The Well of Sacrifice p. 200-231 (Wed., Oct. 8)

Discussion Prompt: Now that you have finished The Well of Sacrifice, what do you think? Would you recommend it to a friend? How did the novel help you understand the Mayan culture better? List a specific example. Post your comment under the discussion tab.

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24 Comments on “The Well of Sacrifice p. 200-231 (Wed., Oct. 8)”

  1. SydneyJ Says:

    I thought the Well of Sacrifice was a great book. It had great description, setting, characters and more. I would definitely reccomend this to a friend because I had fun reading it and really got into it in like the middle of the book. It definitely helped me learn about the mayan culture more because it explained lots of things about the mayan culture in a story, so it helps you understand it better. Great book!

    SyDnEy JoHnSoN 🙂

  2. AndrewK Says:

    I think that this story was very fun to read, and was very suspenseful. I would definitely recommend this book to any friend I know. This novel helped me understand the Maya culture better by telling how the sacrificial victims were painted and dressed, and how their whole culture was focused around the gods. For example, the sacrificial victims were painted blue all over their bare bodies. This book was really awesome, and should be on everybody’s reading list.

    Andrew Kenyon 😉

  3. JoshM Says:

    I loved reading the Well of Sacrifice. I thought that it was a book with a very active plot, and exciting events that kept me reading. I would DEFINETLY recommend this book to a friend if they like adventure, suspense, and just a good book to keep your mind active. I think that this book wasn’t just a fiction book, but a factual book. This book really helped me learn more about the Maya in a very fun way (ex: I learned about the Mayan gods and goddesses, the tale of the Hero Twins, Mayan beauty, and what every day Mayan life was like). I think that everyone should read this awesome book.

    Great job Chris Eboch! 🙂

  4. KatieS Says:

    I thought that Well of Sacrifice was an okay book. The writing was good, but it wasn’t my type of story. I liked the author’s style, but I didn’t like the story as much. I definitely learned about the Mayan culture by reading Chris Eboch’s book, though. I think it was a well-written book that I would recommend you read if you like very factual historical fiction. I enjoyed reading most of the book, and I think the author did a really good job on it.


  5. celiam Says:

    I thought that WoS was a very well written and planned book. I liked the book, but thought that there were times that didn’t seem very realistic. Like, when EM starts hitting Great Skull Zero. Even though it was brave of EM, I don’t know how many people would do something so life- threatening. I still enjoyed reading this book though. I would recommend it to another person, because of the writing skill and plot. I learned a whole lot about Mayan culture, but I think the most important thing that this book teaches is that Mayans don’t sacrifice because they’re just evil. When I first learned that they do bloodletting and sacrifice I just thought it was gross. Now I understand that the Mayans truly sacrifice for their religion. It’s still pretty gruesome, but at least now we know that they’re not just doing it to kill people.

    Thanks for introducing this book to us Ms. Stewart; I think it’s really helpful upon studying the Mayan culture in World Cultures.

  6. ColinY Says:

    I think this book was a very good book! The author used alot of good description in some parts, especially when Eveningstar tried to escape from Great Skull Zero several times. However, I thought that the author could have slowed down in some places, and not rush through parts or even chapters.

  7. ColinY Says:

    Addition To My First Comment:

    I would recommend this book to people that like action, or even history. I think that those readers would really enjoy the “Well Of Sacrifice”.

  8. nverderame4 Says:

    I definitly enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to a friend it had a great description setting and characters. It would help understand the book better if the book was being told from two sides of the story. But otherwise it was a fantastic book all around. Also the feelings and emotion during the whole book was amazing the leed ing shins and arms to the bloody noses and face wounds. Also it helped because of World Cultures we were learning about the Maya also which maybe would clear up any questions

    GREAT job Chris Eboch:D

  9. RavenW Says:

    I think the Well of Sacrifice was an astonishing book and I’m glad I read it. The book was full of exciting, heart stopping, and dreadful moments but was a great book. I would recommend it to all my friends. This book also taught me alot about the Mayan culture. It showed me alot about their everyday living. And how they are so commited to their Gods that they would sacrifice people and stab themselves with sting ray spines and give blood to “feed the Gods”. I think they are an awesome society and to think they did it with no help at all is just crazy. In conclusion I think the Eboch did a fantabulous job on the book. I like her style of of writing. Cool book!!
    rAvEn WaTsOn:p

  10. ntouzova12 Says:

    I think that the well of sacrafice is a great book, I loved evry second of it, because rite when you begin getting bored and things get slow they speed up again. Like in the middleish endish when they have the weddings things get really fast. And also i liked reading it because it taught me a lot about the different culture the mayans! And i enjoyed learning about the mayans, and because i also like to read adventure books.
    I would definatly recommend this book to evryone who likes learning about different cultures and whoever like adventure books. I PERSONALY think that cjris eboch did a great job writing this book=)
    NiNa ToUzOvA ~**~

  11. ZakD Says:

    I thought the book was very intense and exciting. I liked that it had a lot of action. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. The book helped me undertand the Mayan culture because it talked about everyday life like what they did, what they were eating, and how they celebrated their birthdays when the boys were 14 and the girls were 12.

    Zak Davis

  12. iblank20 Says:

    I thought that the Well of Sacrifice was okay, I think that the reason that I wasn’t crazy about the book was because I wasn’t used to the way that the Maya did things (I thought that the bloodletting ceremonies were a little disgusting; but hey, who am I to judge a culture that I don’t completely understand?) I probably wouldn’t recommend this book to a friend; just because they probably wouldn’t understand the significance of some of the events .(I think this is a book that you would have to discuss with a group.) This book helped me understand that ancient culture wasn’t as primitive as I thought they were. I didn’t know that they didn’t all stick bones up their noses for fun (on page 21Evening describes her dislike toward Mayan Beauty tricks) I wouldn’t say that this book was the best that I’ve ever read, but it was okay.

    Isabelle Blank

  13. ZakD Says:

    Another example of something I learned about Mayan culture in this book was about the well of sacrifice. They painted person blue that was going to be sacrificed and threw them in the well. This person was the messenger that was supposed to be the one to tell who the next king would be.

    Zak Davis

  14. mgowan8 Says:

    I loved the way the author showed the perserverance of Eveningstar; it was very inspiring. This book was a fun read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definetly reccomend it to a friend. This book reminded me of Mayan culture because of the end where Eveningstar decides to split apart the Maya just like in real life.

  15. HurschP Says:

    I think this has been a great book. It is unlike any other book I have read, because it isn’t just one genre. It is partly a mystery, an adventure, and a history book. I would recommed this book to people that like learning new things in a fun way, because this book tells important facts about the Maya in a fun interesting way.
    This is also a very helpful book because it helped me understand the Maya and how they lived. One major thing that I learned about the Maya is their sacrficed. They really wanted to warship and please the gods do they sacrificed(killed) themselfs.

  16. AnnaJ Says:

    I thought the Well of Sacrifice was a great book. It was really descriptive and exiting! I would recommend it to a friend if they have not read Twilight! I learned a lot about the Mayan culture from this book.
    Fun Reading!

    -Anna J

  17. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for KatieP…

    I would definetly recomend the book to a friend, But I think if I didnt have to read it for school I might have not finished it because I didnt like the beginning but once I got into it I couldnt wait for the ending. It turns out I really liked the end of the book. I thought it was even better then I was expecting it to be and different. The book helped me to understand the Mayans in many ways. I did not know about sacrifice or Great Skull Zero so the book really helped me to that and the differences in our culture and theres. Overall this book was great and I am happy I read it.

    Posting for VarunK…

    I will offer it to anybody because it is such a great book that almost anyone can understand. I also think that it is a great book which is fun to read and also at the same time you can also learn from it. I think this book helps you learn about all the cool stuff the Maya has such as the cenote or The Well Of Sacrifice. Also another thing is all the Gods names’ and what they are known for such as Ix Chel and Itzamma. Ms. Eboch said stuff like war and that they had fought with the savages but most importantly they had an army that fought.

  18. JacksonD Says:

    I thought that the well of sacrifice was a good book if you were bored and wanted to freak yourself out with all the blood. Although i would only recommend it to people who like the genre of violence and odd cultures. I do think that it was a good way to learn about the Mayan culture though. The book was sscary yet exiting and motivated me to keep going untill the part were Small was stabbed then i had to force myself to read the rest.


  19. maxg Says:

    I thought the Well of Sacrafice was okay and the description was good and explained how serious their culture was. One example was when Great Skull Zero called at names the “gods” chose and they would be serious. Just like that your life was taken away. The reason I did not really like the book was that I am not really interested in those kinds of books. Yes, I would recommend it to a friend because they might like those kinds of books.
    -Max Gordon

  20. ahall11 Says:

    I enjoyed reading the Well of Sacrifice. I thought it was a very exciting book and it really helped me understand the Mayan culture better. I especially learned more about the Mayan beliefs such as sacrifice and beauty. I thought the author was very descriptive and some of the parts put me in Evening Star’s prospective so much that I actually felt the emotion she did at that point in the book. It really made me realize how strong their people were. I would defiantly recommend this book to a friend if they like an intense story that gives them some history at the same time. I also liked how the author Chris Eboch gave a theory on how she thought the Mayan people vanished. I thought that it was a good way to end the book. I think that her theory seems reasonable and I believe that could have been the reason for the Mayans disappearance.
    -Abby H.

  21. sstohlman28 Says:

    Overall I really enjoyed this book. It had great description of characters and settings. I liked how the author had me at the edge of my seat every minute. I would recommend this book to somebody who is studying the Mayan culture. I would not recommend this book to somebody who does not like violence, like sacrifice. Since it is part of their culture we should still be respectful. The book helped me understand how they started and worked through their culture. I really enjoyed this book 
    ~Shannon Stohlman

  22. RichardV Says:

    I think that it was a great book and I probbably will recomend this book to a friend. One thing I realy liked was that it was very fast paced and I like those kind of books. One thing speciffacly that I liked is when she escaped from the well. Also I liked when she basicly saved Feather from marrying Great Skull Zero.

    -Richard :d

  23. RichardV Says:


  24. katiep1 Says:

    I liked the book. It was very exciting.

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