The Well of Sacrifice p. 117-141 (Thurs., Oct. 2)

Discussion Prompt: This reading is intense. Were you surprised by the events of this chapter? What sorts of feelings did the reading bring up for you? What techniques does the author use to create feelings in the reader?

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  1. CaseyM Says:

    I think the biggest part is when Smoke Shell dies and leaves Eveningstar Macaw a message in blood and she is trapped in the tomb of King Flint Sky God. :O

  2. RachelT Says:

    I thought that these few chapters were very sad and surprising! I thought it was sad when all of the sudden Smoke Shell died and it was very surprising when Great Skull Zero slashed Eveningstar Macaw’s head. The author has a wonderful technique when she describes what is important in the story and she helps you understand how the character is feeling. I thought that these chapters were very important chapters but at the same time I wish I hadn’t read them. 😦

  3. AhmadA Says:

    i think this chapter was sad but yet surprising. the part that surprised me is whe Great skull zero that that eviningstar was dead but she wasn’t. feelings that came to me are that i felt really sad when eviningstar knelt down eside her brother which made me feel really emotional. A thing that the author does that makes the story intense is whe she talks about a lot of family memberes dieng which made the emotions come to me. KIND OF

  4. celiam Says:

    I was really suprised that Smoke Shell ended up sacrificed because usually in book like this they would make the main character (Eveningstar Macaw) be all hero like and save the day. I actually liked that the author decided to change it up a little bit. The author uses a lot of suspense and emotion in the new part we read. There’s suspense when Small and Eveningstar Macaw are trying to break in without the gaurd seeing them (though you can kind of tell they’re not going to get caught because she’s the main charachter and all). But, there’s also emotion when Smoking Shell gets sacrificed, and when Eveningstar Macaw finds away to get out of the chamber and back to her family.

    *Nice prompt Ms. Stewart*

  5. SamanthaS Says:

    I thought the author was very intense when she wrote about how Smoke Shell being sacrificed and how Great Skull Zero slashed Eveningstar Macaw’s head. Although it was sad, I like the author’s style of writing, and I am looking forward t the rest of the book. Just like Celia said, normally the author makes the main character the hero, and he/she saves the day, but in this book that is not true, I like it, it’s a change.

    ~Samantha :+) ( :+0 )

  6. MinjieY Says:

    I thought this reading was very INSTENSE and scary. It also had a lot of suspense. The irony kept changing and you didn’t know what would happen next. It’s also scary because she got trapped and almost died. Events in the reading whizzed by. They happened so fast and i had to take in everything so fast. But at the same time, the reading was exciting.

  7. HannahC Says:

    Yes, the book was very intense and scary. I though that Eveningstar was going to free Smoke Shell and he would live, as well as the others. But I was wrong, and it was so sad for me. And when she was trapped, it explained so much about that, but not so much on the wedding and the other things. The reading was very exciting for me, though it was fast. When I was reading, I didn’t really care how fast it went, but how good it was getting.

    Hannah Chow

  8. SydneyJ Says:

    I thought the reading was VERY intense! I was so surprised when I read that there had to be 6 sacrifices and two of them were Smoke Shell and Six Sky Monkey. When I read that Eveningstar was going to try to save Smoke Shell in the middle of the night, I was scared for her, and nervous. I thought she might of been able to save Smoke Shell and maybe the other sacrifices too. Also, when I read that she was left in the tomb to die, i was very surprised. I knew she wasn’t going to die, but I wanted to know how she would get out. I am glad Small was there, or Eveningstar might of not been able to get out in time. I also think Feather Dawn should of been more involved in saving her sister, because she didn’t do anything at all. 😦

    SyDnEy JoHnSoN

  9. AndrewK Says:

    I thought that this section was not only intense, but suspenseful as well. I was not surprised about Great Skull Zero’s actions because to me he was always creepy, and even more so when he called out all of the names of the people to be sacrificed, who happened to be all of the people that might have had a chance to be king. I was surprised at how Eveningstar Macaw acted because I did not know that she could be that brave when she was trapped in that tomb. I was a little bit angry when Great Skull Zero trapped Eveningstar Macaw in that temple. I also was very worried about the farmers, and how they were going to survive without prosperous crops. The author uses descriptions to make the reader feel exactly what is going on. He also uses suspense and the opinions of all levels of people to make the reader feel the feelings that the people in the book are feeling.

    Andrew Kenyon

  10. torya Says:

    I was very surprised that Smoke Shell ended up dying. In most books, the good guys wins and the bad guys dies. This was a twist because Smoke Shell died and Great Skull Zero seems to be ruling with absolutely no obstacles. I made me bubble up even more anger towards Great Skull Zero because he is accomplishing so many things against others will and beliefs. It was also extremely suspenseful because Evening Star Macaw was so brave inside such a closed space and still managed to have some hope of getting out and escaping. The author (Chris Eboch) makes the whole situation of what is happening seem even more dramatic than what is really happening. People in everyday life lie for their greater good all of the time, and she is taking that basic concept and widening it hugely to draw the reader in.

  11. AlexU Says:

    Yes I was very surprised with the events. The most surprising events were number 1 when Evening Star Macaw was caught down in the burial chamber and she saw Smoke Shell and was about to tell him what Great Skull Zero wasn’t honoring Smoke Shell and all of the other nobles, but that they were going to be killed so that they wouldn’t be able to become king and rule, and Evening Star Macaw was trying to save the nobles but then Great Skull Zero Hit her on the head and she fell to Smoke Shell’s feet. Another surprising event was when Evening Star Macaw was stuck and couldn’t figure out how to get out. I thought that she was stuck for good. Then when she was “talking” to her mother and Small, I thought that she was just a little tired and was crazy. But in the end she got out and I was glad. My feelings for these past chapters were a mix. I felt very shocked, happy, exactly like Eveing Star Macaw, and lastly I felt as if I knew what was happening and what was coming up. For the shocking feeling, was when Evening Star Macaw was trying to save Smoke Shell from Great Skull’s devious plan. I was in shock because Great Skull Zero hit Evening Star Macaw on the head. I was happy when eveing Star Macaw escaped from the temple and got out safely with out anyone seeing her and her mothere and Small. I felt exactly like Evening Star Macaw when Double Bird and Feather Dawn were crying, because first of all I would have felt annoyed if I had to hear crying, I could even hear them cry and now my head is throubing from even thinking bout it. I also would ave felt annoyed with Feather Dawn because she barely even knew Six Sky Monkey, and so I didn’t feel that she needed to cry. My last feeling was when I knew what was going to happen next. For this feeling I was taking educted guesses through out these chapters and especially when Evening Star Macaw was visiting throuout the villages and she was talking to Owl Scroll’s Father and he said that there were a ton of peasents that turned into nobles, and then there weren’t as many farmers, so there wasn’t enough food, that made me think that Great Skull Zero was trying to make a lot of the peasents nobles so that then they could go to the higher class and then he could poison the king and then the king would die slowly, and then the village would need a new king so the village would probably make Smoke Shell King, so then Great Skull Zero killed everyone who had a chance to be king so that then he could have a throne, but when he “took’ the throne and was control he didn’t know it but everyone would soon be starving because now there are a lot of nobles and no farmers, like Owl Scroll’s father said so what I usually do is think what possible thing willl and or may happen in the book, and my thought is that further on the book is that some how Great Skull Zero will be punished by the King Flint Sky God and will die. That is what I mean of knowing what will happen next or further on in the book. A technique that I think the author uses is she describes what the person is feeling but she isn’t describing it that you can tell. What I mean is that she doesn’t say and Eveing Star Macaw’s head was throubing sourley from the crying. No she has the characters talk to eac h other and in that way they describe their feelings.

  12. mgowan8 Says:

    I wasn’t very surprised by the events that happened in this chapter. I had a feeling that Great Skull Zero would find out about what Eveningstar Macaw was going to do. I did not think that smoke shell would die just yet though. It did make me sad when I read that smoke shell had died because he was my favorite character. The author makes you jump with his crafty choice of words in the part where Great Skull Zero hits Eveningstar, it seemed like time went into warp mode. I think the author could have waited a little bit longer to make these events happen though.

  13. CollinD Says:

    I think the chapters were very intense. I think though you definetly see EveningStar’s true colors come out. I think i definetly was suprised at the events that took place in this chapter. The one sad part was Feather Dawn didn’t even attempt to save Smoke Shell. I thought she was very selfish by doing that because if my brother was scheduled to be killed, I would DO something. She just cried and sighed. I think the author uses a fast pace, to create feelings in this chapter, also the fact that she always keeps EveningStar on the edge of survival.
    ~_~CoLlIn DwOrSkY~_~

  14. RianaS Says:

    I was very surprised by these chapters. I was almost positive that EveningStar was going to find a way to save Smoke Shell, and I was really shocked and sad when she woke up and saw all the bodies. I was also a little scared for EveningStar when she realized she was stuck inside the burial chamber, and was relieved when she found her way out. Chris Eboch did a really good job of building up the suspense when EveningStar and Small were in the temple. She also did a good job of making me feel a little bad for the peasents, and embarassed for EveningStar, when Owl Scroll was insulting the nobles. I think that it is a lot harder for authors in books to make readers feel something, then it is for movie people. Movies have music, that can be loud or soft, and they don’t have to describe every little thing…you just see it. Books can’t have music, and you DO have to describe a lot. I think Chris Eboch did a very good job, because she did a good descriptive job with the temple part, especially.

    -Riana 🙂

  15. iblank20 Says:

    The reading for this section was intense; the author set the stage for this dramatic affect by having detailed descriptions of Eveningstar’s feelings about being alone in the tomb and the hunger that she felt. The author made Eveningstar’s feelings seem very real by making Eveningstar seem very confused about how to help herself get out of the tomb after she found out that Smoke Shell was dead. I could feel everything that Eveningstar felt down in the tomb, confusion in how to find a way out, desolation in the recognition of Smoke Shell’s death, and relief when Eveningstar and I heard her mother coming to save us, I felt like I was there with Eveningstar every step of the way. The author achieved this by making detailed descriptions, this keept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

    -Isabelle Blank

  16. AlexaH Says:

    This is the most intense reading we’ve had to do so far!!!! I think it was so sad that Eveningstar went through all this troble to save her brother and she dosn’t. I also think it’s so sad that when Eveningstar says good bye to Smoke Shell, befor she leaves the tomb, she doesn’t say anything like I’ll miss you or I love you. Even though the Mayans seem like they get all ” mushy” like us, she really did really like her brother. I think Eveningstar’s happiness in life is starting to crumble because of Smoke Shell and Feather Dawn because Eveningstar and Feather Dawn are not getting along. It will be interasting, to me, to see what is going to now happen to Eveningstars life and how ses going to handdle it. Will her happiness crumble down???? Who knows!!!!

    Alexa 😉 :~

  17. ahall11 Says:

    I thought this reading was very surprising in numerous ways. First I was surprised when all the men came inside the king’s burial chamber, and Evening Star shows herself. I could barely wait to read the rest of the page because I knew that Great skull zero would do something to harm her. I was also stunned and disappointed when Evening Star wakes and she finds that her brother and the other six sacrificial victims had died. I was also shocked to know that she was stuck inside the chamber, and very relieved when her mother and Small came to rescue her. I was also amazed at the condition of the peasant people that Evening Star and Small visited on their journey. I think that the future chapters will be exciting and astounding based on the horrible rumors that Evening Star and Small have heard about Great Skull Zero recent actions. I thought the author used a more descriptive technique in these chapters to make the character’s emotions.

  18. SamiF Says:

    This section inspired a lot of feelings. The strongest was surprise, followed closely by fear. The first time that surprise sparked was when it was annouced that Smoke Shell was to be sacrificed. However, since it is a fiction book that Eveningstar would end up saving him, because that is what happens in most fictional books and movies. In this book, that didn’t happen and that sparked the fear. I wasn’t sure if Eveningstar was going to save Smoke Shell or not. But then, when she went into the temple, I figured she would. This expectation made me really surprised when she didn’t save Smoke Shell. THis also made me afraid of what would happen later in the book. Would her mother or Double Bird get into trouble? Would she be able to save herself if she got in trouble?

  19. RavenW Says:

    I agree with Celia when she says that it was suprising when the author let Smoke Shell die. Usually the main character ” swoops in and saves the day”. But Eboch let him die. This section of the book had some very important, suprising and fearful moments. Such as when Eveningstar Macaw was trapped inside the temple. This was very scary because she let Smoke Shell die so why wouldn’t she let Eveningstar die. You would have to question all the things she makes happen in this book. A very important moment in this book was when Evening star Macaw fought for so long to get out of the temple. It shows her willingness to fight for freedom and the Mayan people.


  20. HannahC Says:

    Along with Celia and Raven, I can’t believe that the author let Smoke Shell and the others die@ I though she wouldn’t be as mean and would stop them from dying, because so much could have happened, and maybe Smoke Shell would be King. But otherwise if she didn’t make him die and he became king, then there really would be no intense good story. I would think she would end up saving him, or end up stuck in that cave thing forever. But along with Sami, I have to say that it was suprising and I was scared.

  21. KatieS Says:

    I was surprised by the events of this chapter. I think the author is purposely trying to make us surprised and sorrowful. I also think she is trying to speed the book up. One thing that particularly surprised me was Eveningstar’s failure to save her brother. I felt resentful toward Eveningstar at that point and I wonder if the author wanted us to be that way or not. I think that though the author was more descriptive in this part than in some others, she was purposely a bit cruel to speed up the book and to make us feel sad and surprised.


  22. JohnR Says:

    I agree with rachel it was a very sad and suprising chapter. Also, it was very sad when smokeshell died. I was very suprised when Eveningstar escaped from the burial chamber and also when she somehow got past all the guards. I really hope the book gets out of this feeling. I think the author uses dramatic pauses and makes it paint a picture in your mind.

    John Rabon

  23. KendallB. Says:

    Was I surprised? Yes. Was I completely stunned when the dead bodies were lying around in the burial chamber? No. After all you leave the characters that change or are “evil” in the story. Other characters might have to die to teach the developing character a lesson. See the noble men die signaled me that the reading was taking a turn and something big was coming. The feeling I felt was interest. The most dramatic part was the actual sneaking into the temple. The description and first hand telling of the story had you feeling with the character. I personally would have liked a better description of the surroundings so I could picture this in my head or an illustration.

  24. AshleyC Says:

    That was the saddest and most intense reading we have had so far. I think it was very strange when all the sudden Smoke Shell dies. It was also very strange when Great Skull Zero slashed Evening Star Macaws head. Those were the most intense chapters we have read so far. I think that it was very surprising when Eveningstar Macaw was trapped inside the temple. I think the author tried to cram a lot of events into a couple of chapters, but I do not care because those were very exciting chapters. The strangest thing was when one of the main characters died. Usually the main character does not die until the very last page of the book.

    -Ashley 🙂

  25. IvanaP Says:

    This section made you feel as if you were in the situation. It made you feel sad when Smoke Shell died and afraid when Eveningstar was in the temple by herself. You could feel the tension, and sense exactly how the characters felt. The author did a good job visualizing where the characters were and what was going on. He explains how the characters feel and what they are thinking. He had good description and used good visualizing words, so that you could be pulled into the book. He did a very good job with this.

  26. vkasula2 Says:

    To me it was kindoff devestating when Eveningstar saw how that the nobles took Owl Scrolls husband and sisters’ husbands and almost took her oldest son. (SHE HAD TO FIGHT WITH THEM FOR THEM TO BELIEVE THAT HE WASEN’T OLD ENOUGH). She was so kind that even though she was so poor and had so many children and a lazy father she gave Eveningstar some food. I can’t believe Chris Eboch did! Almost everything that we read up until this point was how Eveningstar and her mother would save Smoke Shell and the others. So I’m thinking that, why did she do that, and then suddenly Smoke Shell dies. That is just wrong!!! Also she says o.k. I will go on the trip. Then suddenly suddenly it says Eveningstar just turned 14 after two months into the trip. That book is moving on a little to fast.

  27. vkasula2 Says:

    Sorry I forgot to say this 😀


  28. JoshM Says:

    I was very surprised by these last few chapters. I was shocked about what happened to Smoke Shell, and what Great Skull Zero is doing to the people in the city. I think that the authors technique used to stir up these feelings are that the author sped up the events in the book dramatically and with all the big events, the book can be very shocking and surprising.

  29. Ayla K. Says:

    These chapters were very intense and suprising. They also put into perspective of what Great Skull Zero would and could do. Feather Dawn and Double Bird were both “sad” but Feather Dawn had more sympathy for herself. Double Bird really cared about Smoke Shell and was truly worried about him. I am glad that Evening Star tried to save her brother, even though I didn’t think she could do it. Well she didn’t suceed but at least she is alive. (as of right now.)

    ayla kaufman
    “There is no point to life without chocolate!”

  30. Ayla K. Says:

    I think the author showed emotion in her book by making the places/nouns sound really creepy with tons of detail. Even though I think the book is moving a little bit fast, she does give detail where it is needed.

    ayla kaufman
    “There is no point to life without chocolate!”

  31. Ayla K. Says:

    oh. and like Varun i forgot my smiley!


  32. ryanm Says:

    I was very surprised about what happened to smoke shell. Most of the time people save the good characters but apparently not this time. I felt pretty mad because smoke shell was my favorite character. I would run away if Great Skull Zero becomes king. The techniques the authour used were, taking drastic measures. This hooked the reader more.

    Ryan McDonald

    A smiley would have been here.

  33. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for Kristin A…

    The section that we read was very interesting. There were many surprises that were not expected to happen. One of these shocks would be when Eveningstar’s beloved and brave brother was sent to be sacrificed with the king. This was not expected at all by either the characters in the story and the reader. I couldn’t put the book down. The feeling that the author created for me was suspense. She knows were to use suspense and how often to use it. The author also separates the story into the chapters, like all authors do. Yet, I think that she purposely stopped some of the events in some chapters to keep you hanging. For me, these two techniques worked well. These chapters were very out of the ordinary and stimulating and showed that she can make a wonderful historic story.

  34. ZakD Says:

    In this section I was very surprised. I felt tense because I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I felt nervous when Eveningstar stroked her hand across Smoke Shell’s chest feeling the blood. I was afraid when Great Skull Zero hit Eveningstar with his staff thus knocking her out and thinking that she was dead or would eventually die. The author did a great job building the suspense to reach the surprising moments like Smoke Shell dying and Great Skull Zero hitting Eveningstar.

    Zak Davis

  35. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for JacobW…

    This part of the story was very interesting, in my opinion. I think Chris Eboch has a very jumpy style of writing, such as when Eveningstar Macaw gets knocked out, and then wakes ext to her dead brother’s body. I think this is interesting because the author never gave any description of how he was sacrificed. I generally do not like this type of writing, because I can’t comprehend the book as well without a decent amount of description.

  36. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for CharieT…

    I think that the author was very descriptive and clear on information about how Great Skull Zero is killing off politicians and commanders to become the new king. I thought that Great Skull Zero and the Council of Guardians are a lot alike, because they both killed off people to get what they want. I also thought that Eveningstar Macaw and her Mom are similar to Obama and McCain, because they go to speak and socialize with the public. Obama and McCain both travel the nation talking to people about issues.

  37. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for CohenD…

    It gave me a curious and an exciting feeling. I think he made the book that way by stopping at the end of a chapter at the perfect time to make you wonder what is going to happen next?

  38. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for AlecF…

    One of the feelings the created for me was excitement. The technique the author used was keeping you on the edge of your sit. For an example in the text, I was wonder if Eveningstar was going to die in the king’s tomb or escape.

  39. jayr Says:

    I was not very surprised that she was hit on the by the Great Skull Zero when it said she had a speech. I knew he wouldn’t stand for this but I thought he would kill her or move her away from the burial chamber for this is not respecting the gods in my opinion. I think the style of writing is just suspense so you want to know at will happen next.


  40. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for NickV…

    I thought the most important part of the chapter we read today was when ESM got knocked out in the temple and then she was trapped there and she was stuck with only a obsidian knife and a torch and sorts of food. Also when she had to chisel her way out and then her friends and family helped her out of the temple. I also thought that King Flint Sky God would understand of ESM taking his offer to survive in the cave in. But it was a total shock that Great Skull zero was able to knock ESM out with a staff when Smoke Shell was in the room.

  41. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for KatieP…

    This section of reading created lots of different feelings for me. At the sacrifice when Eving Star yelled out that Great Skull Zero had lied, I thought that something different was gonna hapen that whole part happened so fast. When Evning Star woke up trapped with her dead brother I fealt like I wanted to stop reading because I was so sad for her. I think the author made her brother die so that the reader could truely see how terrible Great Skull Zero really was. When Evning Star was going to kill herself I started to really understand the way she must have felt. I think the author added that part but didnt let her really kill herself so that the reader would understand her feelings and also get to keep reading. Not leting the book just end like that.

  42. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for BrettH…

    I think that the author made me feel very sad in this part of the book. I also think the author made me feel this way because Eveningstar tried so hard and spent so much time on trying to save her brother when she just got knocked out and woke up and seen her brother dead it was extremely saddening. Another thing the author did was let us know Smokeshell real well, and as a big part of the book.

  43. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for HurschP…

    In pages 117-141 I felt mysterious and nervous about what the Eveningstar was about to do. For example I wondered how she was going to get out of the tomb that she was trapped in. As I was reading this I was thinking, would she die? Or would she escape? Another time I felt mysterious was when Eveningstar thought of killing herself to be with her brother. If she did decided to do this the rest of the book was useless. The author made me feel like this because of the text he used. Like making her with no food and fresh air while she was trapped. He also used dramatic words or sentences like when Eveningstar thought of killing herself.

  44. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for SiviaS…

    was scared when she was trapped in the pit and I thought she would never come out. I felt mad when great skull zero hit her and nobody did anything about. I also felt alone because Eveningstar was the only one that was trying to fight against Great skull zeros choices. I think the author put the characters in situations where you feel like you are in their shoes, therefore making you have some sort of feelings.

  45. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for ErinB…

    The reading created sadness, depression and rage for me. She would make you like a character or make you think that the character was nice like Smoke Shell. Then she got you to understand the feelings between the people like Smoke Shell and his wife. Then she would have something awful happen to them like killing of Smoke Shell. And it really doesn’t help that the guy that decided to kill Smoke Shell (great skull zero) was a guy that you’ve never trusted.

  46. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for AnnaJ…

    I felt shocked and sad and angry, angry at Great Skull Zero, when I read this section. I think that the author used the technique of not telling us how sad every one is, but letting us be shocked and sad and angry.

  47. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for ColinY…

    I felt scared, but also excited at the same time. I really didn’t know whether Smoke Shell was going to live or die. So, I guess I also felt mystified. I thought the author used some pretty unique techniques. She had parts where it lead up to the climax of each chapter. He also left you wondering for a while, and then out of nowhere, “BANG,” the main part comes in

  48. MatthewG Says:

    I thought that the chapters were interesting and lots of events were unexpected. I did not think that
    Great Skull Zero would kill so many people. He was already in line for king and he killed all of his nobles or anybody who had power. If Great Skull Zero kills to many people, he won’t have any servants to work for him when he is king/if he becomes king.

  49. CarolineW Says:

    Yes i was surprised because all the sudden smoke shell dies. I felt kind of mad at Great Skull Zero because Smoke Shell was not really suppose to die but i felt better when Smoke Shell left the kind last words to Evening Star. Also it was sudden when Great Skull Zero hurts Evening Star and traps her in there to die. The way the author creates feeling is by not telling you what he was thinking but making you think about what happened and making you have your own feelings.

    -Caroline Wagner 🙂

  50. Joanna W. Says:

    Well I think most people expected it to be that the whole book was going to be about Eveningstar trying to save Smoke Shell, atleast that is what i thought. But sadly not, Smoke Shell died and it made me sad. I wouldn’t care if it was some random person. Eveningstar is pretty brave. I was kind of suprised. I did believe Eveningstar would escape the tomb, because main character can’t die when a lot of the book is still waiting, she can’t die that soon…I mean there is about half of the book left.

  51. MatthewG Says:

    It was weird how evening star macaw heard all those different stories and how the kingdom was going to fall. It is like the workers want the kingdom fall because they are doing all of the work to keep the community running. They don’t get anything even though they are the ones doing all the work. I would almost stop working and keep all the food to myself until the nobles showed some respect to me.

  52. JacksonD Says:

    I was surprised that Small and Eveningstar’s plan did not work because when you are reading a book and they come up with a complicated plan normally I would think that the plan would work and they would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is not a happy book now that Smoke Shell is dead and Great Skull Zero is killing off the noble families one by one and the farmers are dieing of starvation. The story has quickly changed from a tale about a girl in Mayan times to a real falling of a civilization. The past chapters made it feel like the character was real and that they were hurting with real emotions. An example is when Eveningstar is crawling out and it says, “I banged my head, scraped my knees and arms, scratched my hands until they bled, and choked on the dusty stale air, but still I worked with the thought of freedom ahead.”(Eboch, 130). It actually made me feel like i was struggling to survive. This book has taken an exiting twist compared to a normal novel in my mind set. It has made it more interesting and gave an opportunity to be more descriptive to add suspense.

    Jackson (^_,^)

  53. Anne G. Says:

    The reading made me feel surprised and sad since Smoke Shell is dead now. I’m surprised because Great Skull Zero is killing the most important people to the village. With Evening Star’s Mayan village headed down hill we have to find out if she and the rest of the peoples in her village will survive with the Great Skull Zero! We will have to countinue reading to find out. This book might not be a happy story anymore, but it’s a exciting, thriller that wants tomake you skip straight to the end!

  54. JonathanA Says:

    In the chapters I read it was very exciting and dangerous I really felt inspired by Eveningstar’s courage and how she tried to save her brother. I believe that Eveningstar will change history so the Mayan society will not come to an end. The author used great techniques to help me imagine everything that was going on. Mr. Eboch used techniques like suspense, climax, dialogue and imagery to make the story come alive. The serious tone of the chapters made me feel sympathy for Eveningstar and Smoke Shell. Disappoinment was what I felt when Smoke Shell was found dead. I felt afraid of the guards when Evengstar and Small tried to sneak into the temple. Also when Great Skull Zero smacked her in the head, I was terified.

  55. AmandaL Says:

    I wasn’t really surprised that Smoke Shell died, I didn’t think that their plan would work. I think that once Great Skull Zero decides something you cannot change his mind. However i was sort of angry that he died because the protagonist’s friends or family are not supposed to die in stories. it was a little weird for me because the story suddenly took a different approach. It abruptly became more violent and quicker paced. Before it was kind of slow and slightly boring, but once Smoke Shell was told he was to be sacrificed it became much more interesting. I think the author’s vivid writing is what catches me and makes me feel more like I’m in the story. She always describes the characters feelings very well and makes the reader feel as though they are a bigger part of the novel. In all I think these past chapters have been very exciting!

    -Amanda 🙂

  56. Matthewh Says:

    I think that the chapters surprised me a lot. I never expected Smoke Shell to die. I never thought the priest to go totally crazy, then try to kill everyone. I don’t think that Smoke Shell should have died. I think he should have tried to start a rebellion. I think Eveningstar Macaw should lead a rebellion against Great Skull Zero. I think he used such vivid detail and awesome descriptions. These are some of the best chapters of the book I think.

    Matthew 🙂

  57. GreggC Says:

    I was surprised around the part when EveningStar was trapped in the temple and when Smoke Shell died. It surprised me when all of a soudden she wakes up and looks into the dead bodies on the floor. Also Smoke Shell had written a message with bloood. I think that the author uses feelings to be sad,angry,surprised,or scared. The author does a really good job of this. I agree that this is probaly the most intence part we have read so far.

  58. Kai M Says:

    What surprised me was that Eveningstar Macaw took some of the food left for the afterlife of King Flint Sky God! She seems like such an innocent girl, but then again sneaking into his temple at some ungodly hour of the night is another thing…
    I think that the first-person-view in the book was very great, and it’s not hard for readers to hate or begin to hate Feather Dawn as Eveningstar begins to.
    Feather Dawn reminds me of Hillary from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    Kai ❤ ❤ ❤

  59. maxg Says:

    I was amazed when I read the pages because of the great description and how intense it was. The author really pulls you in with the story and makes you feel like you are really there and you are feeling what the character in the book is. The assigned pages that we read kept me on my toes and wanting to read more. The pages were very descriptive but at the right parts. I was exited the whole time. The part that surprised me is when great skull zero whacked her and then she is trapped in the place where her brother is. I still think that the book is great.-Max Gordon

  60. NyalP Says:

    I agrre with Colin about the last few chapters. I really did see the “true colors” in Eveningstar!

  61. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for BethanyM…

    I thought that this part of the book made me feel a little bit scared how the people were so harsh to her and it made u think that she was going to die when it said on page 124 how Great Skull Zero came in she was there and he raised his staff and then it went on to the next chapter. I thought it was sad how they left her in the tomb and throughout the reading it got sad and then happier but without food for the people in the country it made the book get a little sadder. The author used techniques that has suspense in them but then something had happened to make the suspense end.

  62. EthanK Says:

    This chapter was very interesting. I thought that Smoke Shell might live because of Eveningstar, but NO!! This did not invoke any emotions in me.

  63. KaavyaA Says:

    I was very surprised by te events in this chapter. I felt fear, betrayal, and suspense whn I read this chapter. The author uses irony and vivid descriptions of sad things to create suspense.

    -Kaavya A.

  64. KaavyaA Says:

    I think I forgot to put in some things. I was still very surprised by the events in this chapter. I forgot to type down one feeling I felt when I read this chapter and that was great sadness that so many fine young men died at such a young age. The author also uses suspense to create some very strong feelings in this chapter.

    -Kaavya A.

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