The Well of Sacrifice p.37-72 (Wed., Sept.24)

You may choose to respond to either prompt.

Discussion prompt 1: Why is pok-a-tok important to the Mayan people? How is the Mayan ball game like modern basketball? How is it different? Would you like to play pok-a-tok?

Discussion prompt 2:The Hero Twins won by outwitting their opponents, not by using their strength. Can you think of other characters or people in real life who have been victorious because of their wit?

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72 Comments on “The Well of Sacrifice p.37-72 (Wed., Sept.24)”

  1. CaseyM Says:

    For discussion prompt 2 I would say the third pig in the three little pigs because he used bricks not hay or sticks.:)

  2. CaseyM Says:

    Then for discussion prompt 1 I would say I would love to play pok-a-tok. It is important to the Mayans because that is how the hero twins outsmarted death. I think the only things that are the same between modern basketball and pok-a-tok is you have to be a team and you score on an oppenents goal. There are a lot of differences. πŸ™‚

  3. KatieP Says:

    I think that the Mayans way of treating the savages was a little bit upsetting. The Mayans played a game against the savages and just because the ones that played did good they are making them slaves. The ones that did’nt get to play are going to be killed. To me this does’nt seem quite right. The Mayan people seem to only like people of their own kind.
    -KatieP πŸ™‚

  4. nverderame4 Says:

    For prompt 2 I also Agree with Casey about the three little pigs. Also in the rabbit and the hare slow and steady wins the race. Hare though he could win because he was strong and fast but got too cocky and smart turtle took it slow and steady.

  5. mgowan8 Says:

    In the book that I am reading, The Mysterious Benedict Society, the four main characters are all very smart. Instead of defeating the villan with strength, they outwitt him.


  6. RavenW Says:

    This morning I was watching “Word Girl”(A show on PBS Kids. And yes, I watch PBS Kids) and one of the episodes was Word Girl and her friend (who doesn’t know that Word Girl is really her best friend) worked together to stop a girl from destroying the city. GO WORD GIRL!

    *Edit by Ms. Stewart- No more than one exclamation mark, please.*

  7. MinjieY Says:

    In Hansel and Gretel, Hansel uses his wit to escape like the Hero Twins. Hansel used a chicken bone to make himself look skinny so the witch would think he was still skinny and wouldn’t cook him up and eat him. So the witch got furious and stomped over to Hansel and Gretel’s cage and was close enough to the that Hansel took the key out off the witch’s pocket. Then Hansel and Gretel took the key, got out of the cage and escaped. THE END! πŸ™‚

  8. kristina Says:

    I am answering the discussion prompt 2. I think that Harry Potter has outsmarted
    Voldermart. This is similar to the Hero Twins because he predicts a attack from Voldemart. In the 5th book he even puts together DA (Dumbledore Army) to help protect him and his classmates from a attack from Voldemart. He outsmarts Voldemart and in the end of the 5th book when Voldemart attacks he is ready with an army. This is another unique example of a character who outsmarts someone. A real life example of this is when a student gets an answer wrong on a test. The student is positive that the answer is right but, the teacher outsmarts them and shows them how the answer is wrong.

  9. JoshM Says:

    I agree with Casey. The third pig outsmarted the wolf because the wolf thought too straight forward. The third pig thought out of the box and everything ended up bad for the wolf.

  10. kristina Says:

    My overall impression of these chapters we read tonight was that the book ‘sheds a lot of blood’. In these couple chapters it talked about many deaths and lot of blood. In my opinion these chapters were a little sickening. Yet, I think these chapters showed an interesting view point. I thought that Americans treated slaves harshly, but the way the Mayans treated the savages was worse. I enjoyed reading this as I learned more about this culture.

  11. akenyon5 Says:

    I think that a person who used wit instead of brute force was bilbo in the hobbit. Bilbo outsmarted the dragon smaug by thinking ahead and moving away from the area that he thought the dragon was going to strike, and therefore was not killed by a landslide of giant boulders and rocks.

    Andrew Kenyon

  12. akenyon5 Says:

    I am sorry abou the error ms. Stewart

  13. RachelT Says:

    Prompt 1:
    I think that pok-a-tok is important to the Mayans because that is the game that the Hero Twins were very good at. The Mayans honor how the Hero Twins fooled death and died brave. The Mayan game is like basketball because there are 2 goals on both sides and the teams are going for the goals on the opposite side. The Mayan game is a lot different beause in basketball you can only use your hands. In the Mayan game you can’t use your hands or feet. You can only use your knees, your arms and your hips. Would I like to play this game? Probably not. It seems really hard and it also looks like you can get hurt very easily. Bye πŸ™‚

  14. rschleicher19 Says:

    Pok-o-tok is important to Mayan people because that is the only “sport” they have, and they play it at mostly every ceremony. It is like basketball in many ways…there are two teams, and a ball the size of most people’s heads. The main point of the game is to score the ball into some type of goal on the other side of the field. I think that it sounds fun, and I would like to play.

  15. rschleicher19 Says:

    I also agree with Casey. The third pig was smart because he didn’t use any violence to fight the enemy off, but he still managed to pull it off. He used his brain, setting not technically a trap, but kind of like that.


  16. akenyon5 Says:

    I think that pok-a-tok was so important to the Mayans because it showed that their people were smarter than most and outwitted death because of their smartness. I think that it is the same as basket ball because both games use a rubber ball, and people use their body to move the ball in both games. I think it differenciates from basketball because in basket ball you are trying to bounce the ball on the ground, or else you get a penalty. With pok-a-tok, you are trying not to let the ball touch the ground, and therefore not anger the gods of death. Pok-a-tok also encoureges the legend of the hero twins,and basket ball doesn’t. I would definetly like to play pok-a-tok because I am good at keeping the ball from touching the ground.

    Andrew Kenyon

  17. KendallB. Says:

    Pok-a-tok is important to the mayan people because it celebrates the hero twins victory over the lords of death. The fact that you can’t use your feet in pok-a-tok is one similarity and that you’re on team trying to score. Another small fact would be that the athletes are very popular at home but not as much away. A basketball is made of ruber but not made of solid rubber so I don’t think I would want to hit it forget the “padding”. One Character that I immediately thought of was Artemis Fowl. He uses wit alone to beat his opponents.

    Kendall Bell

  18. ssotolongo29 Says:

    The game is important to the mayan people because it is the game that the twins play against death. Even though they lost they did it on purpose so it is important. I would love to play that game because it sounds very fun. It would would also be a challenging game and that would be fun.
    Silvia Sotolongo! πŸ™‚

  19. hpatel24 Says:

    I think some other characters who have outsmarted their opponents are Hansel and Gretal, because they tricked the witch and stuffed her in the oven and Hansel tricked her by using a chicken bone as his finger so the witch would not eat him because he was so skinny.

    Hursch Patel

  20. GreggC Says:

    I think that Pok-a-tok is a very cool game. It looks like it is related to volley ball because you can’t let the ball hit he ground. I think it would be very fun to play sometimes. Pok-a-tok is also a cool name.


  21. SydneyJ Says:

    Prompt 1:
    The game Pok-a-Tok is important to the Mayan people because it reminds them of The Hero Twins, and how they outsmarted death. I think it would be fun to play Pok-a-Tok, but hard, because it would be very hard to master bouncing the ball off your arms and knees etc. It would be hard to have the ball bounce off it, then go wherever you want it to go, a long way, or short. It is similar to basketball because you play it with a ball, and you can hit it, and score. You don’t neccessarily hit a basketball to score, but you throw it, which is pretty similar. The difference is with basketball, you only use your hands, and with Pok-a-Tok, you use your arms, knees, head, etc.

    SyDnEy JoHnSoN

  22. ryanm Says:

    I thought Pok- a-tok because it celabrates the twins match between the death lords. It is similair to modern day basketball because they both have rubber ball’s. There are more differentcis then similaraties, because in basketball you are supposed to have the ball hit the ground. I would like to play pok- a-tok because it seems like something i would be good at. I would not want to use a severed head as a ball.

    Ryan McDonald

  23. SydneyJ Says:

    Prompt 2:
    One example of outsmarting is in the book, (or movie) The Princess Bride. Wesley outsmarts a short dude, by fooling him with poisen, by making him think the poisen was in his own cup, when it was in both cups, and Wesley was immune to it. So when the short dude drank it, he was poisened and died, and when Wesley drank it, nothing happened. Wesley then moved on.

    SyDnEy JoHnSoN

  24. CollinD Says:

    Prompt One:
    I think it is important to the Mayan people because of the two hero twins defeating the Lords of Death. I think it resemble’s a little bit of basketball, i think that the part where they run with the ball, and passing and scoring, that is a like. Whoever, how they do dribble ect. is different. I would definetly like to play Pok a tok! It sounds fun.

    Prompt Two:
    I remember the turtle and the hair. The reason I remember them is because in 1st grade i was the hair. Anyway, the fact that the turtle doesn’t brag, and the hair uses all his energy at first, thinks he has won and can take a nap, the turtle has definetly out smarted the hair. :{}

  25. SydneyT Says:

    For prompt #2 I say ….

    A peron or people who out smarted someone like the Hero Twins did would be the Baudelaire children I am reading about in this FABTABULOUS series. In the first book the Baudelaire children are living with this HORRIBLE man named Count Olaf because of a horrible fire that killed their parents.

    Isn’t that just down right horrible ?!?

    Count Olaf wanted to get the Baudelaire fortune so he tied up Sunny (the baby Baudelaire) and put her into a bird cage. Then he invites them to this play where he is to marry a young lady and asks Violet ( 14 year old Baudelaire) to play the part. But, its not just a play, its for real!!! So in the end, his plan did not work because Violet signed the paper she was to sign with her right hand, and the law says that she has to sign it with the hand she rights with, and she rights with her right hand. So when Count Olaf was just about to be arrested ……

    (To be continued…:)

  26. iblank20 Says:

    For promt #2, I would like to say that I think that there are alot of characters that outsmart their opponent, like in the movie “Nanny Mcfee” the kids outsmarted the dad into not marrying that horrible woman. There is a book by Roald Dahl that is called “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and it is about a fox that outsmarts humans to get his home back. This book is a very good example of someone outsmarting an opponent, not by force, but by sheer cleverness, because a fox doen’t have much power over a human because they are smaller and don’t have oposable thumbs. Mr. Fox was clever and determined to get his home back, and with sheer wits (in the end) he did. Another and more well known example of somebody outsmarting another person by cleverness is when the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother so that he can eat her. (This is the Grimm Brother’s version)


  27. SydneyT Says:

    Sydney here,

    I messed up at the end. Violet signed with her left hand, and was to sign with her right hand.

    *Ms. Stewart Edit: No need to sign your name, especially in all caps.*

  28. cdworsky16 Says:

    Prompt 1:
    I think the ball game is important to the Mayan people because they want to remember the Hero twins, and how they outsmarted death. To me it resembles mostly volley ball and some basketball. This is because you have to keep the ball from bouncing, and u have to score by passing down court.
    Cohen Dworsky~

  29. afischbein26 Says:

    Prompt 2

    I’m in the play Wiley and the Hairy Man. In the story, the Hairy Man is a lot more powerful than Wiley. Still Wiley gets rid of the Hairy Man by tricking him. Wit over power.


  30. cdworsky16 Says:

    Prompt 2:
    I remember the “Fantastic Fox” because the fox outsmarted the humans so he could save his home and not die. The humans had big metal machines and all the fox had was his quickness and strength(which was not near enough to go against the machines). He used his speed but not really strength, he used his cleverness to out wit the opponent a.k.a. humans.

  31. ntouzova12 Says:

    I agree with Nick V. because in the tortoise and the hare the hare was winning at the beggining because of his strength and then the tortoise ended up winning because he outwitted the hare.

    ~*NINA*~ =)

  32. ntouzova12 Says:

    And for the first prompt i think the simialarities in basket ball & Pok-a-tok are that in both games you have to try to score a goal and they are both games that have to do with balls, and both are very important!!!

    ~*NINA*~ =)

  33. HannahC Says:

    For the first prompt, I think that the ball game is alike basketball. I would like to play pok-a-tok because it is just like basketball, and you need to be fast and make sure that you are quick at getting the ball. It is kind of like football too, not as much though. It is important to the Mayans because it reminds them of the Hero Twins, and how they defeated death.

  34. bhodgdon12 Says:

    In the play Wiley and The Hairy Man, Wiley has to outsmart the hairy man so he would stop going after him. Wiley had to trick the hairy man 3 times to stop him. That story relates to the ballgame because Wiley had to outwit the Hairy man.

  35. ahall11 Says:

    Prompt two:
    I think that the story that reminds me most of the hero twins is the tortoise and the hare story because the hare runs as fast as he can at the beginning, gets tired, and falls asleep. While the tortoise goes slow doesnt get tired, and wins the race. In real life Camp Hanes remided me of the hero twins because during the challenges our advisory found that we completed the challenges quicker after we slowed down and thought about how we were going to do it before we acted just because we wanted to finish as quick as possible.

  36. zdavis5 Says:

    Prompt 1: I think that pok-a-tok was important to the Mayans because it reminded them of the hero twins and the game that they played. It was one of the ways they outsmarted death. Basketball is similar to pok-a-tok because they both use round balls and to win you have to score points against the other team. They are also both played on a court. Some of the differences between the two games are that in basketball you dribble, but in pok-a-tok you do not want the ball to hit the ground. You use pads in pok-a-tok unlike basketball. To score in pok-a-tok you have to get it past a stone marker, but in basketball, you get it into the hoop. In basketball, you can only use your hands, and in pok-a-tok you can use any part of your body. I think I would love to play pok-a-tok because it would give me a challenge and it would be fun.

    Zak Davis

  37. mhutzenbuhler14 Says:

    Prompt one:
    I would like to play Pok-a-tot except for the hard part of not using your hands and having a giant court. I think it is important because it help them choose sacrifices. I think it is different because you can not use your hands and your life is not on the line when you are playing basketball.


  38. MsStewart Says:

    For AnnaJ…

    In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when in war there is a lot of fighting, using strength, but when the Lion saves the mean brother, by trading his own life he outsmarts the Witch who does not know that he can come back to life and win the war. He outsmarts the Witch just like the twins outsmart s Death.

  39. JohnR Says:

    I know a character in the book called Sea of Monsters whos name was percy. The reason why I picked him was because he out smarted monsters in the book by making the monsters hit the flaming dodge balls agaisnt the door for an easy locker room exit in the gym.

    John Rabon

  40. JohnR Says:

    Prompt two

  41. MsStewart Says:

    For ZoeD…

    For prompt one I agree with Nina. The hare was out smarted by the tortoise. For prompt two I think that Pok-a tok is a mix between basketball and ultimate Frisbee. Pok-a-tok is like basketball becuase it involves a ball that is being thrown. But in basketball you try to score in a basket. In Pok-a-tok it sounds like you throw the ball in to some kind of goal, that’s where I get ultimate Frisbee.

  42. ekerns6 Says:

    Yooooo.In reply to prompt one, I think it would be amazing to play pok-a-tok. I don’t think it is anything like basketball. I think it sounds like volleyball instead of basketball. Like, you can’t let the ball tiuch the ground


  43. ipremasinghe23 Says:

    I am answering prompt number one.

    I think pok-a-tok is important to the Mayan people because it is a part of their religion and culture. It has a part in making up who they are. I think it is like basketball because their are two teams that can score a goal with a round, rubber ball. The difference is that you cannot use your hands, or let the ball touch the ground. I think it would be a lot of fun to play pok-a-tok!


  44. ekerns6 Says:

    Wow, prompt 2 is a little harder. Well there was this one off-duty soldier who was in a subway. This guy on the platform fell off onto the tracks because he was having a seizure and so the soldier jumped off the platform and pinned the guy to the ground, UNDER A SUBWAY TRAIN. Instead of climbing the side or something I guess he sort if out smarted the train by going under it.

    Hope you Enjoy

  45. zdavis5 Says:

    Prompt 2: In the cartoon Tom and Jerry, Jerry is always outsmarting Tom and getting away even though Tom is way bigger and should be able to catch him. Another example of a character outsmarting the opponent was the kid in Home Alone. He kept outsmarting the two robbers by making them hurt themselves.

    Zak Davis

  46. dvandergrift8 Says:

    I am answering promt 1. I think that there ball game is the complete opposite as modern basketball. I think this because there game you don’t want it to touch the ground, but in modern basketball it has to touch the ground or it will be as they call it a “carry”. Also because you can’t use your hands and you have to use some other body part to play. In modern B-Ball you have to use your hand and no other body parts. This comment doesn’t mean I don’t like there way because really i would love to play that game but I just wouldn’t want my head to be chopped of if i didn’t play. πŸ™‚


  47. KaavyaA Says:

    I am answering prompt number two.
    There is afable that I have read. it is about a tiger that moves into a jackal’s cave while the jackal is away. The tiger rolls a big stone in front of the cave to keep other animals out. When the jackal comes back, it sees the tiger tracks and is scared to go in its cave, so it goes to see the king lion. The lion sends many animals to try to defeat the tiger, but they are all scared away. (They are trying to kill the tiger using their strength.) Then, a rabbit volunteers to go try and defeat the tiger. It makes a pile of dry leaves and dry twigs. Then, it sets fire to them. The smoke blows into the cave and the tiger dies of suffocation. The rabbit defeated the tiger by using its wit instead of its strength.

    Kaavya Ashok πŸ™‚

  48. SamiF Says:

    For prompt 2: I can think of a lot of people and characters who have outsmarted others. One is Harry Potter, who often outsmarts Voldemort. Another is Eveningstar Macaw, Blue Quetzal, and Small who outsmart the other Savaages by acting like Small is helping them while really he is helping the Macaws. The last example that I can think of is Wiley, from WILEY AND THE HAIRY MAN, who has to outsmart the Hairy Man three times before he is safe.

  49. sstohlman28 Says:

    Pok-a-tok is imprtant to the Mayans because it is part of their culture and in this case it can decide the fate enimies. It is like basketball because they both involve a ball and multiple playrs. They ar different because in pok-a-tok the ball cannot touch the ground. In basketball it has to touch the ground or else it would be considered traveling. I don’t think I’d like to play it because if I was a savage I could die if my team loses.
    -Shannon Stohlman

  50. sstohlman28 Says:

    second prompt

    I think a character that out wits another would be Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs always out wits Plankton in every episode. Whenever Plankton comes into the Krusy Krab, in a disquise he usually steps on plankton and then trows him back to the Chum Bucket

  51. jduke18 Says:

    Discussion 1: I think that Mayan ball is not similar to basketball because it does not focus on hands or shooting more of just not letting the ball touch the ground. It is important to the Mayans because it represented the tale of the Hero Twins and how they outwitted death. I would not want to play because i would die in a second because im not good with tossing around things.

  52. jduke18 Says:

    Discussion 2: There are many people who win battles without strength. For example Martin Luther King fought the government to earn rights for black people. This is related to the Hero Twins because they had to fight with there lives to save themselves.

  53. jweintraub28 Says:

    For prompt 2, I think that the Three little pigs are a great example of outwitting an opponent, because we all know that wolves are usually stronger than pigs.The pigs outwitted the Big Bad Wolf because they thought of ideas such as building a better house than an idea like running outside and charging the wolf. All the wolf thought of was to blow the house down instead trying to figure out a way into the house, like crawling through the air vents.


  54. AlexU Says:

    For discussion 2-
    If I could say a couple of characters or people in real life that out smart someone I would say that would be people in everyday life when they want someone and lets say they ask I dont know someone like me and try to say let me I would be like ok here you go. Another person or character would be on a t.v. show called ICarly they were trying to make this kid admit that he did a bad review on their webshow when he really liked it, and then they were about to “apologize” whenthe kid Neville came and a germy kid (Neville hates germs) name Geremy “captured” him and Neville said “Let me go.” and then Geremy said “I can’t they are paying me to do this.” and then Neville said “how much?” and Geremy said “$5.00″ and then Neville said I will pay you $10.00.” then Geremy said “Deal.” and then Geremy let him go and then Neville ran for it and then Geremy said “He out smarted me.” which he did!

  55. jweintraub28 Says:

    I think it would be fun to play pok-a-tok, except for the fact that you get a bad consequence if you loose. The way it is similar to basketball, is the fact that it uses a ball with rubber in it. The differences are, that you don’t have to get it through a hoop, if it bounces the other team gets a point, and so on. I think it was important to the Mayans because it gave the a somewhat genuine reason to kill someone.


  56. mgordon26 Says:

    Discussion 2: I think tha a example of a stronger force being outwited is David and Goliath is how david was much weaker but was much wiser and defeated him not by his strengths. Another great example is the Trojan war and the trojans were much stronger and the Greeks won because of their strategy. Those examples show stronger forces being outwitted by some foce which is weaker.

  57. AhmadA Says:

    Discussion 1: I think that life would be different for Maya if they didn’t have pok-o-tok it is important to pepole because it is their only game and it is a sport. pik-o-tok relates to basketball by, first of all theres winning and losing and you have o shot to score. I would lik to play pik-o-pok but it needs pads and there could be a consequence if you lose if you are playing for a certain purpose.

    Ahmad Atieh

  58. torya Says:

    Prompt 1
    I think the Pok-a-tok game was important to the Mayan culture because it reminded them of the time the Hero Twins outsmarted death, and to dedicate that to them they play it at many rituals and ceremonies. It is very much like modern day basketball because you play on a team and have to get the ball down court. I don’t know if i would so much want to play it because I am not very talented with my hands, more of my feet.

  59. jayr Says:

    discussion 2: I think that someone that is smart for using wit is Jonas and the Giver they made it so that Jonas could escape so they could outsmart the rulers and let free many memorys on the town. Another is the Rabbit vs. The Turtle even though the rabbit was much faster the turtle was wiser he did not stop like the rabbit and the rabbit did this is how the turtle won

    Jay R.

  60. AlexU Says:

    A Pok-A-Tok is important because it reminds the Mayan culture of the legend of how the Hero Twins out smarted the Death Lords. In my pint of view i think this is like basketball in one way: It has a big ball, other than that everything else is different. It is different because in pok-a-tok you can not use your hands or feet, but you can use your arems, legs, knees, and hips. In basketball, you can use your hands and feet. In pok-a-tok you don’t want the ball to hit the ground, so that it won’t disturb the Death Lords. In basketball that is how you dribble the ball by hitting it on the ground. These are the only ones i can come up with. I think that I might want to try this sport just because it sounds a bit like basketball, and I like looking funny, and in this game I would defineately look funny.

  61. Anne G. Says:

    I think that it was cruel that the mayans played that game to see which saveges would live and which saveges would be put to death. pik-o-tok is similar to basketball because you either win or lose, but you also have to score though the process of scoring is slightly different. At some point i would like to try this but not for life over death because i don’t think that i would be very good at this game, since it’s not much like other games.

  62. AlexaH Says:

    For prompt 2 I thought Cassy had a great idea of the 3 Little Pigs. I also thought of the 3 Billy Goats Gruf and Hansel and Gretel. The goats out smart the troll by saying the bigger goat behide them would be more tatey. Then the largest goat ends up killing the troll. In Hansel and Gretel they out smart the witch by having her cheek the oven and then they push her in the oven. I thought those examples related to The Well of Sacrafice because of out witting there opponments.


  63. JonathanA Says:

    I am doing prompt 1. Pok-a-tok (PAT) was important to the Mayan people because it was a ritual in honor of the Hero Twins. PAT was similar to basketball ( b-ball) because they both were played on a rectangular court and with a ball.It was different because the PAT ball was solid rubber and b-ball is filled with air. In PAT they wore protective gear and in b-ball you don’t. You can use your arms, knees, hips, hands or feet but in basketball you only use your hands. In PAT the goal was to not let the ball touch the ground, and scored throuth a stone marker at the end of the court; in b-ball you dribble the ball and shoot through a hoop. Also in PAT the game usually ended in a tie, but in b-ball the highest score wins.I would not play PAT because it would be difficult for me to hit with my knees and hips. However, I would like play because it would be fun to learn a new sport and become better at it since I tried.

    Jonathan Avery ‘What is up world?’

  64. anyangoro9 Says:

    Prompt 1:I think that pok-a-tok was important to the Mayan’s because it showed that their people were smart and able to outwit you. Pok-a-tok was similar to basketball because they are both played with a ball and in both you are running up and down the court. Also pok-a-tok and basketball are different because in basketball you are allowed to use you hands but in pok-a-tok you are not allowed to. I don’t think that i would like to play pok-a-tok very much because when you think about playing sports you usually would think you could use at least your hands or feet, or even both but in pok-a-tok you can’t use either.

    Alma N

  65. ColinY Says:

    I chose disscusion prompt two. I think that if people playing in a soccer, hockey, football, etc. game are down a few players, then they would have to use strategy to outwit their opponents. Also, if an army is outnumbered, then they would have to use brains over bronze to figure out how to become victorious.

    Colin Yeaney

  66. Bethanym Says:

    I chose discussion prompt 1. I think pok-a-tok it is important to the Mayans because it was entertainment for them like basketball is for us. There are a lot of differences because pok-a-tok has very different rules, like their game ended in a tie, but in basketball you cannot end in a tie. They also have very different equipment and that would make me not want to play pok-a-tok. I thought it was unfair to the savages because it was a tie. They did not deserve to have there people sacrificed because it was not there belief.

  67. CharlieT Says:

    Prompt 2

    I think that there a lot of people who use wits to overcome obsticles. One example is a chess player, he or she uses smarts to beat an opponent. Tiger Woods is another person who uses wits to win tournaments and matches. He thinks ahead and plays a shot that you have to think through to play correctly. These are sports examples, but people out smart others in non-althetic as well. When businesses compete for customers, they try to get the edge on services, sales, advertising etc. by thinking ahead.


  68. Kai M Says:

    Prompt 1:

    I think pok-a-tok is important to the Mayan people because it is used in the ceremonies (such as the one eveningstar witnessed) and it is also a reminder of how the story of the Hero Twins is told.
    It’s different from Basketball because we use our hands to dribble the ball, not our hips. I think it would be funny to see a basketball player try to shoot some hoops with his hips (alliteration!)
    I wouldn’t like it play pok-a-tok…it seems a little difficult. I’m better at football (that’s what I call soccer)

    Kai ❀ ❀ ❀

  69. KatieS Says:

    Prompt 1:
    I think pok-a-tok is important to the Mayan people because it’s used to further humiliate and defeat their captives. It’s also a chance to show off their strength. It also is a part of their culture and history, and is an important part of their way of sacrificing groups of people. Pok-a-tok is different from basketball because basketball is based on the use of hands and pok-a-tok is based on the opposite. I don’t think I’d like to play pok-a-tok because so much rests on the outcome of the game and I wouldn’t be very good at it.


  70. SamanthaS Says:

    I think the pok-a-tok is important to the mayan people because it reminds them of the hero twins and how they defeated the lords of the underworld. Pok-a-tok is like basketball, only you use your body not your hands.I don’t think I would want to play pok-a-tok because I would be no good at it and loose.
    ~Samantha Stancill :+)

  71. AmandaL Says:

    In Dora the Explorer Swiper is always tryign to hurt Dora and Boots. Dora and Boots always have to outsmart him and sneak away somehow or another.

    😦 I DON’T LIKE SWIPER!!!!!!!!

  72. NyalP Says:

    I thought that it was pretty violent when Great Skull Zero killed the Savages for the sacrifice! When I saw the picture it made me want to put the book down for good!

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