Just for Fun- Favorite Candy?

Ms. Stewart\'s favorite candyOccasionally, I’ll post “just for fun” discussion questions. No grade, no extra credit. Just a place to release some creative energy. Only post comments to these posts after you’ve finished your homework! Even though these posts are for fun, please make sure to spell check your comments. Misspelled words are no fun for anyone!

Β In honor of the upcoming dance and one of my favorite movies of all time, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(the original, not the Johnny Depp version!)…

What’s your favorite kind of candy? What kind of candy do you wish someone would invent?

Need ideas? Check out: http://www.sugarstand.com/

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39 Comments on “Just for Fun- Favorite Candy?”

  1. mstewartatcary Says:

    I love Godiva dark chocolates!

    I wish someone would sell the little dehydrated marshmallows that come with hot chocolate by themselves, so you could eat them without having to worry about what to do with the hot chocolate.

  2. mhutzenbuhler14 Says:

    My favorite candy has to be the king sized Recess Peanut Butter Cups.

    I wish they would invent a chocolaty candy that has no calories and taste great.

  3. hchow26 Says:

    My favorite candy is Recess Peanut Butter Cups.

    I wish they would make no more dark chocolates, so when my grandma goes shopping for chocolate, she wouldn’t really have to worry about what type of chocolate to buy, (I don’t like dark chocolate)

    -Hannah Chow

  4. ipremasinghe23 Says:

    My favorite candy is Caramellos.

    I wish they could make a delicious candy with a mix of different flavors of chocolate that had no sugar or fat, but tasted amazing!


  5. jwilliams28 Says:

    i like sour things and gummy things such like sweetish fish, gummy worms, etc. I also like some chocolate (really anything with chocolate and peanut butter) Butterfingers…yum!!!! So now I am getting a candy craving! Oh and about the Charlie and the chocolate factory thing, I do think the original was pretty good, but the charlie was better in the newest one. I don’t know which one I like better…
    -Joanna πŸ™‚

  6. mgordon26 Says:

    I love dark chocolate and almost anything that is chocolate and I also LOVE gum! Almost any flavor of gum is great and I also love Shockers those sour disk. Overall I love candy. -max

  7. jwilliams28 Says:

    Oh I love gum too! Sour gum…sounds good…I have never had before. I will have to try it sometime. Ivana nice idea with the candy with no sugar and fat. I am posting alot aren’t I? Well it is pretty fun. Also I am checking to see if this site lets you do these smilie things.

    P.S. on just for fun posts can we do more than one smilie?


  8. hpatel24 Says:

    I aslo like gum! Right now while I am typing this I am chewing 5 gum. But my favorite candy is Hershey’s.

    Hursch Patel

  9. afischbein26 Says:

    I love Skittles. I also love truffles with rassberry in them.

    If I was going to invent a new candy it would be a chocolate statue of me. It would have rassberry in the center. Then a coating of white chocolate. Then a coating of milk chocolate. Then a coating of dark chocolate. Also I would have other fruits inside the stautes.


  10. ahoffman14 Says:

    I agree with Miss. Stewart!! I love Godiva and Kilwins chocolate!!!! I wish someone would invent a chocolate that had layors of different types of chocolate from different places. That woud be wicked-SWEET!!!!!!!!

    Alexa H. πŸ™‚

  11. gcornett4 Says:

    I like sour fruit candy alot. I have no favorite candy.

    I wish they made a healthy type of sour fruit candy. Go candy!!!!

  12. rthimsen10 Says:

    I really like gum. Any type except apple. I had 9 packs of gum with 20 pieces in each pack and I ate the whole thing in a week. I’m weird. I wish someone would make stride gum that would last for ever. I loooooove stride! GO GUM!!! Bye πŸ™‚

  13. rthimsen10 Says:

    To add on to my comment…….. I really like mint guirodeli chocolate (I know that i spelled that wrong). I like it with the mint gooey stuff inside. I’M HUNGRY NOW! I also like andies mints. I love mint anything! MINT, MINT, MINT! OH my mom’s making popcorn! I love popcorn. I like Joanna’s idea about putting more than one smiley face on the just for fun. πŸ™‚

    *Ms. Stewart Edit: Only one smiley, Rachel. This section is for fun, but it’s not IM. *

  14. cmiles7 Says:

    I like milky ways and I wish we could make a candy that lasted for ever like the everlasting gobstomper πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. cmiles7 Says:

    I like mint chocolate also

    P.S. York peppermint patties rule πŸ™‚

  16. mstewartatcary Says:

    Oh, Alexa! Your idea about different kinds of chocolate from different places layered in one piece sounds amazing!

    Alec’s idea for a chocolate statute of himself made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

    Let’s keep the smileys to 1 per post (even for the fun comments). More than that gets distracting.

  17. javery10 Says:

    I LOVE CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!!!! It is sweet sometime bitter but Aways Awsome!!!
    I love caramel nut chocolate, it gives me sugar rush and I become extremly hyper. Chocolate taste like heaven. Ahhhhh Chocolate is great. Do you like chocolate? I love chocolate.

    Jonathan Avery

    Peace out man

  18. ryanm Says:

    I know this is so stupid but listen, I likie caremal covered donuts with sprinkles. My parents like me having it because I get real hyper and then i fall asleep and dream about having another one.

    It tastes real good

    Ryan McDonald

  19. stucker24 Says:

    Sydney’s favorate kind of candy is…

    Anything choclate that is dark or milk chocolate that has nothing but pure chocolate!
    I also like Skittles, but I like lots of other candy too. So, I just like A LOT of different kinds of candy!

    I wish someone would invent I chocolat bar that had more flavors than just chocolate. It would have a chocolate flavor, a fruity flavor, and much, much, more !

    Sincerely hungry for chocolate for brekfast, lunch and dinner,

    *Ms. Stewart Edit: Ease up on the exclamation marks. One is plenty. Less is more.*

  20. cdworsky16 Says:

    i wish someone would invent a never ending supply of candy in a bag.

  21. jduke18 Says:

    I love chocolate. Drk, milk, white, hot fudge any kind of chocolate i would eat in 2 seconds even if it was old. CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST!

    *Ms. Stewart Edit: One exclamation mark is plenty.*

  22. kshy8 Says:

    My favorite kind of candy is chocolate. I like all kinds, but dark chocolate and fudge are my favorites. I wish that somebody would invent gum that never loses its flavor. I also wish somebody would invent a piece of chocolate that is part dark chocolate, part milk chocolate, and part white chocolate.

    -Katie Shy

  23. MsStewart Says:

    *Post removed by Ms. Stewart*

  24. rschleicher19 Says:

    I love hersheys solid milk chocolate!! I also like gum. I wish they would invent layered chocolate, with fudge and milk chocolate all in one, like a chocolate sandwich.


  25. rschleicher19 Says:

    Nyal!! I don’t agree with your comment! I think candy is awesome, it’s just that I wish that there could be candy that was healthy, but still tasted great! I wish sugar didn’t have to be the one of the only things that makes candy taste so good.

  26. Anne G. Says:

    I love all candy except skittles.
    Anne Graham

  27. CollinD Says:

    FUNNY! I LOVE CANDY, NYAL how don’t you like candy??? Anyway, i think the point of candy is to be great tasting, and not necessarily healthy, because it’s supposed to be a treat.

  28. CollinD Says:

    Well, I never said what candy I liked, so, I LOVE SOUR PATCH KIDS!

  29. SamiF Says:

    My favorite type of candy is Godiva dark choclate truffles. I think that they should make healthy, but delicous, candy so that we could eat as much as we wanted without worying. But I do agree with Collin that the point of candy is to be tasty as opposed to healthy.

  30. torya Says:

    i like CHOCOLATE all types and ALL YUMMY CHEWY FRUITY candy. including skittles and gummy worms and gummy bears and sour patch kids and i could go on FOREVER!!!
    and l absolutely LOVE JELLY BEANS!!

  31. kmarsh2 Says:

    my favorite kind of candy is…
    I like alot of candy…and little things make me happy, so I can’t think of what cnady could be improved on!


  32. AmandaL Says:

    My fsveorute candy is anything with peanut butter in it… Wouldn’t it be awesome if they made a broccoli (look i learned how to spell it) flavored jelly bean!
    Acctually that would be disgusting but it’s cool to think about

  33. Ayla K. Says:

    My favorite candies are these chocolate truffles that have something really good inside of them that make them addicting. My moms friends makes them. Once I went over to her house and I had at least five. You wouldn’t think it was alot but it was. I want someone to invent a candy that can last in your mouth forever, that way you would always have taste in your mouth for a log tome.

    PS: i am very proud of Amanda for learning how to spell broccoli. But she mispelled favorite.

    Ayla Kaufman
    ” There is no point to life without chocolate”

  34. MinjieY Says:

    I LOVE any kind of chocolate and actually like any kind of candy but I HATE PEANUT BUTTER STUFF, (like reeses) AND BUTTER FLAVORS. Whoever invented reeses is not cool!

    And like Alexa, i LOVE Kilwin’s, they’re sooooooo awesome! πŸ™‚

    i like ivana’s suggestion. chocolates without sugar or fat.
    (if mr. rothrock is reading this, i know what you are thinking!)
    MiNjIe πŸ™‚

  35. sstohlman28 Says:

    I m so sad! I ran out of my GUMMMMMMMMMMMM! I LOVE GUM! Oh I also like white chocolate! YUMMY! I am crazy! Bye~Shannon

  36. KendallB. Says:

    Kit-Kats [: (P Mmmmmm. Twix. mmmmmmmm. custard. Mmmmmmmmmm. If you like dark chocolate then do something! Why is gum supposedly so good when it isn’t? Gum is O.K. The second Charlie and the chocolate factory need to be erased from history! 😦

  37. celiam Says:

    Hi this is Celia
    I love Dots (all the colors) they’re my favorites besides sour skittles and
    smarties!!!!!!!!!!!! I want someone to invent a giant
    dot that is rainbow flavored and huge (or a really big package of smarties)

    Annnnnnnd I agree with Sami and Collin that they shouldn’t make
    healthy candy because then it wouldn’t be any fun because our parents
    would want us to eat a lot of it.

  38. shannons1 Says:

    Hey it is Shannon,
    You know what I wish,if somebody could make a pool filled with chocolate. Creamy,melty,gooey chocolate. I would swim in the pool alllll day. Then I would get really sticky though, hmmm? Anaways i love choclate and gum. I really like gum especially watermelon and orange flavored gum. I like Stride gum the best, but I don’t think that comes in watermelon. I think Trident does though. I love candy! Do you?

  39. kristina Says:

    I love smarties, anything that has smarties in it I will eat. I even put smarties in my ice cream once, but it wasn’t the best use of smarties. I wish they could create a a smarties bar. Like hershys bars they can just make them out of smarties. Or, they could make a smarties lolipop!!! You could suck on it all day! Yum! πŸ˜€

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