Chapter 4 Vocabulary Practice

If you want to get some practice with your chapter 4 vocabulary before the quiz tomorrow, you may post a sentence here using one of the week’s vocabulary words. This week’s words are:

agenda             apathy         prospects           radical           ruthless

antidote           bland           propaganda        reinforce       relevant

Please make sure your sentences are appropriate and kind.

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9 Comments on “Chapter 4 Vocabulary Practice”

  1. Charlie Says:

    A agenda was very wet because, a elephant was splashing water into a yellow and turquoise bucket that over flowed and spilled on the book with purse from Paris.
    Next, a radical dictator ate an apple pie and burped the Turkish national anthem.
    After that, a bland monkey smelled a rotten brownie and yelled for a pedicure.
    The dictator ran over to treat the monkey with his turtle blood antidote from a Brazilian paramedic.
    The agenda entertained the monkey by clipping its toenails in a jar of grape jelly; this reinforced the monkey’s happiness.
    Then, a huge, fat, gorilla ninja thing kicked the monkey in the back to make it relevant he was the superior pedicure primate.
    The monkey was ruthless, he pulled out a pink lightsaber and said “Gorilla, I am the stronger Jedi ape.”
    “My prospects are better than yours, Darth Monkey; you shall die for using up the banana cream nail polish.”
    The monkey showed no apathy, so he ordered the dictator to throw a cake at the gorilla.
    Propaganda from the dictator leg power made the cake hit the giant ape with a bang; the gorilla was vanquished and the monkey was still the pedicure primate.

  2. alecf1 Says:

    That was a great story Charlie. I’m glad the monkey won. Yeah. Now make a sequel and a title. Great job!

    Alec Fischbein
    “Eat a plurple plumpkin and be happy about it”

  3. joshm1 Says:

    What an interesting post Charlie.


    “The sick monkey took an antidote and got better.”


  4. kendallb1 Says:

    On bob Joe’s agenda: find an antidote for his sick daughter reinforce that his son’s apathy about his sister is wrong, eat some bland tasteless food, watch ruthless radical propaganda for no reason, and see if the prospects of his agenda are relevant to what he is supposed to be doing.

    After drinking the antidote Darth Monkey who was actually a Jedi went off to find a plurple plumpkin and some more banana cream nail polish. Though his prospects were low he fought on through the wilderness in a Land Rover with some very bland yet nice seats and reinforced windows and doors. But he was “Lost in the wilderness” and when the song came up on the radio he reverted to his usual ruthless acts and this time the radios prospects of survival were low. Remember the agenda and the purse from Paris. Well Darth Monkey found them and put the soggy agenda under the car’s engine for a few minutes will look at the plurple plurse from Paris. Inside the plurple plurse he found plurple plumpkin seeds! Then he read the agenda and found a store where he could go and get banana cream nail polish. But he walked into a trap. The store manager was actually the ventress. They both fought and fought until the Gorilla surrendered. She gave him two cans of banana nail polish. One was normal but the other had some odd sushi in it as well as a purple dinosaur that looked strikingly familiar from CAST News….. TO BE CONTINUED!!

    Kendall Bell 😛

  5. isabelleb1 Says:


    O.K. Now for my setences:
    I had to write down in m agenda that I was going to get poisoned today.
    I then forgot about it and when I got poisoned I did not have an antidote for the poison.
    My mother showed apathy for the apparent deadly poison that was coursing through my veins.
    My father was worried about the poisoning that took place in my body though,; so he gave me some bland medicine to take care of the pain that the poison caused.
    When the bland medicine did not help the poison’s pain; we knew that the propaganda for the “usefull” medicine was not true.
    My prospects for living were not looking good; the poison could really do damage!
    So my dad took some radical attempts to cure me of the poison; still alone in his efforts because my mother’s apathy was still apparent.
    My father tried to reinforce my immune system with IVs so that the poison would not harm me.
    I went a little crazy when he stuck the IVs in, I forgot where I was and I started shouting out words that were not relevant to anything that was happening.
    Nothing was able to rid me of the poison, whoever put it in me was ruthless to do so because it would not come out of my body.

    “If only I had looked in my agenda” I thought ” then I would have remembered that somebody was going to poison me today., and none of this would have happened”


    THE END 🙂

  6. Kaavya Says:

    Dear Ms. Stewart,

    Here are my sentences for the vocabulary words:

    Agenda: Here’s how my daily agenda goes: I wake up, I go to school, I come home, I start on my homework, I take a shower, I eat dinner, then I go to sleep.
    Apathy: I was suspicious of the apparent apathy of the husband when his wife was poisoned. He might have poisoned her!
    Prospects: The prospects of finding my expensive necklace were not so good with all the stealing happening around where I live.
    Radical: My radical friend dyed her whole head bright blue.
    Ruthless: In the book “The Underneath”, there was a character named Gar Face who was very ruthless. He drowned a cat, attempted to drown a kitten, and kept a good hunting bloodhound chained under the house!
    Antidote: The plant jewel weed is a very good antidote for poison ivy and nettles because it is able to break down the acids that cause you discomfort.
    Bland: My lunch was so bland that I had to put a pound of pepper in it to make it taste reasonably good!
    Propaganda: The company wasn’t getting enough business and had to quit because of all the propaganda against it.
    Reinforce: When someone gets sick, medicine might be needed to reinforce the person’s immune system.
    Relevant: Some teachers are happy to answer questions as long as they’re relevant to the class discussion. A few of the exceptions are asking to go to the bathroom, asking to get a tissue, or asking to sharpen their pencil.

    -Kaavya Ashok 😉

  7. MsStewart Says:

    I really like that last sentence, Kaavya! 🙂

  8. kendallb1 Says:

    Well Darth Monkey found them and put the soggy agenda under the car’s engine for a few minutes. Well look at the plurple plurse from Paris , it contained plurple plumpkin seeds.
    Editing and revising word didn’t pick that one up

    Kendall Bell

  9. kendallb1 Says:

    Darth monkey III with Charile’s permission. Coming soon 8)

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