The Well of Sacrifice p. 73-116 (Wed., Oct. 1)

Now it’s your turn. Your homework for tonight is to write your own prompt for p.72-116. (I’ll choose several of the prompts to guide our class discussion on Thursday.) Do not answer the prompts!

Choose an issue or a part of the reading that you thought was interesting or confusing.  A good prompt will have a one or two sentence introduction and then pose one or two questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Here’s an example:

In this section, Eveningstar describes some Mayan ideas about beauty. How are the Mayan practices of making themselves beautiful similar to those you might find in 21st century America?

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63 Comments on “The Well of Sacrifice p. 73-116 (Wed., Oct. 1)”

  1. AnnaJ Says:

    In this section Smoke Shell shows ESM how to count. It is very different than how we count. Which counting system do you like better? Do you thinks that their’s is less confusing?

  2. CharlieT Says:

    The Savages’ are a almost barbaric people. They are nomads that are at the point of a collapse. With such small numbers, how do you think the Savages could invade the Mayan capital? Explain your plan of attack.

  3. SamiF Says:

    In this section of WoS, Smoke Shell is married and there are many pages on his wedding ceromony to Double Bird. What are some similarities and differences between the their wedding ceremony and American wedding ceremonies?

  4. JohnR Says:

    My prompt is what is the affect when the king dies? Why does it make Featherdawn and Eveningstar feel happy? Do you think that smokeshell will be the next king? Explain.

  5. iblank20 Says:

    In this section Eveningstar has a dream that the dead king comes alive, and Smokeshell takes the king up a never ending staircase. When Eveningstar explains this dream to Featherdawn, Feather says that the dream must mean that Smokeshell will climb the ranks to become king. What else do you think this dream could symbolize? Why?
    -Isabelle Blank

  6. kristina Says:

    Many shocks came within these couple chapters. I was a little shocked at how fast Chris Eboch moved these couple chapters. He wed several characters all at once and did not put very much description to these huge events. I think he should have slowed these events down, and described them, before he moved on and killed? them. My question is what do you think about how his writing style, and how it moved so swiftly? Do you think he should have elaborated more or done what he did?

  7. CaseyM Says:

    I think that a prompt should be why would Smoke Shell not be in the temple of Ah Puch and where could he be?

  8. CarolineW Says:

    In this section EveningStar and her mom think that Great Skull Zero was lying, when he said that Smoke Shell was chosen to go and die with King Flint Sky God. Do you think Great skull zero was telling the truth or do you agree with eveningstar? Explain.

    -Caroline Wagner

  9. RachelT Says:

    Smoke Shell was one of the young men that was elected to die with King Flint Sky God. Eveningstar Macaw thought that this was going to be the end for him. Do you think that he is going to die? Could there be a way to avoid it? Explain.

  10. IvanaP Says:

    In this section, Evenstar and Small go to a temple to look for Smoke Shell. Inside the temple, they cannot see where they are going, so the author had to describe more of the sense of feeling objects. Do you think he did a good job describing the fact that they cannot see where they are going? Could you still visualize what and where they were?

  11. JoshM Says:

    In this section of the book, King Flint Sky God dies from an illness. Great Skull Zero then takes action immediately and sacrifices the people that are the highest in command in the city other then him. Great Skull Zero says that the gods wanted the sacrifices of these people but Evening Star and her mom disagree. Do you thing that Great Skull Zero could be related to Jamison and how is he related to this character?

  12. AndrewK Says:

    Great Skull Zero called out the names of the people that were going to be sacrificed. He only wanted to sacrifice the people that might have a chance of getting to be king, because Great Skull Zero wanted to be king. Describe how Double Bird’s feelings of grief and agony when Smoke Shell was called to be sacrificed to the gods, were different from Feather Dawn’s sorrow and grief when Six Sky Monkey was called. How would you react if your mother or father were called up to be sacrificed for no reason at all?

    Andrew Kenyon

  13. GreggC Says:

    My prompt how would you feel if your borther or sister was chosen to die for a Mayan king. You also knew that he was not really chosen by the Gods. The person who chose him just wanted more power for himself. Explain how you would feel if this happened to you.

  14. KendallB. Says:

    On page 80 when Small describes his past and you find out the truth about the savages what do you think? What is your view on the savages now? Do you think the Mayans could have made peace (assuming King Flint Sky God is alive) with the savages?

  15. RianaS Says:

    In this section, EveningStar Macaw and Small travel through the Temple of Ah Puch late at night. Would you have done this? Why or why not?

  16. mgowan8 Says:

    In the reading you just did, Evening star’s mom tells her what Great Skull Zero is trying to do. This is quite radical and out of the ordinary for a Mayan to do because they are very loyal to their government. Kira’s mom did a similar thing in GB and that is one of the reasons she was killed. In what ways are these two women similar or different and why do you think so. Also, do you think they are right for opposing their government? Explain.

  17. nverderame4 Says:

    The promp should be why Smoke Shell isnt in the temple of Ah Puch and why all the men were chosen to be sacrificed to the gods. Also the Mayan alender is different and why is it different and in how many reasons is it the same or different.

    Whould you do what ESM isdoing in the book like sneaking around and climbing trees in the forest for papya if you HAD to? Why or why not?

  18. MsStewart Says:

    For Celia…

    On page 77 it describes the Mayan marketplace. How do the methods
    of buying things in Mayan culture relate to our stores today? How do they differ?

  19. SamanthaS Says:

    Smoke Shell is chosen to die with King flint Sky God. If one of your loved ones was going to die for an important person like the president, how would you feel? Explain.

    ~Samantha Stancill :+)

  20. Bethanym Says:

    If you were an orphan like Small and had to learn a new language and come to a new place on your own, with your own people and friends hating you, and you were turned into a slave, how would you feel? Explain.


  21. SydneyJ Says:

    In the reading, King Flint Sky God died, and Great Skull Zero insisted that the gods demanded that these noble 6 men had to be buried with him. The men were:

    Stormy Sky
    Jaguar Paw Skull
    Red Macaw
    Snake Bird
    Six Sky Monkey
    Smoke Shell

    What are your thoughts of Great Skull Zero killing these men just to get more power?
    Do you think that Mother knew sooner that the gods weren’t actually trying to sacrifice these men? Do you think it was smart of Eveningstar to go and try to save the victims in the middle of the night? Why or Why not?

    Sydney Johnson

  22. JonathanA Says:

    The Mayan calendar is called the Calendar Round which is made up of two calendars. The Calendar Round consist of two interlocked calendars: Count of Days and the Civil Year. What are some similarities and differences between our calendar and the Mayans? Which calendar do you prefer and why?

  23. ColinY Says:

    What might be the greatest affect for the king dying? Who will be affected? Also, will this effect the new Mayan calendar. King Flint Sky God tought some people about the calendar. So do you think that that will leave a mark on the people that were learning it from him? Lastly, what do you think will happen with Great Skull Zero as the new king?

  24. ntouzova12 Says:

    In this section smoke shell is telling how to count with polls and dots, what are the simularities and differances between their way of counting and ours. But think of it as if you know how to count both ways comforatably, which way would you perfer and which way is easier???

    ~*NINA T.*~ =)

  25. AlexU Says:

    This paragraph is on unexpected things that happened with-in these five chapters, and how I felt about it when I read it the moments. I think that a couple of unexpected thiings in the book are: Number one when Smoke Shell gets married, and his wife is about to have a baby.Second when Feather Dawn gets matched up to marry Six Sky Monkey. Now these things aren’t really that surprising because you know that eventually they would get married, and raise a family, but it is surprising when you find out because you wouldn’t expect something so surprising to happen at that very moment of the book. When I first read these shocking moments I was very happy, curious, and annoyed. I was happy, when Smoke Shell and his Fiansti were going to get married because I thought it was about time or him to get a wife but yet curoius. I was curious because I was wondering if Double Bird Smoke Shell’s Fiansti was mean, she turned out not to be though. I was also happy when i heard that Smoke Shell and Double Bird were going to have a baby. I actually thought that when Eveing Star Macaw came home from the jungle and found a visitor in her house I thought that Double Bird was going to have a baby. This brings me too when I was annoyed. I was annoyed when Feather Dawn was going to get married. I wasn’t mad that she was getting married, I was just mad that she was getting married to someone who was perfect, and she herself is prfect, and I didn’t feel like it was fair that here she was perect and she gets rewarded for that.
    These are my feelings, and thoughts of these past five chapters.

  26. Alec F. Says:

    Here is my prompt.

    In pages 92-93 the books talks a little Mayan weddings. Tell one way that Mayan weddings are the same and different. Also would you like a Mayan wedding?

    Alec 😀

  27. ntouzova12 Says:

    and that as on page: 74-75 in chapter 8!!!

    ~*NINA*~ 🙂

  28. CollinD Says:

    Here is the prompt I came up with:

    King Flint Sky God has been in a long illness, and has finally come to peace and went to the otherworld to join the gods. He was a great king and Great Skull Zero, a great and powerful priest by his side. But he is now dead, and the Maya have no king. Great Skull Zero decides that the most powerful, brave, and most likely to become king shall be sacrifices. Question 1, do you think that Great Skull Zero might have something to do with King Flint Sky God’s death? If so why? Question 2, Great Skull Zero appears to be great, but he is actually a very bad man. Do you think he killed Smoke Shell, and the other powerful noble men intentionally? Why?

  29. KatieP Says:

    In the reading we did today Evingstar Macaw had the ceremony of becoming an adult. Today some people also believe in turning into an adult at the age of thirteen. Evengstar Macaw’s sister is only fourteen but she already is being asked to be married. How is this different then our culture? Does our culture have a similar ceremony of becoming an adult if so how is it similar and how is it different.

    Katie 🙂

  30. MinjieY Says:

    Prompt: When ESM goes looking for Smoke Shell in the temple of Ah Puch, ESM finds nothing. Why do u think Great Skull Zero moved Smoke Shell somewhere else, besides the answer: “because he didn’t want anyone to find Smoke Shell….OBVIOUSLY!”? Where do u think GSZ moved Smoke Shell to? Explain.

  31. Matthewh Says:

    If you were Eveningstar Macaw then your brother gets taken what would you do? Would you let the priest sacrifice you brother? Would you take a peaceful or violent approach? What would you do and why? Or, would you just not care and go on with life.

    Matthew Hutzenbuhler : D

  32. EthanK Says:

    I think the prompt should be
    “Do you think that Great Skull Zero is doing all of this sacrificing to earn himself the title of king?”

  33. KaavyaA Says:

    Great Skull Zero ordered the killing of six men and said that the gods told him to do this. What were his real reasons of doing this and why did he say that the gods told him to kill six men when they actually didn’t?

    Kaavya Ashok

  34. sstohlman28 Says:

    Smoke Shell married Double Bird .How is Mayan marriage different from the type today? What about the actual wedding how is that different from what the Mayans did for the ceremony? Would you like to have a wedding Mayan style or a wedding like we have it today?
    Shannon 😛

  35. torya Says:

    I think that the prompt should be…
    If you were chosen to be sacrificed for your king, would you be honored, or disappointed because your life was about to come to an end?
    Personally, I think that I would be extremely honored because you were chosen by the Gods, the ones who make it rain, snow, evening, night. But I would also be very sad because since you were so honored by your community and the Gods, you had a very upright, honest, and geniune life, and you would be leaving all that responsibility behind.

  36. ZakD Says:

    In this section, Eveningstar talks about different people getting married. How old were the Mayans when they were getting married? How are the marriage ages the same or different from people that get married in America in this century?

    Zak Davis

  37. RichardV Says:

    In this section the old king dies and has to be accompanied by a couple people to serve him in the afterlife. Smoke Shell is chosen to accompany the king along with sevral other men. Do you agree with what Evening Macaws mother said about Great Skull Zero wanting the position for himself? Why or why not.

    Richard Van Vliet (:

  38. RichardV Says:

    it was an attempt at a smiley 😀

  39. HurschP Says:

    These pages were about the characters getting older and Sacrifice.

    Threenquestions that I thought of are…

    Why do you think they named the numbers the way they did? For example on of the numbers if One Marksman, why do you think it is named that?

    How do you think the ruler thought of who the gods wanted to sacrifice?

  40. ZakD Says:

    In this section Eveningstar talks about the calendar, which has two parts. How is the calendar different from ours today?

    Zak Davis

  41. Joanna W. Says:

    In this section Eveningstar tries to warn Smoke Shell. Do you think she will worn him in time? Do you think Smoke Shell will die? Or is smoke shell already dead? Why do you believe he will or will not die? If you believe he will live explain how he will be spared.

  42. JacksonD Says:

    In the selection Many shocking events happened. If you were Eveningstar would you try to overthrow Great Skull Zero? Why do you think Great Skull Zero is disobeying the gods? Do you think that Great Skull Zero’s reason can relate to us now in anyway? Explain your reasoning?

  43. jayr Says:

    They talked about mayan weddings and I wonder if you can find any similarities between rituals clothing or any part of the wedding? If there are any tell them. Then look for differences between them? If there are write them

  44. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for Cohen D…

    During the pages I read for tonight 73-116, were very interesting and exciting. Here is a question I came up with: Why do you think Great Skull Zero wanted to sacrifice those certain six people to be buried with King Flint Sky God? Do you think that he has a certain reason for choosing the people he choose, if so what is it?

  45. ahall11 Says:

    In this section Great Skull Zero tells everyone that he had spoken to the Gods and they had given him a misson to have a special burial for King Flint Sky God. In which Stormy Sky, Jaguar Paw Skull, Red Macaw, Snake Bird, Six sky monkey, and Smoke Shell must serve as slaves to King Flint Sky God in the upperworld. Meaning they would have to be sacrificed. Do you think that Great Skull zero actually spoke to the Gods Itzamna, Chac, and Ah Puch, or do you think he only pretended to speak to them? In that case the people other than him that could be king would die, leaving him the only person left to be king. How do you feel about Great Skull zero? Do you think he is an honest, man?

  46. AlmaN Says:

    On page 85; chapter 9, the author describes how when Mayan girls are 5 their mother ties a string around their waist with a red shell dangling from it. Boys get a white bead braided into their hair at the same age. Also when they are twelve they get this taken off and now become a man or woman. How is this similar to Gathering Blue and how the add syllables to their names?

  47. AlexaH Says:

    When Eveningstar thinks that Great skull zero is sacraficeing the 6 best warriors so he can be king, what do you think the effect would be for Smoke shell if Eveningstar’s prediction was wrong?? Do you think would make Smoke shell and her family look bad and not be noble anymore??

    Alexa 🙂

  48. Anne G. Says:

    My prompt is…….. How do you feel about the relationship between Double Bird and Smoke Shell. Their marriage was unexpected and now double bird is pregnant. I personaly was shocked but how do you feel. Then using that put yourself in Evening Star Macaw’s shoes and try tothink about how she feels. Dothinks she’s upset with her brother or doyou think she is happy for him?

  49. RavenW Says:

    Great Skull Zero said the gods had chosen all the noble men to die with the King. Do you think Great Skull Zero is trying to manipulate the occasion to ecome the King. Or did the gods really tell him that?Explain

  50. delaneyv Says:


    Great Skull Zero is taking advantage of the people and the situation that they’re in everyone is already sad and some people such as Smoke shell and feather dawn are rejoicing. Can you remember any times when someone you know has done that to someone or have you done that to anyone. It can be as simple as taking a cookie from your grandma because she can’t see. (it does not have to be exactly like what great skull zero did)

  51. MatthewG Says:

    Great Skull Zero is trying to become king. He has been second place in rule for a long time and he does not want to be ruled by somebody younger than him. Great Skull Zero is killing people just to collect his own power. Do you think that if he becomes king the comunity will change and it will become a better or worce comunity.

  52. ryanm Says:

    Around page 80 small described the past of the savages. Did your feelings change. If so what are they now about the savages. I felt a little sad for them.

    Ryan McDonald

  53. vkasula2 Says:

    In one particular section of the book, Great Skull Zero said that the Gods told him, he should sacrifice Smoke Shell and some other warriors. Do you think that Eveningstar’s government is fake like Kira’s? Why?

  54. MsStewart Says:

    Posting for SydneyT…

    In the story, Eveningstar Macaw has to go through a series of different steps and rituals when they turn twelve. Afterwards they have many freedoms. What does this ceremony represent for the Mayan people? How are the freedoms that the twelve year olds get different from the freedoms we get when we turn 13 or 16 years old?

  55. NyalP Says:

    In the story, Eveningstar’s brother and alot of other high nobles are going to be sacrificed. Great Skull Zero could be lying about this whole thing and he could have killed the king in the first place and now he’s going to kill the top 6 noles in the city. I think that he planned this out. Is there another character that Great Skull Zero might be related too, or is there another character that reminds you of him?

  56. AhmadA Says:

    in these parts of the book many things hapen like eviningstar macaw becomes a “women” and smoke shell will be sacraficed with the dead king. it is very sad for eviningstar’s family because her sister’s fionce will be sacraficed too. Why do you think smoke shell and feather dawn’s fionce are bieng sacraficed? how woud you feel if this happenned to you and your family? why?….

  57. HannahC Says:

    When Eveningstar had the dream of Smoke Shell leading King Flint Sky God up steps that were very high, Feather Dawn said that the dream meant that Smoke Shell would rise into power. Knowing Great Skull Zero, I thought that the family should know that he wants power, and that he would do something to prevent that from happening. Why do you think they do not know about that Great Skull Zero will do something bad?

  58. ErinB Says:

    When I think of sacrifice I think of giving things to the gods like food and jewelry not throwing people into a sacrificial pit to serve someone else. When you think of sacrifice what do you think of, and why do you think that?:)

  59. AshleyC Says:

    The characters have many feelings and emotions. Are there any common emotions? If so what are they? How do you think Eveningstar Macaw and her mother are alike? Are there emotions alike? Why or why not?

  60. Kai M Says:

    In Chapter 11 Eveningstar says her mother is trying to keep the family from going insane over the grief of losing their loved ones.
    Eveningstar is sent out to get more medicinal plants, though the family has no patients. Small is sent out with her, and along the way, they find the remains of Small’s fellow Savages. Small is devastated, and gets too hard on himself. He says it was his fault he did not give them a proper burial. Maybe it’s possible that Small has empathy (he has ‘no family to miss’) for Eveningstar Macaw, as she will be losing her beloved older brother soon?

  61. ssotolongo29 Says:

    In the book, eveningstar is not like other girls. She collects things from the jungle and doesnt like to weave or do chores. Do you think we have girls that are like that in this country? What is imilar and different about the girls work in the mayan culture and in our culture.:)

  62. KatieS Says:

    Great Skull Zero claims that he knows who should be sacrificed with the king because he has spoken to the gods. Eveningstar and her mother claim that they have spoken to the gods and know that those six men were not chosen to die by the gods. Who do you think is right? Why might the person who is wrong have pretended to speak to the gods? Your mind may immediately jump to the conclusion that Great Skull Zero is wrong, so make sure you have a good reason for who is wrong and why they pretended to speak to the gods.


  63. maxg Says:

    On page 86 of the well of sacrafice the book says great skull zero passes kira puzzeled and then talks about smoke shell. Why do you think great skull zero when he even first met evening star he seemed suspicous and disturbed?

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