Does Location Matter?

chair1On IR days and days when you’re working independently or in groups, I often let you choose the place in the room where you sit. I am curious to know how you think where you sit affects your work.

How do you feel about reading/working sitting in the blue plastic chairs v. being able to choose a spot in the room to work? Which do you like better and where do you get more work done? (The answers to those two questions may not be the same.) Do you think choosing your seat is more or less distracting than sitting in the blue chairs? Why?

Please be honest. I am not planning to change things, but I am interested in your feedback.

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51 Comments on “Does Location Matter?”

  1. samif1 Says:

    I think that sitting anywhere in the room is definitely better for IR reading. However, sitting in the blue plastic chairs is a little better than anywhere in the room for projects, because we can focus better, as everyone has to sit next to each other; it is hard to talk to one another when there is more than three people. Therefore, even I think that sitting anywhere in the room is much more fun and definitely more comfortable; more work is done when we sit in the blue chairs, especially when you can move the chairs to the other sides of the table. If you do that, you will be facing each other and everything will be done quicker.

  2. katiesh Says:

    I enjoy choosing a spot in the room to read because it is fun to choose who you sit near and you can choose a spot where you won’t be annoyed. However sometimes you are stuck without a cool seat because there are taken by greedy people taking three seats at once. In the blue plastic chairs people who sit by me ask me questions and that is distracting but I realize that it can be distracting to choose to sit with friends too. Personally in my seat I think it is less distracting to get away to my own spot. Not to be insulting but I prefer sitting with my friends. I think that your friends are a little more distracting then whoever sits by you.

    ~Katie S.

  3. delaneyv Says:

    I like sitting on the floor. I’m not sure why but even when I am at home I’m on the floor doing homework or reading or something like that. It is so comfy and the chairs are not comfy AT ALL I would rather sit on cement than these chairs.

  4. joannaw1 Says:

    Sitting where you want matters. Sometimes it makes it easier to read in a nice place but sometimes it could be bad. Sitting anywhere you want in the room could be bad if people are just talking and not focusing. But if the person focuses and sits anywhere they might be able to concentrate better, some people are different.

  5. rachelt1 Says:

    I think that sitting in the blue chairs will get more work done for some people but not for others. Some people like me, would like to pick a place in the room that i will work the best. Some people take advantage of this and sit with their friends and talk all day. These people most likely work better in chairs. I think that our class should learn to work with friends but not talk, just work. This will make us be able to spread throughout the room and find our own “good working” space. Sometimes, when we are reading for IR day, we get to sit where we want which is good. But some people talk and get moved to the blue plastic chairs. I think that this process should go on until we learn to take advantage of moving throughout the room.


  6. alexu1 Says:

    I like how we get to sit where we want, though sometimes it can be distracting on IR days. Sometimes after tests people go to sit in the comfty chairs near their friends. They will whisper very softly and that doesn’t bother me sometimes they laugh and sI can not get my focus. I usually am one of the lasts done with my test because I like to take my time but then they laugh and I can not get focused again. Also when I read my book if I get distracted I can not really get back into the book. Most of the time though it is really quiet and if any one has a question they will go up to Ms. Stewart. Our class is pretty good about being quiet mosst of the time, other times we just get a little out of control and laugh, and giggle. For the most part we are very good, and listen, (atleast I think so).

    ~ Alex

  7. kristina Says:

    I think that when we have an IR day, it is really nice to be able to sit around the room! I also like to sit in other chairs beside the blue chairs when we write or do independent work. I think that some people prefer to work in the blue chairs though. This is because many people (me) feel like I can focus more when I sit in the blue chairs. Also, I think that there should be a rule about seating on IR days. Because we normally have a vocabulary quiz on that day I think that there should be this rule….. No one can move around until everyone has finished the Vocabulary quiz. This way everyone can focus, and not rush so they get the “good chair.” This is my opinion about the chairs!


  8. nickv1 Says:

    I dont really care as long as WE dont have a seating chart because that says that you dont like us and you think were weird and bad and all messed up and jittery ALso that you dont trust us and that makes me sad.

  9. tandrews Says:

    I like sitting in different places other then the uncomfortable plastic chairs because if you don’t like reading it at least gives you something to look forward to on IR days. I really don’t know where i get more work done, because we don’t really do everyday work in somewhere else other then in the blue chairs, I guess it would be a good change for once. I like the gray chairs because they are very bouncy.
    tory (:

  10. jayr1 Says:

    I think that I get a lot more work done while sitting in the blue plastic chairs. But I like to sit back i the chairs more because they are comfortable and nice to sit in. I think choosing my seat is more distracting because then I usually end up witting with my friends who I usually talk to more that I would sitting next to some other people where I don’t talk.

  11. annaj1 Says:

    I think the what Rachel said was correct, and good. I think that if people choose to talk the person they are talking to might get distracted, and not do his/her work. I think that you should be allowed to sit where ever you want, because if you do not get your work done it is your on fault. I work much better when sitting on the floor, because I am more comfortable and then I am in a better mood, and get more work done not thinking about how bad it is. I think we should be able to continue to be able to sit where ever we want.

  12. minjiey Says:

    I think sitting in the blue chairs helps me get more work done. Most people take the advantage of finding their own chair as a time to talk. Sometimes, it kind of bothers me when those people just chatter their mouths off. They just can’t keep on task while with their friends. But on the contrary, I like finding my own place to sit during IR. IR is supposed to be a relaxing time to just hang out with your book. =]


  13. matthewh1 Says:

    I enjoy sitting in the rocking chairs. They are fun to rock back and forth, back and forth. I also enjoy when you tip too far and the chair flips over and you get stuck. At my house I enjoyed sitting upside down. It is fun until I get dizzy. I enjoy sitting on the floors because it is so comfortable. I once slept on the floor at my house for a couple hours. I do not think that the chairs are that comfortable. I just hate seating charts because you have no freedom.

    Matthew 8)

  14. collind Says:

    I definitely like being out of the blue chairs. I don’t like them because I they are so hard, and i get into a habit of rocking in them. Otherwise I don’t mind sitting in them. I AGREE WITH NICK! I never want to have a seating chart because I don’t think that the class should be punished, in my opinion, the single or multiple people should get punished. I like out of blue chairs and into other comfortable ones.

    🙂 CoLlIn

  15. celiam1 Says:

    I definitely like sitting in random places around the room for IR days, because it is more comfortable. When we are working on projects with other people, I think it is better to sit in different places around the room, too because then someone doesn’t have to bring a chair around the table, and not be able to see what the other group members are doing. When we are doing things, like checking homework, taking notes or doing small assignments, I think it is probably better to sit at the tables because we can focus a little better, and concentrate on listening to Ms. Stewart. I also think that it is better to be able to move to different spots to do individual work that takes a whole class (a longer assignment) because you can get away from people talking and work by yourself.


  16. bethanym1 Says:

    I think that sitting somewhere else during IR day is good, becasue the blue chais are better for fosusing work, and the other chairs are better for reading. I also think that we should be able to move around the room when we are reading something. But i think that the other chairs are better for doing work.

    Bethany 🙂

  17. MatthewG Says:

    I like how we can sit on the floor because it makes us have more space and freedom which makes us work a little more intusiastic when we could just be bored.

  18. MatthewG Says:

    Matthew G 😈

  19. hannahc1 Says:

    When we work, I would rather be in a blue plastic chair and have assigned seating so we don’t get distracted, but if we’re having an IR day, I would like to sit wherever we want to, because that’s a time to relax and read. 🙂

  20. hurschp Says:

    I think that the seating arangement where you chose where you sit is more enjoyable and I can learn more. Some times when were have to sit in a certain spot, we are forced to listen.

  21. bretth1 Says:

    When we are reading on i.r. days I would much prefer not to have to sit on the blue plastic chairs. Because when I am on a comfey chair I can really get into the book and can consentrate better.

  22. ivanap Says:

    I like sitting around the room because then you can sit in more comfortable seats and can sit next to the people you want to sit next to. I really enjoy sitting wherever I want during IR reading days. I think that in class, if we have some important work to be done, I don’t think we’ll get much work done if we sit next anyone or sit anywhere. I like sitting anywhere better, but I don’t think you will get as much work done.

    Ivana 🙂

  23. katiep1 Says:

    I personally dont mind just staying in the blue chairs. But I think when I sit on the floor or a comfy chair it can be fun and still be able to stay foccussed. I think it would be more distracting if everyone was all in the blue chairs. 😆

  24. aylak1 Says:

    i personally like being able to sit whereever we would like. :mrgreen: i mean i dont mind having to sit where you tell us, i mean, i dont mind my assigned my assigned seats. the people next to me are not that bad. 🙂

  25. rianas Says:

    I ♥LOVE♥ being able to sit wherever we want, because it makes you more comfortable and more likely to focus on you work. I personally don’t think it makes a difference on the amount of work you get done, for me at least. :mrgreen:

    -rIaNa 🙂

  26. ethank1 Says:

    Okay. Welllllll. I think that…. I listen better in the blue plastic chairs, but i work better in the grey chairs / on the floor. I am fine with assined seats i guess. I can pick on Erin pretty easy.
    -Ethan :mrgreen: 🙂

  27. alecf1 Says:

    I think choosing a spot is better because the blue seats make your butt sore. Also when you choose a place to sit you can sit near a plug in spot. Also your butt is happier.

  28. Charlie Says:

    I think that we should choose where we sit. If we have them we should be able to use them.
    But we also need to think of how lucky we are for having comfortable furniture in the classroom. We need to treat the chairs and loungers with respect to sit on them. So I believe we should be able to use them as long as we are civilized and don’t kill each other for a chair.

    8) 🙄

  29. erinb1 Says:

    Well I think that I work better sitting in the back chairs because I am a lot more comfortable. I also like the chairs because no one else can see what you are doing :roll:. I hate it when people try to see your work and you don’t want them to. and again a lot more comfortable

  30. ravenw1 Says:

    I really x1000000000000 love being able to sit were I want to! It is easier for me to concentrate when I’m sitting next to people I like and I know that I get to relaxed but I can work on that. Plus I’m too bored with where I sit. And then when I’m bored I don’t pay attention. So if u let me sit where I want then i’ll pay attention and you will get to see me smile! :mrgreen: But of course it’s up to u.

    rAvEn 8)

  31. zakd Says:

    I don’t like sitting in the blue chairs. When I sit in the blue chairs I’m not comfortably and it hurts on my…well never mind. The gray chairs are a whole lot more comfortable. Also the blue and pink rocking chairs. I like the blue and pink rocking chairs the best. But I get the most work done on the gray chairs. They get me calm and I do my work. I probably get the least amount of work done in the blue and pink chairs. I keep rocking and keep falling over. It’s a huge mess. So don’t sit there it’s my seat. I think that choosing our seats makes it more distracting. Some people sit next to their friends. I’m not saying any names cough Max cough. So it’s going to be hard.

    -Zak Davis

  32. ryanm1 Says:

    I like the other chairs and i don’t like the blue chairs. So i wish the room had no tables but had those chairs. The only problem is that I don’t get all of my work done when I sit on the comfortable chairs. If I sit on the blue chairs I get all of my work done. If I choose my own seat I usually sit by myself and not talk. So that doesnt even matter.

  33. samanthas1 Says:

    I think we should be able to choose where we sit because then people would be able to focus more on their work instead of wishing they were sitting in a different spot. Also i like fighting for a comfortable funiture. It’s sort of a past time. I think having the soft furniture . My advice to Ms. Stewart would be to change the blue chairs to lazboy recliners, of massage chairs! 😛

  34. richardvv Says:

    I like when you can sit where you want to. It is more comfortable than the blue chairs. I get more work done in the Grey chairs because they are more comfortable and I feel more relaxed, and not in school….. It is more distracting when you sit in the Grey chairs because some people sit with their friends and talk. :mrgreen:

  35. Kaavya Says:

    I have mixed opinions about choosing your own spot. The good thing about choosing your own spot is that, like Alec thinks, your behind will not get sore. You can also relax while you work, and this might help you get your work done. (Being in a negative mood will not help you get work done.) If you don’t like or agree with the person that you sit next to in class, you can choose your own spot away from that person so you can work even more easily. Some of the down sides about choosing your own spot can be that sometimes, people might get into disagreements about where to sit. One person might want to sit in the same place as another person. Also, although sitting in comfy chairs can help you relax and you can get more work done, too much relaxing can make you get drowsy and you can fall asleep.

    Kaavya 😳

  36. isabelleb1 Says:

    I like the freedom of being able to sit wherever you please during IR days. I feel that IR days are like our freedom. However; during an IR day you will always find me dutifully seated in one of the blue plastic chairs. This is so because I do not wish to get caught up in a skirmish over who sits where. (Ahem, Ahem to the nameless.)


  37. greggc Says:

    I like choosing where I sit because you have the freedom of choosing. You get to sit by you friends. Although I think that I get more done when I sit in the blue plastic chairs. When I sit there I concentrate better which means I get more done and I am more productive. When I sit ikn the grey chairs I will talk sometimes which means I won’t get as much done.

  38. abbyha Says:

    I like the freedom to sit anywhere you choose on IR days. Although sometimes I think it can be a distraction when your trying to read. Especially when people fight over the different furnature. Other than that I think it is more comfortable and makes reading more enjoyable.


  39. zoedo Says:

    I like to have a choice to pick where we sit in the classroom on IR days. I get more work done if I sit in a blue plastic chair because it is less distracting.


  40. alexah1 Says:

    i think i get more work done in the plastic chairs but it is a lot of fun on IR days and get to pick were we sit. i think it would be fun if we got to pick were we wanted to sit for class.

    Alexa :mrgreen:

  41. gmaxg Says:

    I think that the plastic chairs are way less fun to sit in. In the comfortable chaairs where we sit where we want, I enjoy reading more. But I am easily distracted when I sit wherever I want because it is more fun and easy to get caught up in.


  42. andrewk1 Says:

    I think that the location does matter. I think that it is fun to sit around tthe room, but sometimes it can be rough. People want the grey chairs and the folding chairs, so they push and shove to get them. When people push and shove, people get hurt and they start pushing and shoving. This hasn’t happened yet, but I don’t think that it will very soon.

  43. ninat1 Says:

    Yes, I do think that the location matters. I like to sit in the gray couches/chairs in the back, I feel very comfortable in them. But i get alot more work done when i sit in the Blue plastic chairs, I focus alot more.

  44. varunk1 Says:

    I do think that location matters because it is fun to sit in a spot and read, although there are some people who get distracted by the awsomness of sitting in a cool chair. But tey start talking so much that other people can get distracted. But when we sit in a blue chair, people don’t feel so comfortable compared to the awsome chairs, so they can focus More and do their work. Also when they dod ther work, everybody else can too. So what I’m sayibg is that it depends on who you sit next to, when you sit in a awsome chair.

    VARUN –><–


  45. sydneyt1 Says:

    I, SyDnEy think it does matter where we sit while working, or just simply reading an enjoyable book. I think that it is quite enjoyable to say to yourself, ” Ms. Stewart is the best, she let us pick were we want to sit and I am so comfortable”. Isn’t that what you want us to say Ms. Stewart? As apposed to, ” I can’t believe Ms. Stewart made us sit in the blue plastic chairs again. What kind of class is this? Science? I thought that Ms.Stewart would surely make this class as enjoyable as Science !” Just think of the hungry children! I am just saying, I thought this was America, we should have freedom! Free at last, free at last, that God almighty we are free at last. I think Iam loosing it ……………… I really should take my medicine before venting me feelings on the internet. Anyway, the point is that we should have the freedom to sit where we want, just like on the bus when Rosa Parks fought for her freedom…………… I’m having a breakdown! 🙂

    Huh,……….Huh,,,,,,,,,,Huh,,,,,,, I am out of breath

    Thoughts shared by SyDnEy!

  46. joshm1 Says:

    I like being able to choose where I sit much better than sitting in a blue plastic chair. To me, I have more fun reading and doing my work when I get to choose where I sit. HOWEVER, sitting in a blue plastic chair does help me get more accomplished.


  47. jonathanav Says:

    I do think that location is important. It is more comfortable to sit anywhere you want and relaxes you efore the next class. The bad thing is that you get distracted or doze off. In the blue chairs it is boring and there is not a relaxing feeling. THe good thing is that you focus and pay attention more

  48. carolinew1 Says:

    I like how we get to pick our own seats. The good thing is how we can sit with your friends and talk a little but the bad thing is if you talk too much you might not read your book. I like better sitting on the floor with my friends but I think sitting in the blue chairs would help you get your work done faster.

    ~Caroline :->

  49. kaim1 Says:

    I don’t really care about where we get to sit. I like having the choice of being able to sit in the gray chairs. They’re more comfortable. I usually don’t sit in them, and just use my favourite cushion of Ms. Stewart’s whoooooole collection: The green one with the handle!
    It’s fun and comfortable to switch positions, and its so big I can sometimes lie down in the chair with it! It makes things more cozy…and school less intimidating

    ♥ Hunter ♥
    a.k.a. KAI!!! 😯

  50. coliny1 Says:

    I think when I am working I get a lot more work done in a blue plastic chair. If I sit on the floor, I tend to get distracted, or get bored. However, when I am in the plastic chair, none of those things happen to me, and I can get more work done.

    When it is IR day, I like to choose where I can sit. It allows me to find a comfy spot in the room so I can really focus on my book.


  51. anneg1 Says:

    I love love love being able to move around the room! If I have to sit in one place too long I start feeling weird and somethimes even feel nauseous. The blue chairs are so uncomfortable and hard to your behind, then again alot of chairs are like that. I enjoy being able to move because 1) anything is more comfy than the blue chairs. 2) Being able to get up and move (HALLEIGHLUJAH), and 3) just because the other chairs are soooooooooo comfy. I think that sometimes, some people are more tempted to talk when we get to move around the room though. I never like assigned seats because sometimes you might get placed right next to someone that you can not stand and you would have to live like that for a while. i like being able to move around the room on IR days though because it allows me to find a comfy place and JUMP into my book (just like Colin said!)!!!!!


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