The Well of Sacrifice p.142-171 (Monday, Oct.6)

First Discussion Prompt: Who do you think is a stronger character- Eveningstar or Feather Dawn? Do you think Eveningstar will help her sister? Why or why not?

Second Discussion Prompt: On p. 158, Eveningstar and Smoking Squirrel discuss whether the people of the city have been evil or careless. Do you think the city is evil, careless, or neither? Why? Think about both the people of the city and its leaders.

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38 Comments on “The Well of Sacrifice p.142-171 (Monday, Oct.6)”

  1. JacobW Says:

    I think Eveningstar is a much stronger character because she is much more brave than Feather Dawn. I think Eveningstar will help her sister because her sister is part of her family, and I would do anything to save my sister.


  2. SamiF Says:

    I think that Eveningatar Macaw is a much stronger character than Feather Dawn because she is braver and has been through so much more. I think that EM will not want to help her sister, but her mother will ask her to and because she doesn’t want to displease her mother, she does help her.

  3. KatieS Says:

    I think that Eveningstar is a very strong character, and I think Feather Dawn is more of a girly-girl than Eveningstar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is not as strong. I think Eveningstar will help her sister because Eveningstar has realized what Great Skull Zero is trying to do and is opposed to it. Also, though Eveningstar and Feather Dawn may not get along so well in some parts of the book, they are sisters, so I think she will definitely help her sister.


  4. CaseyM Says:

    I think Eveningstar might help Feather Dawn because even though she hates her she does not want to put a burden on her familiy by not helping her and even though she gave her away when she almost escaped. 🙂

  5. cohend Says:

    I think EM is a stronger character, this is because she isn’t sitting at home the whole day weaving. She is climbing trees getting scrapes and scars. Also by her personality, EM doesn’t really want to put on every piece of jewelry she can possibly find. She likes the way she is.

  6. Matthewh Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw is stronger because she goes and finds Savages and looks for plants in the middle of the jungle. I think she will try to save Feather Dawn and fight the priest.

    Matthew 🙂

  7. CollinD Says:

    (-_-) I don’t think are evil, and definetly not careless. The Mayan people are very loyal to their leaders, and they believe in what the leaders tell them to do. Because they’re so faithful to their leaders and gods, they should not be considered evil or careless, rather the leader be considered evil. (-_-)

    ^^*__* CoLlIn DwOrSkY *__*^^

  8. Matthewh Says:

    I think the city has been careless. It should have noticed when the priest started killing nobles. The only evil in the city is Great Skull Zero. I think Eveningstar should lead a rebellion against the high priest.

    Again Matthew 😦

  9. nverderame4 Says:

    ESM is way stronger of a person then FD because she doesn’t sit a home doing nothing all day but weaving. She climbs trees gets bruised and battered and shes not afraid of anything not even trouble of sneaking out at night. she was strong when she was in the tomb and she was trpped but she pulled herself together and eventually escaped from the tomb with a little help. ESM also doesn’t want every piece of jewelry ever made she wants to be a kid as long as she can so she can enjoy life. But FD wants to be an adult so she can be proud and more respected than most people in the community. 😀

  10. AlmaN Says:

    Prompt 1: I think that ESM is a stronger character because she actually tries to do things that help the community in a bigger way than weaving, she goes into the jungle and gets cuts ad bruises just to help people. I bet ESM will help FD because even though FD hasn’t done anything to help her she is still a good person

    Prompt 2: I think that certain people in the community have been evil but most of the people are suffering because of how evil some people are. I don’t think that they have been careless though. They have gone a long with everything, never fought against word.

  11. SydneyJ Says:

    EM is definitely a stronger character than FD!! FD basically doesn’t do anything but weaving and trying to make herself “more beautiful”. EM actually goes into the forest, collects herbs and other plants for her mother. She is also not afraid to be brave, or to challenge herself. I think EM will help her sister just because she is her sister, and EM would never want her family to get hurt or taken advantage of.

    I think that some people in the village have been evil. Especially Great Skull Zero. He is now basically the leader, so he affects the whole village with his choices and stubborness. When some people in the village are evil, then it affects a lot of people. Not all the people in the village have been evil. Basically, only Great Skull Zero was careless. Especially when he lied and sacrificed 6 important men to gain more power and probably become king in the future.

    SyDnEy JoHnSoN 🙂

  12. HannahC Says:

    I have to say Eveningstar Macaw is much stronger than Feather Dawn because Eveningstar tries to help her brother, and she gets herself in a bad situation. I am guessing if that was Feather Dawn, she would have been crying on and on and almost nenver stopping!!! PLus Feather Dawn only cares about herself, how pretty she looks…

    Some people in the village can be bad, and others innocent. Definetly Great Skull Zero is bad and evil; he only wants power. But I bet some people act as they are innocent, and then later they show their true self. Some people such as Smoking Squirrel shows his kindness to Eveningstar and I am 99% sure he is a good guy.

    -Hannah Chow

  13. JoshM Says:

    I think that Evening Star is a much stronger character then Feather Dawn. I think this because Evening Star has the courage to face her ultimate fears and she also cares more for others.

    I think that the people of the city have been careless about what situation they have gotten themselves in. King Flint Sky God could see that the city was becoming troubled but Great Skull Zero sped up that process dramatically.

  14. Ayla K. Says:

    I don’t think the city was evil or carless. They were sacrificing people but they did it to make the gods happy, not just there goes one person, oops now there goes another….. But when Great Skull Zero starts killing off people “for the gods”, I thought that the city was dangerous and evil. Then I realized that the city and its people were not careless, Great Skull Zero was. Maybe Evening Star and her brother thought the city was careless because at that time they didn’t know what Great Skull Zero was planning.
    Ayla Kaufman 
    “There is no point to life without chocolate!”


  15. cohend Says:

    prompt 2:
    I think the city is neither evil nor careless. I think they are unaware. This is because they didn’t notice what Great Skull Zero was doing. Also when they were sacrificing people they did it because they wanted to make the gods happy so that there life would get better and the city would prosper.


  16. sstohlman28 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw, is stronger. EM (Eveninstar Macaw) grew up playing in the jungle and having adventures. On the other hand Feather Dawn grew up doing “more girly” things such as weaving. Since EM grew up more adventurous she has become more independent and can easily handle difficult situations. Though Feather Dawn is very mature, she is not very equiped to handle tough situations. Overall EM is stronger. 😛

  17. jayr Says:

    Feather would never face her fears even to save her family. She is also cruel to others and doesn’t treat people right.

    I think the city was careless they don’t think about what they do when they sacrifice. the carelessness has cost the village many people. These people are fathers brothers sisters mothers sons daughters. This is a terrible fait for a person.

  18. KatieS Says:

    I think that the city itself hasn’t been evil or careless. I think that they were jsut trying to please their gods. But I also think that Great Skull Zero has proved himself to be evil on numerous occasions. It’s one thing to sacrifice people who have fought a war against you, but it’s another thing to sacrifice people repeatedly to give them a very slim chance to find out the name of the next king, which he is trying to set himself up to be. I think the city, after King Flint Sky God’s death, became slightly careless because they have allowed Great Skull Zero to pretend to sacrifice people so they can learn the name of the next king.


  19. AlexU Says:

    I think that Evening Star Macaw is stronger. I feel this way because Evening Star Macaw is strong in making plans (to escape in general), and actually doing them. Feather Dawn isn’t really strong she really just has an extrodinary talent that can be used. Speaking of talents gathering medicine plants is Evening Star Macaw’s talent is gathering medicine plants. Now I am not very found of Feather Dawn but as a person you should still give credit for things that people are good at! Evening Star Macaw is very strong, stronger than her sister. For Instance in the book Feather Dawn is being forced to Marry Great Skull Zero, and Feather Dawn is being taken away so that there is no chance for her to run away, and she sees Evening Star Macaw dreesed up as a guard and about to be able to leave, when Feather Dawn screams Eveing Star Macaw’s name. This shows how Feather Dawn relies on other people, which shows that she isn’t very strong. Well I have already read the chapter and I know what happens but when I felt the anger that was rushing throgh Evening Star Macaw’s body I had a feeling that Evening Star Macaw was surely thinking about it. I thought this because she was really mad at her sister because she was almost out of nthe city when her sister dragged her in so in that point of view she was saying I am so mad!! But then again as she sat in her jail cell she thought, well mother did always say that Feather Dawn is not strong she needs help in the world and someone to help her. So in that point of view she said ok I need to help my sister!!
    This is my opinion of the First disscusion prompt.
    Thank you

  20. NyalP Says:

    I totaly agree with Josh about how Eveningstar is stronger than her sister! I also agree with him on how she cares for others (like her brother) by using her courage. Great Skull Zero was definately ruining the city and still is because once there is no Nobles then after Great Skull Zero dies there will be no one left to rule and city would have to find a way to find a new ruler.

  21. celiam Says:

    I think Eveningstar Macaw (EM) is a much stronger character than her sister is or ever will be. I think this because she has a lot of nerve and courage. She was not afraid to save her brother, even if she was to be caught and convicted to either death or another serious punishment. EM also had the courage to defend her sister against Great Skull Zero by hitting him. Even though she doesn’t always find success, EM always tries. She, like other people have said, doesn’t just care about beauty and her own happiness. Eveningstar cares about other people and helps her mother by going to the forest, even if it means not always being “beautiful”. She controlled herself at the ceremony where the sacrificial victims were announced. I think EM will help her sister because, like I said before, unlike Feather Dawn, she cares a lot about the wellness of people other than herself.

    I definitely think that some people (Great Skull Zero) in the village have been evil. Killing someone for your own good is a terrible thing to do. Great Skull Zero was only looking out for himself when he made the decision to sacrifice men that he was supposedly being a good example, a ruler of.

  22. MinjieY Says:

    I think Eveningstar is stronger than Feather. Feather never did anything to stop GSZ or try to escape because in my opinion, she cared too much about looking good all the time. On the other hand, Eveningstar did a lot to try to save the Mayan people. She went through hard obstacles and stood up to someone much more powerful.

    -Minjie! 🙂

  23. NyalP Says:

    In this part of the story Eveningstar is really showing her courage. She will have to use her wits and smartness to escap this tragic moment! I think that she is going to attack a guard and run out of the palace.

  24. ahall11 Says:

    I think Eveningstar is a stronger character because she has done many brave things such as saved her village from the savages, tried to save smoke shell, showed herself to Great Skull Zero, and was captured and tried to escape. I think she has experienced about the same amount of sadness as Feather Dawn, but she is more kind and cared more. I think she has been through a lot more then Feather Dawn especially physically. Although Feather Dawn has been through her fair share of experiences. Some were horrible such as her brother and fiance dieing,and Great Skull Zero wanting to marry her. Even in her earlier life Feather had her head squished between boards and her eyes being crossed. Over all though, I think that Evening star has suffered a lot more then Feather which has made her stronger in the end.

  25. Alec F. Says:

    I think Eveningstar is stronger. Feather Dawn never tries to fight anything, she just lets people do the work for her. I don’t think Eveningstar will help her sister because her sister was never nice to her.

  26. JonathanA Says:

    I believe Eveningstar is stronger. Yes I really do think Eveningstar will save her sister. She will save he because deep, deep, deep inside I believe Eneningstar has love and affection for her. Also because they are family and will stick together. My last reason is because they both do not want Great Skull Zero to put them is the Well Of Sacrifice with Double Bird’s baby.

    ‘ Never treat someone with disrespect unless they are not real, because eveyone has feelings and that is the truth’ By Jonatha W.A.

  27. IvanaP Says:

    I think Eveningstar is a much stronger person than Feather Dawn. Eveningstar takes risks and chances while Feather Dawn just sits without doing anything. Eveningstar helps people (or tries to), while Feather Dawn pleads for help. I don’t think Eveningstar will help Feather Dawn. I think she is sick of her not doing anything. I don’t think she wants to help her, and I don’t think she will.


  28. CarolineW Says:

    I think Eveningstar is much stronger than Feather Dawn. Evening star was fighting to get smoke shell free. While risked her life for him and all that Feather dawn did was cry because her husband was going to die. I think ES will help FD because she doesn’t think GSZ is right to kill people to elimanate the other people that mighgt have a chance at king just so he can be king. Or marry FD so people will think that it would kind of like having SS thier.

    ~Caroline Wagner 😀

  29. Anne G. Says:

    I think Eveningstar is a much stronger character because she is braver, stronger(meantaly not phisicaly), more caring, more responsible, etc. By reading others posts i can see that everyone who did the 1st discussion said that eveningstar was a much stronger character. And as we’ve discussed in class many times before we know that point of veiw (POV) would always matter, because if the story was from Feather Dawn’s POV everyone would have something different to say.
    Anne D. Graham

  30. BrettH Says:

    I think EveningStar is a stronger character. And I also think that EveningStar won’t help FeatherDawn because she has always neglected EveningStar as a little sister and favored SmokeShell far over her, and FeatherDawn mostly cared about herself and not anybody else

  31. maxg Says:

    I think the city is careless because no one has bothered to ever try to throw over Great Skull Zero or to question why he picked the people to be sacraficed when they were all powerful leaders. I dont think the city even knows what kinds of dissicions great skull zero makes or really knows what he is trying to do. The bad thing is that the whole city exept eveningstar is suspicous about great skull zero.
    Max Gordon

  32. MatthewG Says:

    I think that Evening Star Macaw is a stronger person than Feather Dawn. She tries to help Smoke Shell when all Feather Dawn does is sit around and weep about Smoke Shell and her future husband. I also think that Evening Star Macaw might help her just so she can help her family escape with her because her family will not leave with out her. I don’t think she will do it for Feather Dawn because Feather Dawn owes her for all the things she has done and Feather Dawn is selfish and does not care about Evening Star Macaw. Feather Dawn has shone no respect at all toward Evening Star Macaw so I think she will save Feather Dawn for her family.

  33. ZakD Says:

    Prompt 1 – I think Eveningstar is stronger than Feather Dawn because she is braver. I do not think Eveningstar will help her sister because she never really liked Feather Dawn. Feather Dawn ratted her out when she was trying to escape.

    Zak Davis

  34. ZakD Says:

    Prompt 2 – I think the city has been both evil and careless. The leader Great Skull Zero has been evil because he tried to become the leader himself and sacrificed other more important people that could become king. The people are careless because they are letting Great Skull Zero take over, unlike Eveningstar who is trying to stop him.

    Zak Davis

  35. AlexaH Says:

    I think Eveninstar is stronger than Feather Dawn becase Feather Dawn hasn’t tryied to stop anything going on in her family including the sacrafices. Even though Feather and Eveningstar arn’t close, I think Eveningstar will save Feather because she is her sister.

    Alexa 😀

  36. torya Says:

    Prompt 1——————–
    I think evening star is the stronger character. On page 71, she is the one that saves the “damsel in distress” when she is being pulled away by a single human being. Eveningstar Macaw seems to be the one that is being held hostage and taking some action in what she thinks is right while Feather Dawn seems to just sit around and weave. She is also the one that goes and gets food and discovers the undiscovered and Feather Dawn is doing something no where near to that.

  37. torya Says:

    Prompt 2—————
    I think the people have been both careless and evil. A small portion are being evil because people like Great Skull Zero and his possy are just lying and ruling the town against their will and beliefs. On the other hand, those people that they are lying to and just slipping under their eyes are being careless and not taking action against what they are doing. People like Evening Star Macaw are taking action and doesn’t fit into any of those categories. She should fit in the category that means brave and stands up for what is right. I think feather dawn should be in the other one because she is getting married to Great Skull Zero and probably doesn’t want too, but she is depending on others to save her and not herself.

  38. JohnR Says:

    Prompt: 2
    I agree with tory because both because when their king died everyone except for a few cared when the king died.


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