The Well of Sacrifice p. 172-199 (Tues., Oct.7)

Discussion Prompt: On p. 177, Eveningstar remembers “Smoking Squirrel had once said that you have to act fast if taking the time to think would cause you to lose your chance.” Do you agree with Smoking Squirrel? Why or why not? Has thinking quickly helped or hindered Eveningstar up to this point in the book? Can you remember a time when quick thinking helped you?

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52 Comments on “The Well of Sacrifice p. 172-199 (Tues., Oct.7)”

  1. SamiF Says:

    I both agree and disagree with Smoke Shell in that you have to act fast if taking the time to think will cause you to lose your chance. I disagree because sometimes, in a dangerous situation it is safer to think through your actions than to do something without thinking. However, if you have no time to think and whatever first coes to mind can possibly protect you, then, yes, you should do it without thinking. I agree because sometimes, your first instinct can help you figure out an answer.

  2. Ayla K. Says:

    I agree with Sami. Some things you really need to think through before doing. Like buying a house, you really should think before you buy the house, but someone might get to it before you make your decision.

    Ayla Kaufman
    “There is no point to life without chocolate!”
    :0 (i liked the face!)

  3. Ayla K. Says:

    uhhhh… It didn’t turn around.

  4. JoshM Says:

    I partially agree with Smoking Squirrel’s statement. When one acts fast, they do need to save time. But if somebody thinks too fast, they could act without thinking and get into serious trouble. So I think that you can think fast but don’t ignore the obvious.

  5. KatieS Says:

    I agree with Sami and Ayla in that you need to think before you do some things, but for doing some other things it may be best to act on impulse. Smoking Squirrel may say that you should act fast because of situations that he’s been in where he may have needed to act without thinking much about what he was doing. I would advise Eveningstar Macaw to do some quick thinking and fast acting and some acting after thinking it out, depending on the situation she finds herself in.


  6. CollinD Says:

    I think that fast thinking is great. I think you may get it wrong, but I believe you should go with you “gut” or your “instincts”. I think in life, it is a great thing to do. For instince, would you stand and think about how to defuse a bomb, or RUN AWAY from it? I think most answers would be running away! I believe if you make a mistake, quick thinking will help you get out of it. Going to Ayla’s comment, just to say, normally two families or couples are trying to buy one house at the SAME time. I can think of a time I had to think fast. One time, I was falling off a fence I had to climb over, and by instinct, i put my arms out and bent them (so I wouldn’t break my arms) and landed only with scrapes on my hands.
    >< 😀

  7. RianaS Says:

    I think Smoking Squirell was both rigth and wrong. For example, sometimes, it is better to act before thinking. Thinking too much can sometimes talk yourself out of doing what you originally planned to do. I rememeber a time when I did that. You often miss your chance to do what you were going to do in the first place when you think too much. However, there are some cases when thinking first is better. Like, when you are talking to another person, or when you are about to make an important decision. It all depends on the situation.


  8. JacobW Says:

    Sometimes I would agree with Smoking Squirrel, and other times I wouldn’t. For example, Evening Star got her self in trouble when she thought to fast and got herself in trouble with Great Skull Zero. Unlike Smoking Squirrel, I think that it is smarter to think before you act.


  9. cohend Says:

    I think you need to act fast but sometimes put some thought in to it, this is because you don’t want to lose your chance but you don’t mess it up.


  10. AhmadA Says:

    it depends on how the situation is if you were naked like em i would take maybe a few more seconds to put on clothes but its her fault. if i were in a situation when i was nice and ready i would go for the chance not bare skin. i wouldn’t like that

  11. MinjieY Says:

    I partly agree with Smoking Squirrel. I think that sometimes you really do need to just do it. In those times you really cannot just think awhile and then do it because you could be running out of time. But you also need to think in some situations because then you could mess it up completely and that would be bad. 😦
    jk 🙂

  12. jayr Says:

    I think he is right fully. If you think it out you will think of every possibility of what can happen and then you keep thinking then run out of time. but if you don’t think you just go chances are 33/33/33 either you run get lost and are okay because you have escaped. Or you get caught which is bad. Or you get right where you want to go which is best case scenario.

  13. NyalP Says:

    I agree about alot of things that Colin said. One thing was how he gave that example of running away from a bomb than trying to defuse it because, if you think about it you could loose time or if your rushing you might make a mistake. I can also think of a time where I had to think fast, it was when I was timed on a math test!!!!!!

  14. celiam Says:

    I somewhat agree with what Smoking Squirrel said. I think that in the case of an emergency you should probably act fast, but just in everyday life you should think before you talk. You could say something that you really don’t mean by saying it on a whim. I think it has done both for EM. When she came to her sister’s defense (with Great Skull Zero) too quickly, it revealed that she was truly still alive and in the village. In other times, like when she hid behind the tree when she heard the Savages, thinking on her feet has helped her. I think that thinking fast helps me the most with my baby sister. You have to make sure they don’t get hurt, but babies always put themselves in bad situation, like say, almost rolling off the end of the bed. (That really almost happened)


  15. SydneyJ Says:

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel because quick-thinking would be great for a situation like Eveningstar’s. If Eveningstar hadn’t done quick-thinking and hit the guard with the guard, then she wouldn’t have been able to have the chance to escape. Sometimes I don’t agree with Smoking Squirrel and quick-thinking sometimes isn’t the thing you should do. If you did quick-thinking all the time, then sometimes it won’t work out too well for you. One example of when I do quick thinking is when I play tennis. You have to plan where you are going to hit the ball next, and you don’t have a lot of time to do it!

    SyDnEy JoHnSoN 🙂

  16. EthanK Says:

    I hope everyone is having a great night!
    I agree and disagree with Smokin Squirrel.
    In some situations like in CollinD’s example RUN FROM THE BOMB.
    But in others, like for example in A Series of Unfortunate Events if the kids hadn’t hesitated they wouldn’t have noticed the wrecking ball swinging slightly to the left.
    My answers!
    – ETHAN

  17. IvanaP Says:

    I think that Smoking Squirrel is both right and wrong. I think if you were Evningstar, you would want to think quickly, because your life is at stake. You could loose your chance in one second. I think that you should sometimes stick to your intuition. I also think that Smoking Squirrel is partially wrong. I think that sometimes you need to think hard before doing somethings. If you have time to do somethings, especially school projets, you should take the time to do it. Sometimes you will find it better and more effective to think through somethings. One time I have had to think fast was when I was doing “sightsinging”. Singhtsinging is when you have to look at some music for a short period of time and then be able to sing it on pitch. We only got a limited amount of time, so I had to think fast!:-)

  18. Joanna W. Says:

    QUick thinking helps sometimes, when you have not enough time to figure out something wrong. But you must be careful, if you are thinking fast you could get causght if you aren’t careful. If you try to rush a lot your plan probably won’t turn out as well if oyu had gone over it another time making sure it worked. If you have a couple minutes you better be able to make quick plans, if I were Eveningstar I would of been dead probably half way through the book. If you have enough time to think it through then do so, if not try to make a great plan fast. 😀

  19. Joanna W. Says:

    Oh I thought of more things, I sometimes during sport games have to think quickly of a plan. Such as a time when we needed another point and the team made a plan. It is not a life for death situation but it is still a fast thinking.

    Fast thinking takes brains. Eveningstar reminds me of in The Giver when Jonas had to leave the community and make a plan a night before. He had more time but still not a lot of time. Eveningstar’s fast plans have helped her, she probably could of gotten away if her sister hadn’t spoiled it.


  20. RichardV Says:

    I agree with him. The reason of that is because I think that statment is completely true. Sometimes you just have to make a vey quik desition basicly a reaction. For example in the latest National Treasure movie when they’re in the water and trying to open the door someone (I forgot who) has to make a realy quik disition of going through or not when it is almost closed. You would probably not want to because there is a chance of getting squished but then when your thinking the door is closing. Better hurry up!


  21. RichardV Says:

    o and yes thinking quickly has helped her to escape by thinking of a quik plan during a moment of weakness in the opposer.

  22. RachelT Says:

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel in almost everyway. I think that it is good to act when you have the chance but sometimes you need to think before you act. I agree with him because if you were in a situation (like Eveningstar) where you could be hurt, then I would do everything as quickly as possible. I disagree with Smoking Squirrel because sometimes people need to think before they say things. Today (without thinking) I insulted my Mother’s dinner and I got myself a day to make dinner by my self. Not thinking can lead to not so great things. I think that quickly acting for Eveningstar has helped her and hindered her. It has helped her because she got very far escaping from Great Skull Zero in today’s reading. It has hindered her because she got caught when she opened her mouth too fast. A time when acting fast has helped me would be when I wake up in the morning really late and a time that acting fast didn’t help me would be when (read example above). Bye 🙂

  23. AlmaN Says:

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel because I think that everything goes better when you have something and you don’t think about it, you just do it. When you think about things time runs out and when you could’ve done something that worked and you would never know because of thinking and go over it. Sometimes its just better to do.

    AlMa NyAnGoRo 🙂

  24. ColinY Says:

    I think it depends on the situation your in. You do always want to be careful, but you also don’t want to be too careful and lose your chance to take action. So, if you are in a tight situation woth little time to do anything, i would just take action. However, if you do have time to think, i would think about your descision, and then take action

  25. maxg Says:

    I really do agree with Smoking Squirrel because in an Hospital when someone is dying you need to act fast because they might die if you dont act fast enough or in soccer if you cant make a dission quikly the ball will be stolen away from you always even if you are the best player in the world. In soccer it has helped to act fast because your coach for sure will get made at you if you dont. I really do agree in life you have to act fast.
    Max Gordon

  26. Matthewh Says:

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel. If you don’t think fast sometimes it can get get you killed. Not thinking about plain obstacles will also get you killed. I think a combination of both thinking fast and thinking over will be the best way to get out of tough situations.

    Matthew 🙂

  27. Matthewh Says:

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel. If you don’t think fast sometimes it can get get you killed. Not thinking about plain obstacles will also get you killed. I think a combination of both thinking fast and thinking over will be the best way to get out of tough situations.

    Matthew Hutzenbuhler 🙂

  28. BrettH Says:

    I agree with SmokingSquirril you can’t think you have to do what the Nike modo says just do it. I think that because you might get caught while your thinking, you might think through it to much, and your thinking might distract you what your thinking at the current time. Thinking fast has helped EveningStar because she went one step at a time and kept procceding closer and closer instead of thinking how many things she had to do and frustrating herself. Thinking fast has helped me when I had to make up an excusse to not get in an argument or etc.

  29. Alec F. Says:

    I agree and don’t agree with what Smoking Squirrel said. Something you need to think quick for example how Max said you must think fast in soccer or you will lose the ball.
    Sometimes if you act to quickly you might mess up what you are doing. I thinking quickly has helped Eveningstar because when she was escaping jail, if she had thought to long she would have been caught.


  30. AndrewK Says:

    I think that Smoking Squirrel was right because Evening Star Macaw took the chance to overpower the guard at the palace, and gain a little advantage because it gave her a chance to try to run back to her village. I also think that thinking ahead didn’t help Evening Star Macaw because every time she tried to escape she always got caught somehow because she moved and thought too quickly. I was forced to think very quickly when my baby sitter told me to close my eyes when we were bike-riding, and then he ran away as a joke. I opened my eyes and I didn’t see him so I decided to bike home instead of going off in a random direction to go look for him. This happened a long time ago.

    Andrew Kenyon 😉

  31. Bethanym Says:

    I agree with smoking squirrel because if you would lose the chance to do something, I would want to act fast to do it unless it was something I really did not want to do. Losing the chance to do something would make me sad too and I would not like that so I think he is right. Thinking quickly has helped evening star though because she has had to act fast in order to get what she wanted. I think thinking quickly has not helped me at all because it has caused me to rush and that did not help me at all. But if I was in evening star’s situation I would have acted fast at sometime because of the way she lives, and the danger she gets herself into.


  32. CarolineW Says:

    I agree with smoking squirrel when he said that. I think that because if you act slow you might lose your chance. I think it slowed her down like when she screamed no when they were threating to kill her whole family. If she would have thought about that she might not be in the same posstion. When my dog almost jumped off our boat, if i thought slowly she might have jumped off.

  33. KaavyaA Says:

    I half-agree with Smoking Squirrel. If you take too long to think, you may lose an opportunity to reach your goal easily. On the other hand, if you don’t think fast enough, you might crreate an obstacle that will block you towards your goal. One time when I was playing football, someone passed the ball to me. I had to think whether I should run forward or backward because if I ran forward, I would be out. If I ran backward, it would get me farther away from scoring a touchdown.

  34. KaavyaA Says:

    Oops, I forgot to put my name on the entry I just did. Here’s my name: Kaavya A.

  35. KaavyaA Says:

    I really want to change my opinion on what Smoking Squirrel thinks. I think it is good to act quickly because if you don’t act fast enough, you might not be able to get another chance. I also want to change my opinion on whether Eveningstar Macaw was right in thinking fast. She almost got herself killed a few times when she was thinking too fast. I have another time when thinking fast helped me reach my goal: ine time I was playing soccer. Someone tried to steal the ball from me. I had to think where to kick the ball so I could get it away from the person on the other team. I was actually able to pass it to someone else.

    -Kaavya A. 😉

  36. AlexaH Says:

    I think Smokeing Squirl is sort of right. It really helps to think fast but you have to make sure you pay some sort of atention to all of the details espacily with the small ones. Probaly, you want to think fast based on what you are doing and how much time you have to do it.

    Alexa 😀

  37. ZakD Says:

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel about acting quickly in this case. Sometimes you have to act fast to avoid danger. Thinking quickly has helped Eveningstar escape three different times in the book so far. Thinking quickly has helped me when I play capture the flag because I have to think quickly about whether I’m going to try to dodge the other team and run back or whether I’m going to quickly find a place to hide.

    Zak Davis

  38. ahall11 Says:

    I think that Smoking Squirrel is sometimes correct. Sometimes you do need to think quickly in order to succeed in life. However sometimes thinking quickly can cause you to make dense choices. I think that in the book Evening Star has mostly shown how Smoking Squirrel’s theory is incorrect. For example just in the previous chapters she tried to escape by thinking quickly and it was going well until she thought fast and screamed no causing Great Skull Zero to imprison her again. I can’t really recall a time that thinking quickly has helped me.

  39. torya Says:

    I agree with Smoking Shell fully. When you think about something and over analyze it, you can doubt yourself sometimes. If she would’ve doubted herself, she wouldn’t be in the place she is now: alive. She would’ve thought that she couldn’t escape the most recent time, she would be jumping into the Well of Sacrifice the next morning. If she would’ve doubted her bravery in the situation of being caught in the temple, she would’ve given up and lost all hope, but she fought though and found help. This situation came into play in my life because one time I was at my friends lake house and we were jumping off a cliff. It sounds terrible, but it was very organized and they were very experienced. If you end up looking down, and thinking about the pain, the height, the temperature,etc. you doubt the opportunity and never get to jump off the cliff.

  40. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for Isabelle..

    I don’t agree with Smoking Squirrel because a second chance will always come around, and when it does, you will be ready for it because you will have already thought it through. Eveningstar has not benefitted from quick thinking because she never thinks of the consequences that her plan will bring. At my first regionals, I was kind of nervous, so I just concentrated on skating the best I could, without thinking. (This earned me a 1st place medal and a chance to go to final rounds.)

  41. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for Erin…

    Yes. Because if you act fast well most of the time acting before you think is not a good plan but in a tight spot its great so I think that is what he means so in that case I agree with him. Sometimes it helped but sometimes it hindered because when she was in the tight spot when she was hanging on to the wall doing that helped her but thinking and speaking when she said No! was a mistake that got her caught again. Yes once I was doing something that my teacher thought was bad but it wasn’t so when she said “ Erin what are you doing” I had to think of an explanation quick so quick thinking saved me from getting in trouble.

  42. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for Silvia…
    I think it has helped her at times to not think and act, but other times she doesn’t think when she does have time to think. I think smoke shell was right but he left out a part, he should have said if you have a split second to think, take that time to think. When she was about to yell out, she probably should have thought about her possibilities, she has gotten out of situations, but mostly by luck.

    Posting for Varun…
    I think what smoking squirrel is correct because if you take the chance to think and plan out everything. Since there was still one guard guarding there and the other one went to the bathroom and will be back quick, than there is no point in planning it because if you’re a 14-year-old girl than probably you can’t hurt two guards at a time, so it would be better just hurt the one there and get out of there.

    P.S. But I also think that she should have known she was naked.

    I can remember one time that in a football game I was playing that I knew that the other team wouldn’t expect it so I did a play and that got us a Game-Winning Touchdown. Also thought of that play in at-most 7 sec.

    Posting for SydneyT…

    I think Smoking Squirrel is right because even though it helps to think about your solution, if it was a life or death situation, I think his theory is pretty logical. But, taking Smoking Squirrel’s advice, Eveningstar Macaw has done O.K., but she always gets caught. I do not think she is because of Smoking Squirrel’s advice, it is just that other things prevent her from escaping. I am sure that a few times in my life, acting before thinking has helped me, but I just don’t seem to remember them at the time.

  43. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for AlexU…

    In some ways I would agree with Smoking Squirrel and in some ways I don’t. The reason that I do agree with him is because sometimes you think too much and if you think too much than you are wasting valuable time, especially if you have a time limit, you don’t want to just sit there and waste time and not be able to save someone. For instance let’s say that you are playing a game and there are two teams A and B. And the point of the game is one person from each team is trapped in each other’s team cells and is being tortured. The rest of the teams’ job is to try and save the person. So now let’s say you thought you and your team was doing a great job, so you guys have a plan laid out but now you only have 30 seconds!! The team can’t do that plan in 30 second. So they just give up, and get mad which waste even more time. Because it took the team so long to plan out that the team didn’t have time to save the person. For that way I would completely agree with Smoking Squirrel. But on the other hand sometimes if you are getting a grade or something you know you need to take your time. For instance let’s say you were paired with a person named Nelly and you and Nelly worked good, you know exactly what you want to do, and you guys both just jump in without taking notes, or anything. But in the end you got a F. You would get F because you didn’t think through any of the project, you guys just jumped in. In that case you would need to really think through things. Now basically what I am concluding is that it all depends on the situation.

    A time that quick thinking helped me was probably yesterday when I was playing a game called Phase 10. You would be split into two teams, and you would have a phrase that you would need to describe, and you had a timer and each team member would describe it and if the time runs out the other team moves one place on the game board, just for getting you on the timer, and then if they guessed it right then they would move another place.

  44. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for MaxG…

    I think that Smoking Squirrels advice helped and hindered Eveningstar because It has helped her to break out of all of the prisons she has been in but when she gets out she always ends up getting caught again because she did not do enough thinking about her next move. Quick thing has helped me as a point guard in basketball when I have had to make a choice about whether to pass or shoot the ball by quickly analyzing the situation and making a good play.

  45. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for KatieP…

    I agree with Smoke Shell because when you take alot of time to think then you lose the chance to actually do it. In Eving Star’s situation I think it was good that she did the plan real fast because if she didnt the guards could have switched or they would not have time to escape. The second time Evening Star ran made a lot of sense because she had a good chance and couldnt have waited because the guard would have came back. I think thinking quickly has helped Evning Star. But she could have thought a little more and put some clothes on. There has been many times where thinking quickly has helped me mostly in sports because if you dont think quick you could lose possesion over the ball or not make a good play. Also sometimes thinking quickly has made me mess up, for example in tests it’s better to think through things instead of rushing.

  46. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for NickV…

    Yes I agree with Smoking Squirrel because if ESM had not acted quick she would have froze to death if she had not climbed up the Well of Sacrifice. When ESM was in the construction site she spoke without thinking and quick thinking paid off in the long run because she now has an opportunity to save the Mayan Civilization and her family and herself which would make her feel better on the inside. But it also has lots more danger so maybe not. Also I can’t think of a time when quick ever helped me.

  47. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for CaseyM…

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel because if you don’t think fast you could die but it could also prevent you from finding a great way to get out of the situation.

  48. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for KristinA…

    I agree with Smoking Squirrel to act fast. I agree because if you do not take a chance, you will lose your chance. In life if you live it without taking a risk then you will never accomplish anything. These were very wise words from Smoking Squirrel. He indeed has helped Evening Star throughout the book. He has attempted to help her escape, and has given her very good advice. Sometimes when you are playing a sport quick thinking comes into handy. For example, you could pass the ball, or you could run for it. It is quick thinking that will help you score a point. I fully believe in quick thinking, overall I think that you will accomplish more in life when you think quick!

  49. JacksonD Says:

    I do not agree i think that you should take time to think about your next move before acting because if you just act then you could run into some problems like in the book when EM ran into Great Skull Zero she was not thinking very clearly but somehow escaped from his clutches again and again. I am in a bad habbit of acting before i think and it has cost me greatly. I do not want to say what it is ecause i do not want to be reminded of it.

  50. HannahC Says:

    If you act too quickly, you might make a flaw or something that you didn’t intend to do. But in a way, thinking fast would help because if you don’t have so much time, you should act quickly, or the chances are greater that you might get caught in Eveningstar’s case. Smoking Squirrel’s words did help and didn’t help her, because she should have made a plan, yet people wander freely around the place. She should figure out where to go, and then make her next move. But just going quick make’s Eveningstar’s escape more quick and quiet, but she still ends up in trouble. Sometimes I think before I act, mainly in emails or something. (of course!) But most of the time I act before I think, which always gets me into a lot of trouble.

  51. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for Nina…

    Yes, i agree with smoking squirell, because when you take time to think sometimes you might exagerate and make things harder then they seem, and most likely you will “loose your chance.” And yes, there has been a time when quick thinking helped me, on my Math test #3 i was on the last question and there was only 3 minutes left, so i thought fast, wich is unusual because when i am under pressure it takes me longer to com up with somthing.

    Posting for JonathanA…

    Yes I do agree with Smoking Squirrel. I agree because it gets you through time with pressure and difficulty when you act using your instincts. Thinking quickly has helped Eveningstar. It helped her when she was running through the city with the guards chasing her. Also it hindered her when she got lost and when she did not think of her plan all the way through. Quick thinking helped me when I was in a hotel with my cousin and his sister. We were going to our uncle’s room when a strange guy came out his room and started yelling that he just awoke. We started to run and he started to chase us around the hotel. Then he started to say some wrong words. Then we decided to get our stuff and take a different route through the courtyard to the hotel lobby to lose him. We found our parents just in time.

    Posting for HurschP…

    I agree with Smoke Shell because even though you still have to think when making a decision you should hurry because you might miss you chance. This has helped Eveningstar because when she thought of escaping she did think of what to do, but she didn’t wait a long time she thought about it and went. Even though when didn’t succeed in escaping she still had the chance to attempt it, because she hurried with her decisions and got the chance. One time quick thinking helped me was when I was taking a test and time was almost up I used quick thinking to help me get the answer in time.

    Posting for ShannonS…

    I agree with Smoke Shell. Because when you have to make a quick decision it is best to think very quickly then take action. If you take too long your chance to take action will vanish. I think that quick decisions has helped Eveningstar up until this point in the book. A time that a quick decisions helped was when I was taking my dog on a walk. I was coming back home and had to cross a street. I looked both ways and started walking across when out of now where a car came in my direction. I made the decision to pick up my dog and dash back to the side I was coming from.

    Posting for SamanthaS…

    Comment #1
    I agree with smoking squirrel because I have had one of those moment where you need to think fast, once I caught a pop-tart on fire in the microwave and without thinking I threw water on it and threw it outside. Unfortunately I got in trouble!!! : C

    Comment #2
    Another time was when I was shopping with my Rachel T. and a door closed on my finger and chopped the top off. (IT HURT!) The quick thinking came in when I looked at it, without thinking I closed my eyes and screamed, which got me a trip to the ER and saved my finger! (If you don’t believe me ask Rachel!)

    Posting for CharlieT…

    Quick thinking can always help, but if you have enough time you should think it through. In soccer you have to make quick decisions to get the ball down the field or stop an attack. Since I play soccer this is where I’ve done most of my quick thinking. Evening Star Macaw has had to use a ton of fast thinking to escape Great Skull Zero and his guards. Yes, I do agree with Smoking Squirrel. If you have no time to think through a plan, you need to trust your instincts. On the other hand, if you have enough time to draw up a plan in your head, you should come up with a strong strategy to solve your problem.

  52. Kai M Says:

    I am stuck between agreeing and disagreeing with Smoking Squirrel because I’m not exactly sure what he means. I’m not exactly sure that not taking your time to think things over can benefit your chances in something. It really depends on what the chance is about, ne?

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