Halloween Reading

Halloween Readers 001  Halloween Readers 002

 Halloween Readers 005Halloween Readers 006Halloween Readers 004

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3 Comments on “Halloween Reading”

  1. shannons1 Says:

    Nice costumes everyone! Here are a few of the costumes I really liked.
    Alex Udell: Mikey
    Rachel Thimsen: Green M&M
    Samantha Stancill: Dead doll
    Katie (I forgot your last name sorry): Hobo/Homeless person
    Anna Jenkins: Biker Girl
    Sami Frankel: Snow White
    All of the bees: Sydney, Julia, Delaney (who was also Super Women) and Ivana

    Overall it was great to see all the funny costumes! Bye Shannon Stohlman :mrgreen:

  2. celiam1 Says:

    I feel so famous Ms. Stewart !!!!!! I’m on THE website!!!!!
    8) thanks for posting ME just kidding but it was a fun post great costumed everyody!

  3. erinb1 Says:

    sorry this is so late but I liked everybodys costumes my fave was………THE BEES
    i thought they were so cute <:0)

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