Campaign Ad Project

For the next week or so, students will be working on a project using classic presidential campaign ads and ads from the 2008 presidential campaigns. We’ll discuss different strategies the ads use, analyze current campaign ads, and then create ads of our own (for fictitious candidates). Students are using The Living Room Candidate, a project of the Museum of the Moving Image, and the classroom Wikispace to create their projects.

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3 Comments on “Campaign Ad Project”

  1. kendallb1 Says:

    Cool! 8(

  2. kendallb1 Says:

    That’s better

  3. Kaavya Says:

    I know that we have not been working much on it yet, but I think one very strong campaigning technique would be fear. We could make people worried that they are going to suffer major consequences if they don’t do what we say. Another very persuasive technique would be name-calling. If we put out ads that make fun of our competitors, we might be able to dissuade people to follow our competitors’ orders.

    Kaavya Ashok 🙂

    P.S.: I don’t know if I posted in the right place. I’m very sorry if I posted my comment in the wrong place.

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