Just for Fun: Sleep

Pic from smart-kit.com

Pic from smart-kit.com

It’s 1:20am, and I am not asleep, although I wish I were. When I was younger, I used to wake up late at night/early in the morning and sneak into my bathroom to read by the nightlight. I read an entire series of biographies of famous Americans from the library this way. I also liked to sleep on my closet shelves, but that’s another story for another time.

Now I don’t have to sneak around, but I still find myself unable to sleep sometimes. Tonight I’m typing this blog post (obviously) and then reading Haroun and the Sea of Stories until I can fall back asleep.

Do you ever have difficulty sleeping? What do you do while you’re trying to get back to sleep?

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8 Comments on “Just for Fun: Sleep”

  1. ravenw1 Says:

    Sometimes I have migrains afterschool or in the afternoon and I go to sleep early. So then I wake up in the middle of the night. This one time I woke up and went down stares to watch tv. When I turned it on there wasn’t anything good on because……..well, who watchs tv at 1:00 in the morning. I finally found something. Turns out in the end it was a horror movie and I was to scared to get up and change the channel. So then when it went off I was still scaredand turns out that the next movie on was the amityville horror so that wasn’t a great night but I mean I can say that i watched a horror movie all by myself at night and now its all worth it.


  2. ravenw1 Says:

    By the way that last comment was by Raven

  3. caseym1 Says:

    Hey when I wake up in the middle of the night (though not often anymore) I watch tv and I always watch sportcenter repeats and play on my computer but my parents get mad when I do that and the only reason they can tell is because I close the doors to the room that I’m in and they say that the room feels warmer because I had the tv on and my tablet. But I have found a way to keep them from knowing I turn on the fan in that room.

    P.S.I know my first sentence is a run on
    P.P.S.I like ice cream

  4. silvias1 Says:

    i love to stay up late and read books. The only problem is when i stop and their is a mystery in my book i cant get to sleep. Eating ice cream late at night always helps me stay up.
    Many times i have snuck onto my computer and listen to music or to go onto gmail or soemthing
    -SiLvIa! 😀

  5. kendallb1 Says:

    If nothing works you seem to have two choices 1 being sit and do nothing and stay up the whole night. The other alternative would be to put your IMAGINATION to work and think off lots of crazy or sensible if you’re that kind of person things you can do lying down that might help you relax or fall asleep. If you have a very vivid memory of books after you read them you can continue the story after it ends mentally (you will find that aspects of real life will worm themselves in to) and viola you can read the book as a movie with your own touch. IF YOU ARE A VERY SENSIBLE THIS BOOK MUST CONTINUE EXACTLY THE WAY THE AUTHOR WOULD WRITE IT PERSON THEN DON’T TRY THIS. Unless of course straining your brain will help you sleep. Also you tend to get dehydrated at night so drink water.

    K.Bell 🙂

  6. kaim1 Says:

    I usually have a hard time sleeping, but lately after school I can barely do my homework. . . ^_^;
    …but usually I’m writing or on dA because I am always hoping to at least get a few favs or some good comments.
    I usually think about something boring, and then when I’m almost asleep, I think of something happy so that I won’t have nightmares. I also sleep with te most famous teddy bear of 4th period, The Hollow. >w< I always sleep with him because he protects me from the monsters in the dark (I’m very afraid of the dark, but I’m in it for the cookies)!
    By the way, if anyone would like to see my gallery (it’s a little embarrassing…)
    then please go ahead!!!
    and please don’t comment on anything regarding what happens at school…There’s alot of interesting stuff on there, but…focus on the gallery!!!

  7. rachelt1 Says:

    I am usually not waking up in the middle of the night anymore because of middle school unless my alarm clock goes off at 1:00 AM in the morning (it happened last night). When I do wake up, I usually pull out a book just like you and read until I am extremely tired. Sometimes, I take out a really boring book and once I get into it, I fall asleep. I can also listen to music because my radio is right next to my bed. I turn it on low and leave my eyes open and just listen and it usually helps me go to sleep. Lately, the only thing that has kept me up is Christmas Eve night.


  8. kristina Says:

    WOW, I can’t believe that you actually read a whole series. Whenever I can’t fall asleep, I usually just read, but….. sometimes I get my mom to give me “sleep medicine” if I can’t take it any longer!!! 🙂

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