Character Sketches and Wordle

Over the past two days, students have been working on character sketches for one of the characters in The Well of Sacrifice. Students were asked to include the following things: 

-A brief description of the character’s physical traits and his or her part in the action of the story
-What role the character plays in the book (examples: antagonist, protagonist, supporter of the antagonist or protagonist)
-The role of the character in Mayan society
-Three qualities of the character and a specific example from the book to support each quality
Once students completed the character sketch, they pasted the sketches into Wordle, a Java based web application for generating word clouds. An example is seen below. The rest of the students’ Wordles can be found here.
Character Sketch
Great Skull Zero is the high priest in the book The Well of Sacrifice, so he gets the majority of the offerings. Because of this, he is quite corpulent, and also really rich. He usually dresses like the king, only lacking the jade pendant. Once King Flint Sky God dies, Great Skull Zero starts killing the people who have a chance of being king. Most people in the city hate what Great Skull Zero is doing, but they are too scared of him to rebel against him. Many character traits describe this person. He is mostly selfish, power-hungry, and a liar. One selfish act that he did in this book is that he almost made Feather Dawn marry him when Feather Dawn loved another. The only way that Feather Dawn escaped this marriage was that Great Skull stabbed Shield (Small). He also did some power-hungry acts on this book. One thing he did which would be considered power-hungry is that whenever someone was chosen to succeed the throne, he claimed the person who was chosen to succeed the throne was ordered be the gods to be thrown into the Well of Sacrifice. This leads me to yet another bad trait that he has. It is the trait of lying. As I mentioned before, he threw whoever was chosen to be king into the Well of Sacrifice because “the successor was ordered by the gods to be thrown into the Well of Sacrifice”. He also lied to the village by saying that Jaguar Paw Skull, Stormy Sky, Red Macaw, Six Sky Monkey, Snake Bird, Smoke Shell, and Eveningstar Macaw had to die because of an order by the gods; which is, of course, a lie.
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One Comment on “Character Sketches and Wordle”

  1. Charlie Says:

    I thought the Wordle was a fun activity that allowed you to turn a paper into a bunch of words crammed together.

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