The Well of Sacrifice p. 15-36

Discussion prompt: In this section, Eveningstar describes some Mayan ideas about beauty. How are the Mayan practices of making themselves beautiful similar to those you might find in 21st century America? (Note that I asked about similarities. There are also differences, but coming up with similarities will make your brain work harder.)

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62 Comments on “The Well of Sacrifice p. 15-36”

  1. rschleicher19 Says:

    Mayan beauty is similar to modern American beauty in…not many ways. Both clutures think of beauty as what color hair you have, how smooth, shiny, or soft. Or, it could be your skin. Not the color, but, again, how smooth it is. A pretty girl in most cases is how they dress, or how much make-up they use. Also, there are some cases, like Feather Dawn, who are extremely easy to “pretty up.”


  2. kshy8 Says:

    Mayan beauty isn’t that similar to American beauty. In both cultures parents strive to make their children beautiful. Both cultures pierce their bodies and get tattoos in an attempt to look better, and both cultures wear jewelry to look better. Also, in both cultures people sometimes strive to look beautiful, like Feather Dawn, and others just accept the way they look, like Eveningstar. Parents in both cultures will sometimes strive to make their kids beautiful and sometimes just leave their looks alone. These are some similarites between Mayan practices of beauty and American practices of beauty.

    -Katie Shy

  3. kristina Says:

    There are similarities between American and Mayan beauty. For example, both the Mayan and the Americans pierce their body. Whether this would be a nose ring or a earring or a stomach ring. Also, we both have Jewelry that we wear. The Mayans describe the slick, and softness of their hair as a beautiful adornment. This is similar to American adornment because as children get older, or become a teenager, they start to care for their hair more. They do this by curling it, cutting it, or straightening it. Yet, it both cases, as you get older your hair becomes more cared for. Lastly, there is an effect on how you dress. As the Mayan get older, they become more skilled at weaving. Therefore, their clothing becomes more elaborate and beautiful. Americans also change their clothing style as they get older. Most of these changes have to do with your age. But, in both cultures you do get pretier as you get older.

    ~Kristin A.

  4. jmilligan14 Says:

    I think that Mayan beauty is very similar to American beauty because both cultures try to make a good impression in front of others. Both cultures also pierce different areas of their bodys and wear jewlery to look better. Both cultures also strive to look good to impress loved ones.

    – Josh Milligan

  5. sfrankel1 Says:

    I think that Mayan beauty and 21st century American beauty are alike in that they both consider smooth skin as pretty and both cultures like having beautiful babies and try to make them pretty. Also, although it is not true, they believed that lots (and lots, in the Mayan case) of jewelry made them more beautiful. They also liked many jewels and gems, For example: onyx, crystal, gold, porphyry, mother-of-pearl, copper, silver and jade, just as we do. We both like beautiful clothes and dress up, to look as if we are “noble.” Another simalarity is that, at young ages girls are do not normally wear much jewelry and/or elaborate clothing. Also, we tend to create complicated hairstyles to experiment and hope they look okay. Something else that is similar is that jealousy is common when beauty pops up. THere are more things, but study hall is over.


  6. mhutzenbuhler14 Says:

    I think that they are similar because they try to wear jewelry and also like smooth skin. They also like to wear many different types of jewelry like diamond, onyx, and jade. I would put more but mre.Lopez says I have to go.


  7. akaufman4 Says:

    We are the Same because both of our cultures try extra hard to make people and ourselves beautiful.And sometimes we goa bit overboard. We don’t flatten our foreheads with boards, but some people do get cosmetic surgery to do odd things to their faces.We do the same types of art. I know a few people who weave some really cool Stuff.

    Ayla K
    ” I love chocolate!”

  8. Bethanym Says:

    The Mayans beauty isn’t exactly like the American beauty because they have different ideas about what’s beautiful or not. But they do have similarities like they both have people who want to be beautiful and others that don’t want to be. Some Americans tattoo themselves and think it’s very pretty but some Americans think that tattooing is really hideous. In the Mayan culture it’s kind of the same way. The Mayan culture and the American culture both have people that strive to be beautiful and others that think that beauty does not matter. In both cultures they also have ways to make a person beautiful by doing certain things, earlier in life. Sometimes parents in both cultures make the children try to look beautiful by doing strange things that may or may not help the child look more beautiful. Those were the few similarities between the American and the Mayan beauty ideas.

  9. kashok4 Says:

    The features that make people beautiful in the Mayan culture are not very similar to the features that make people beautiful in America. Both cultures see people as beautiful for the quality of their hair. In both cultures, people are not really seen as beautiful if their hair is not lustrous or soft. Another similarity is that both our cultures think people are beautiful if they wear jewelry. In the book, Feather Dawn wears as much jewelry as she can get hold of. This does make her more beautiful in the eyes of her fellow villagers. The same thing applies in America. Another thing that is a sign of beauty in both our cultures is piercing your body parts. When Feather Dawn (Eveningstar Macaw’s sister) turned twelve and became a woman, she pierced her septum, her ears, her lip, and one nostril. In America, we also pierce our body parts to make ourselves look more beautiful.

    Kaavya Ashok

  10. rwatson5 Says:

    I think that Mayan beauty is not that similiar to American beauty. First of all girls don’t have to look a certain way to be married. And girls don’t have to be a certain age to have piercings. But in some ways our beauty is like theirs. Parents do some things to make their children look good, it is just that we add things on like hairbows. We do not changge the body in ways that could end up fatal. Such as puting boards on a baby’s head or hanging a bead on a strand of hair to make our eyes go crossed.


  11. akenyon5 Says:

    I agree with Kavyaa’s wonderful explanation. I also think that people in america do not think that having crossed eyes is very beautiful, nor do americanes shave their teeth to apiont, and then stick pieces of jade in their teeth as well. In america, there are no crazy moms that pin two boards to their child’s head to flatten their foreheads, nor do they place hair with a bead at the baby’s forehead to make their eyes cross.

    Andrew Kenyon

  12. nverderame4 Says:

    Both culture have sense of piercing and tatoos. But people their make every body love you if you have tatoos or peircings. But not many people like to made cross eyed on purpose in the 21st century. Also people would would look like vampires if we sharpened our teeth to a fine point. We put in present day bow in our childs hair while they put two boards against their heads and squish until theyr’e cross eyed. Both cultures wear jewelry but present day people don’t stick it on their teeth to be pretty.

    NICK Verderame:)

  13. jweintraub28 Says:

    I think that Mayan ideas of beauty are very similar to those of the Americans, because they have basically the same ways of making themselves look look nice. First of all, the more significant ideas are tattoos, piercings, and hair, because they are the main features someone looks at when they see you. However, I still have yet to see a person sharpen their teeth to point, or to see a person who keeps their eyes crossed all the time.


  14. aatieh12 Says:

    i think some thing similar to what things people do in the 21st century back to eveningstar’s tim is that they bith like to look pretty. also they both wear jewlery like necklaces and bracelets. a similarity is if you have a gold tooth you might decorate it(one of my old substitute teachers) so do people in this book. They all just want to look pretty no matter what so everyone wants to decorate them selves.

  15. ctaylor20 Says:

    There are some differences and some similarities. Modern USA does still sometimes pierce things into their skin like earings, noserings. and liprings. Modern USA also wears jewelry like rings and necklaces. Both of these accessories are in this book and in the Mayan culture. Clothes are very different: think of Soulja Boy in Mayan times, he would be a deer in the headlights. But, the Mayan wore animal skins and feathers like some people now (mostly feathers). Another common trait is that we both wear headwear, they may not be the same hats but it is still a smilarity.

  16. zdohm9 Says:

    I think that American beauty is somtimes simular to the Mayan beauty. They both pierce their body and get tatoos to make them look beter. They also wear jewlery to make them look prettier. But the Mayans squeeze their childrens heads between two boards to make their foreheads flat and today we don’t. Present day people don’t wear jade on their teeth.

    Zoe Dohm

  17. jwilliams28 Says:

    Well we americans are a little more lazy than mayans. I mean they have to do more work. Do you see us going out gathering food and such? Well I know this isn’t the answer to the question but they do not just go out to the mall and buy clothes. We get clothes by buying it from people who made it. Yes, people in america make clothes, but they get paid. Mayans have to go out and make clothes for themselves…yes they don’t have to pay…but they don’t get to be lazy like us!

    I agree Zoe. Even though if you took a percent for what culture has the most of over all the people with piercings and tatoos in their culture it seems like a lot of them do it. Out of majority of americans we sure don’t see like half or more people with tattoos and piercings. We wear jewlery but again not as much as mayans.

    I will probably post later.
    I am testing something to see if it shows up:

    \m/ 🙂 \m/

  18. afischbein26 Says:

    Mayan and American beauty is similar and different. They use body piercing and tatoos. The Mayans press two boards on kids’ heads to make them beautiful; Americans don’t.


  19. cmizelle13 Says:

    -This is Celia
    I think that the two cultures (American and Mayan) are alike because the Mayans like our culture peirced themselves with needles for beauty. Although I think that the idea of stabbing a knife through your tongue is a little extreme, both culture pierce themselves sometimes multiple times. Like many other people have already mentioned, the two cultures both tatooed themselves, sometimes all over thier bodies.
    Another similarity is that both seem to think the idea of claiming the title of “the most beautiful” is very important.
    -Once again this was from Celia

  20. cmizelle13 Says:

    -something Celia forgot
    I forgot to say that Americans and Mayans both were jewlery, sometimes accessively, though I think that Mayans wore more than the average American.

  21. mgowan8 Says:

    Mayan beauty can be similar or different to American beauty depending on how you think about it. Mayans wear earings and jewelry just like us and they also have tatoos. Beauty was more mandatory for women back then than it is now. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!


  22. ahoffman14 Says:

    I think Mayan beauty is some what similar to american beauty because in both of us wear earings and braclets and tie are hair up nice. Also, some of the girls over do the amount of make up just like girls do today. People wore almost all the same things we still wear.

    Alexa H. 🙂

  23. ssotolongo29 Says:

    Well the differences are defienetly that they put boards on their heads and noses when they are younger. I would say as you get older you are to do more things such as get tattos and perice things. They also both have jewelry.

    -Silvia Sotolongo!!!!!! 🙂

  24. gcornett4 Says:

    The Mayans and Americans both wear jewlery to look good. We also were tatoos like the Mayans. We both want good clothes to wear. Also we both dress up for some types of events. Such as public metings. I agree with Max that the Mayans Cared more about how they looked.


  25. rthimsen10 Says:

    By: Rachel Thimsen

    There are not many similarities in beauty in the 21 century and the Mayans. One thing is that both wear jewlery. Plus, the Mayans and the Americans think that when you have clear tan skin and dark silky hair then you have lots of beauty. Another thing
    (I agree with Celia) is that both cultures have tatoos but, probably the Mayans had more! They also both have piercings. The Americans and the Mayans both try to make their babies beautiful. The Mayans do very interesting things though, like maybe smashing boards toghether. Americans mainly just feed their babies a lot and make them look (and be) happy! Bye 🙂

  26. cdworsky16 Says:

    I agree with Katie, they both have virtually the same ways towards making themselves look beautiful. Mayan people i think pierce more then Americans usually do. Everyone wants nice and beautiful clothes to wear. Also they like to enhance their beauty with make-up and jewelry.

  27. AnnaJ Says:

    The Mayans and 21 century Americans both wear jewelry as a way to improve or enhance the way they look. They both have some people in their culture wearing some jewelry that others do not. They both wear nose rings, earrings, and other piercings, and tatoos. Also sometimes they both have physically changed their body, by not in piercings or tatoos. This was done far more then than now, and we would not do it to babies, I hope. We also tend to dress differently for different events.

  28. AnnaJ Says:

    The last comment was by Anna Jenkins.

  29. AlexU Says:

    Some similarities of how Mayans and Americans (today) make themselves beautiful are number one we both pierce in their ears, lip, and nostril. When the Mayans and Americans pirece they do it to show beauty of the “ring”. The “rings” show beauty by the different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Another thing that is similar to both cultures that show beauty are beads and necklaces. The reason that this shows beauty is because the necklaces all have different patterns. For instance the Mayans would probably make the necklaces out of a strong string and gem stone beads. We Americans (now-in-days) use a wire, string, gem stones, colorful beads. There are a couple of similarities that both cultures use the same, which are gem stones and the wire/string . But the only thing that is different is that they would get their gemstones from natural resources. We do this too, but when we go to get the gemstones we just go out and get them at stores. There are a ton more differences than similarities because they are two different cultures, but these weould be the main similarities for beauty.

  30. bdworsky16 Says:

    I think that they have basically the same ways of making themselves beautiful as we do. We pierce less, most people anyway. Everyone likes to have clothes, people buy clothes from stores, (Mayan clothing hand made) to make themselves more beautiful, so did they. Mayan and 21st Century people use jewelry to make themselves beautiful.
    ~Collin Dworsky~

  31. jrabon16 Says:

    I agree with rachel because the jewlery now a days is more valueble and fragile. Also they the only thing we pretty much have in common is gold and jade belongs to richer people. Also everyone wants to look beautiful and wear nice clothes and make theirselves stand out more than other people in both cultures of the past and present.


  32. vkasula2 Says:

    I think that the similarities between tehayan civilization and the 21st century is that it’s kindoff similar because mostly only gangsters and some otherpeople who wield weapons have tatoos and only wear body piercings to other body parts such as the lip and nose because they didn’t want people messing with them or/and they it looked cool. But the mayan did it because they thought it looked beautiful on them.

    -Varun Kasula

    P.S. How do make the smily faces

  33. cmiles7 Says:

    Ithink one thing in common is that a lot of people put to much make up from what it sounds like. Another thing is they pierced anything.


  34. jrabon16 Says:

    I agree with gregg because we all try to look stylish. Also alot of the mayans and americans have tatoos all over their bodies to be stylish and look cool. Then also there is another example for styles like we have we wear fancy clothes to impress people.

  35. sstohlman28 Says:

    Some similarities between the Mayans and the people of today are that we both pierce ear lobes, nostrils and lip. Both the people of today and the Mayans have designs or tattoos on their bodies. Americans usually get tattoos done to make a memory of something. The Mayans had designs done on their body because it was believed to make them look more beautiful. We and the Mayans also wear necklaces and bracelets.
    -Shannon Stohlman

  36. kpelnik26 Says:

    I thought that it was sort of strange that the girl thought she was doing smalls a favor. but really she just made him have to suffer slavery. It is also sort of weird in my opinion that they smoosh the babies heads to make them prettier.
    – KPelnik

  37. bhodgdon12 Says:

    There are not many similarities between 21rst century beauty and Mayan beauty. Some of the similarities are piercings on their face. Another thing is necklaces; we both have and had them. One last thing is arm bands, people then and now wear them.

  38. iblank20 Says:

    I think that the answer of the formed question “Are American beauty and Mayan beauty similar?” depends on the person, because someone might think that an orange bowl with black stripes and a jaguar on it is beautiful, Eveningstar thought it was pretty when her mother used it, this is sort of a similarity in thoughts on prettieness. Another similarity in ways that Mayan people make themselves beautiful is that what the Mayans are doing is basically plastic surgery (the flattining the forehead part, not the piercings and tattoos) which is very popular in modern-day America. To some people, tattoos are beautiful, just like the Mayans thought. Alot of modern-day girls like gold and jewelry, just like the Mayan girls(exept maybe not THAT much). Extreme piercings in 21st century America is also very much in fashion with some people.

    Isabelle Blank

  39. mgibbon14 Says:

    I think that it had a commonon ending to the chapter. It was like all endings in most books. they alwas compllete the scean and then the chapter is over. I think they want it to be a cliffhanger so you keep reading to find out what happens next. it was a really suspenceful 2 chapters, with everything going on.
    -Matthew Gibbon

  40. rvanvliet6 Says:

    Some of the similalarities are that they have the same idea in jewlrey, for example the Mayans and us both have piercings and necklaces. Also the armbands and the clothes of the weavers (some girls now wear those as jacket type things).

    Richard Van Vliet

  41. SydneyJ Says:

    They are similar because Americans do try to look “stylish” and beautiful by having piercings and different types of clothing. The Mayans also tried to look stylish and beautiful by having piercings and different types of clothing, but since their cultures were different, they would think of piercings and clothing a different way. For example, Mayans would have lots of piercings in unnusual places like in the book, the flesh between the nostrils. Most people do not get piercings there. Also for clothing, most people don’t wear cloaks, and most people have clothes made out of cotton, which are not woven. In the book, usually only nobles received cotton clothing. Those are the similarites and differences of American and Mayan cultures.

    Sydney Johnson

  42. ryanm Says:

    Some similataries between the Mayans and us is that we have gold and silver just like them. Most of us don’t use dramatic amount of jewelry. most of them don’t either. But if you want to be more noble then you do. The Mayans both have necklecases and piercings. The Mayans and us both have tatoos they had alot more than we did but we still use them. As you can see ther aren’t many simalarieties between us and the mayans when it comes to jewelry.

    Ryan McDonald

  43. cyeaney25 Says:

    Some similarities that the Mayans have and that we have are the celebrations. Here we have feasts, just like the Mayans. I guess the religon isn’t the same, like stabbing your tounge, but we all come together and celebrate something special.

  44. zdavis5 Says:

    One similarity between the Mayans and 21st century America when it comes to beauty is that we both wear jewelry like arm bands, necklaces and headbands. We both use types of crystals, mother-of-pearl, copper, silver. We also both pierce different parts of our bodies like the nose, ears and lip. Some people got tattoos on their body like they do now because they think it looks good. They also took care of their hair like we do now.

    Zak Davis

  45. ebednarek22 Says:

    One similarity between the Mayans and now is that we both think that piercing of the ear and other places are cool. Also different colored eyes are considered cool depending on what color they are. Some different hairstyles are cool if you try a new one people often think its attractive.
    -Erin Bednarek

  46. ntouzova12 Says:

    I think that in the Mayan culture there are a lot of simularities comparing it to the 21st cetury in America. Because in both cultures we try to always look good in public and try to make good impressions. Also some here in america (21st centry) we also peirce different parts of our body and we try to impress and attract the ones who we love. Those are the simularities of the Mayans and the 21st century in america!!!

    ~*NINA*~ 🙂

  47. cwagner6 Says:

    I think that there are a lot of simularties between then and now. One is they both want to look good in public. Also another some people think it looks good to get piercing and tatoos in the book, wos and right now. That are some similarates to the two different cultures. 🙂

  48. torya Says:

    I think the similarities between the Mayan Culture and 21st Century America are very harsh. The both try too look good, like Nina said, in public to impress, and also they sometimes take drastic steps to become beautiful. We both wear color, and have no boundaries of which color to wear. Both time periods abuse animals and kill them for clothing and selfish use. Those are just some examples of the similarities of our time and the Mayan Culture.

  49. MinjieY Says:

    I think Mayan people try very hard to look good like Americans. Both of us pierce body parts but the mayans pierce places that we don’t really pierce. In mayan culture they do things to the children at a young age, so that when they are older, they will be prettier. Also in mayan culture, they increase their amount of jewlry they wear, just like we do with makeup and jewelry. These are just a few examples of the similarities that mayan culture and our culture share. 🙂

  50. jayr Says:

    I Think that the similarities of our culture now compared to the Mayans is we do not put a board to our heads but we do alot of crazy stuff to look beautiful. They also wear jewelry like us. Also Mayans pierce themselves just like us. But it is different for them because this is to represent them becoming older. But in our culture people do these things just to fit in so they are the same.

    Jay R.

  51. javery10 Says:

    I really enjoyed the next chapters of the book The Well Of Sacrifice. There are some realationships between it and Gathering Blue. Both books had societies living close by. Also they both used jewelry in the same way. The book so far is interesting and makes me want to read more. I believe in the end it will show the power of love within a family.

    Jonathan Avery

  52. anyangoro9 Says:

    I think that the similarities between beauty today and Mayan’s beauty are somewhat the same because when you think of beauty now you think of smooth skin, pierced ears and wearing jewelry.

  53. Anne G. Says:

    I think that both cultures have many similarites such as body percing and tatooing of the body. We both enjoy representing ourselves by wearing jewelry, which is sometimes put in our ears. And the mayans in the book and 21st century americans share the fact of beatuy. But when you think of a tatoo now we think of different, but in their community it was a sign of beauty.

  54. npatel17 Says:

    I think that we do have alot in common with those people, but we lived in a more “advanced” place because they have houses and we have houses but thires were made from stone and brick and our houses are more “advanced”. Their entertainment is playing games on the steets or in the jungle, and we have technolagy and things like skateboards or bikes.

  55. KendallB. Says:

    Mayans not only enhance their beauty by wearing jewelry, shaping their heads, and piercing and tatooing their body but also by wearing fine clothes and flabbergasting hair styles (for women). People in present times do this as well. Washing up is also important in both societies.

    Kendall Bell

  56. ahall11 Says:

    I think that both present day America and the Maya do some unecessary things for beauty. We might not put baby’s heads between boards to make their foreheads flat, but if you think about it plastic surgery can be just as or more disgusting than flatting babys head’s. Etheir way both cultures like to look beautiful, and they are willing to do some painful things to look good. Even though we might have different ideas about beauty both cultures care quite a bit about being beautiful, or being what they think is.


  57. HannahC Says:

    I think that both times are alike because hey had body piercings, and also tatoos. But not all people in America hae body piercing or tatoos. They wear jewelry, jade, gold, etc. Agreeing with Kendall, he is right that women here in the present time and the Mayans all wanted their hair to look good, and they would sometimes knot it in different styles, making them look good.


  58. AmandaL Says:

    In the Mayan culture people would peirce parts of their bodies that people in the 21st century peirce as well. They would peirce their ears and tongues just like we do (only tongues not that common). The Mayans also did different hairsty;es to make their hair more “attractive.” This is also something we do today.


  59. kmarsh2 Says:

    Mayan beauty is very different from 21st century Americain beauty. It scares me! I don’t think that much of anything is very similar except for piercings. People in america pierce strange places I wouldn’t wanna mention. Both of us do pierce our ears, but i haven’t seen any pierces septums before. I have seen pierced nostrils, though.

    for my opinon, a flat wide forhead, teeth like a snake and crossed eyes looks more scary than beautiful.

    Kai </3

  60. SamanthaS Says:

    Mayan beauty is very unlike 21st century beauty. For instance, the Maya believed that crossed eyes were beautiful, but now, people get surgery to remove things like that. Also people who pierce themselves in more that 2-3 places are often frowned upon and pointed at by liittle kids, think about that!

    ~Samantha Stancill :+)

  61. AshleyC Says:

    Mayan beauty is pretty well different from American beauty. Kind of like how they believe that it is beautiful to have crossed eyes. In America people think that it is strange and ugly to have crossed eyes. They also believe that a lot of piercings look pretty. But, in America they think that a lot of piercings look ugly and strange kind of like tattoos. Although the Mayan do not have tattoos like Americans


  62. AshleyC Says:

    Mayan beauty does not have many things in common with American Beuaty. Although, there is one thing in common. That is that we both have piercings and wear jewelry. Although, we both wear different numbers of piercings and jewelry but we both wear it.

    – Ashley 🙂

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