Test Post (Mon, Oct. 13)

Write a sentence about The Well of Sacrifice correctly using one of the following words: there, their, they’re, theirs, and there’s.

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61 Comments on “Test Post (Mon, Oct. 13)”

  1. ashleyco Says:

    Well of Sacrifice is an awesome book. They’re the coolest characters in the whole wide world.

  2. caseym1 Says:

    Eveningstar told the people that their domisticated turkey was annoying her.

  3. katiesh Says:

    Well of Sacrifice is about the Maya and their culture.


  4. bethanym1 Says:

    Well of Sacrifice is about the Mayans and how they live their life.


  5. charliet1 Says:

    There were Savages in the jungle outside of the city.


  6. richardvv Says:

    In Well of Sacrifice Great Skull Zero is trying to kill all the people other than him have a chance of being king so he can be king.

    – Richard:)

  7. alecf1 Says:

    There was Eveningstar Macaw.


  8. rachelt1 Says:

    In The Well of Sacrifice, there is a girl named Eveningstar Macaw

  9. celiam1 Says:

    Some residents of the village, such as Blue Quetzal, were suspicious of Great Skull Zero and thought that there was evil occurring in their village.

  10. kristina Says:

    In Well of Sacrifice there are many drastic events that occur, such as when Smoke Shell dies.

  11. rianas Says:

    EveningStar Macaw wasn’t there when her brother Smoke Shell was sacrificed to the Gods.


  12. hannahc1 Says:

    Their priest was a bad, wanting power kind of priest.

  13. ryanm1 Says:

    This book is about a mayan family and how they live their life

  14. joshm1 Says:

    There was much war between the Maya and the Savages.

  15. ryanm1 Says:

    don’t read that one my bad

    The well of sacrifice ia about a little girl and the twist and turns of her life.

  16. tandrews Says:

    Evening Star Macaw thought that their community was going to fall apart with Great Skull Zero being a un-loyal leader.

  17. nyalp Says:

    Small (Shield) was their slave.

  18. minjiey Says:

    The edge of the Well of Sacrifice was right there at the top, just a bit farther up from where Eveningstar Macaw was.

    mInJiE πŸ™‚

  19. shannons1 Says:

    There was a lot of violence in The Well of Sacrifice.

  20. carolinew1 Says:

    Thier brother (smoke shell) was sacrificed to the gods.
    ~Caroline Wagner πŸ™‚

  21. joannaw1 Says:

    Eveningstar Macaw went there.

  22. gmaxg Says:

    The well of sacrifice was a terrible place and eveningstar wanted to get out of there badly.

  23. jonathanav Says:

    The Well of Sacrifice was a great book with a lot of detail. There was pottery in their houses that was their’s. It may be a weird sentence but I used as many theres as I could.

    -Jonathan A-

  24. andrewk1 Says:

    EM was there when Feather Dawn’s wedding happened.

  25. hurschp Says:

    Evening Star Macaw and Small risked their life by trying to find Smoke Shell.

  26. greggc Says:

    Thier life had been at risk when EveningStar Macaw and her family went against Great Skull Zero.

  27. anneg1 Says:

    Since Evening Star Macaw’s brother Smoke Shellis sacrificed they’re very sad.


  28. annaj1 Says:

    There are a lot of words in the Well of Sacrifice.

  29. zakd Says:

    There was a lot of information about the Mayan culture in the Well of Sacrifice.

    Zak Davis

  30. zoedo Says:

    There was a lot of sadness in this book.

  31. MatthewG Says:

    Now, their community has to leave the place because they have dishonored the gods.

  32. erinb1 Says:

    And there was evening Star’s house with the light shining on it from the setting sun.

  33. samanthas1 Says:

    Eveningstar Macaw’s family saw the flaw in their community once Great Skull Zero took over.
    ~Samantha :@ πŸ˜›

  34. samif1 Says:

    After King Flint Sky God died, Eveningstar Macaw and her family suffered greatly from the loss of their brother Smoke Shell.

  35. ivanap Says:

    Great Skull Zero was their leader, but he wasn’t officially king.

    *Ivana πŸ™‚ *

  36. abbyha Says:

    Their king was King Flint Sky God, and then later Great Skull Zero became their leader.

    -Abby Hall

  37. ravenw1 Says:

    There was no doubt that Eveningstar Macaw would be thrown into their Well of Sacrifice.( Booshagityah! I used two different “there” words in one sentence)

  38. jayr1 Says:

    Evening Star was very brave when trying to save Smoke Shell

  39. maxgor Says:

    They’re good people in the book like Evening Star Macaw and bad people like Great Skull Zero.

  40. sydneyt1 Says:

    If you are looking for Shield (was Small now called Shield) he’s not over here, he’s over there.

    The author and publisher(even though there are no pictures)of this awsome sentence – Sydney Tucker πŸ™‚

  41. matthewh1 Says:

    There are many characters in the book, they’re all unique and have their own special traits.

  42. aylak1 Says:

    Smoke Shell was a big party of helping their families new nobleness! (is that word?)

    ayla kaufman
    “there is no point of life without chocolate!”

  43. amandal1 Says:

    Their ruler, Great Skull zero, was not kind.

  44. jacksond1 Says:

    Their slave was small so they called him Small.
    Jackson (^_,^)(my smiley cool)

  45. johnra1 Says:

    Theirs always hope for eveningstar to live on a good life without her brother.


  46. alexu1 Says:

    “Over there is a savage” gasped one of the warriors, “and look, there are more over there” as he gasped again.

  47. jacobw1 Says:

    Did you know, over on that shelf over there are a lot of Well of Sacrifice books.


  48. cohend Says:

    E.M. thinks that her community will die if their leader Great Skull Zero isn’t stopped.


  49. kendallb1 Says:

    There there’s a few savages using their gourds even though they’re theirs there’s a new rule saying you must go over there!

    Kendall : ? or πŸ˜• space or no space

  50. sydneyj Says:

    There are lots of surprises and very interesting parts in the Well of Sacrifice!

    ~SyDnEy JoHnSoN~

  51. kaavyaa Says:

    In Well of Sacrifice, there was a huge cenote used for human sacrifice.

    Kaavya A. πŸ˜‰

  52. ethank1 Says:

    Their high priest, named Great Skull Zero is fat.

    -Ethan πŸ˜€

  53. ninat1 Says:

    I like the book the well of sacrafice there is a lot of info. on the Mayan culture i think that their(mayans) are very interesting!

    ~*nInA TOuZoVa*~

  54. coliny1 Says:

    The Mayans had to protect their civilization form the savages.

  55. collind Says:


    I think if E M hadn’t had been trapped in the burial chamber, there could’ve been a possibilty for her to save Smoke Shell.
    ~_~ Collin

  56. AlmaN Says:

    In the Well Of Sacrifice there is a girl names Eveningstar Macaw

    AlMa N πŸ™‚

  57. kaim1 Says:

    There are lots of words in The Well of Sacrifice.


  58. ahmadat Says:

    In the well of sacrifice there is many deaths

  59. silvias1 Says:

    There is a well of sacrifice in the book Well of Sacrifice.


  60. bretth1 Says:

    In well of sacrifice the Mayans had to have their food ready for the tax collectors to take their food for the nobles.

  61. isabelleb1 Says:

    In this book there is an evil man named Great Skull Zero.

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