liked reading Gathering Blue in school because reading in the summer (in my opinion) is not my first priority, so I tend to wait till the last minute to read and then I don’t completely “take in” the book.

  25. collind Says:

    I definitely liked The Giver better, maybe just because of the adventure and abnormality of it. Gathering Blue was a good book, it just, I didn’t really like the plot points.

    CoLlIn DwOrSkY

  26. jakeburt Says:

    Both books have their merits, but something more timeless, more impressive in scope and broad in emotional appeal might work better. Something like Cogwatch, perhaps. Just a thought.

  27. MsStewart Says:

    If only the author of that amazing masterpiece of modern fiction would get it published already, I’d buy a copy for every one of my students 😉

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