The Well of Sacrifice p. 1-14

Tomorrow we will start reading a book entitled The Well of Sacrifice by Chris Eboch. Language Arts classes will read this book while students are studying Mayan history and culture in World Cultures.  Students will use the blog to respond to discussion prompts and to engage each other in conversation about the book.

First discussion prompt: Does Eveningstar Macaw remind you of Kira in Gathering Blue? In what ways are their characters and lives similar or different? You may post your own original thoughts or respond to others’ comments.


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  1. cmizelle13 Says:

    I think that Kira and Evening Star are alike because they both live in villages that have gone through sickness and death. I think they are different because Evening Star doesn’t have a disability. The biggest similarity to me is that both have people in their family that have died and they have both gone through this kind of pain and suffering.
    -Celia M.

  2. jmilligan14 Says:

    I think that Evening Star is like Kira because they both had the courage to do something that no one else did. They also both have seen things that no one else could see. However, Kira and Evening Star are different because Kira lived in a village where she was told what to do. Evening Star lived in a city where there was a much more organized way of life.

    – Josh Milligan

  3. ipremasinghe23 Says:

    I say that Eveningstar Macaw relates to Kira in many ways. Both of them have had someone in their family that was close to them pass away. They both want to help others. Kira wanted to tell the people about the fake goverenment, to help her people. Eveningstar wanted to gather berries to help the sick people in her land. They both run into problems and try to be brave and handle the situation. They both try to do something about what’s going on and alert people if something is wrong.

    – Ivana:)

  4. hchow26 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw does have the same kind of relationship in some ways. They both are curious, going into something new and courageous. They both try to make sure their village is safe, and so far it seems like Eveningstar Macaw is trying to find out secrets about/around the place she lives in, just like Kira. The illness is so great in the Well of Sacrifice, just like some of Gathering Blue’s characters. But it doesn’t mean that they both books of characters actually died of illnesses. Just like Ivana said, they boh have some sort of problem that they are brave and curious enough to find out more about it, not just back away and sacrifice anybody else to find out what mysterious things are happening, or showing.

    -Hannah Chow

  5. mgowan8 Says:

    I think tha Evening star has a personality very similar to Kira. She is brave and strong emotionally. The only difference is that Evening star is more phisycally oriented and Kira is not. But both of them are trying to do the right thing. They have also been through many hardships like death of close ones.

    Max Gowan!

  6. zdohm9 Says:

    I think that Eviningstar Macaw is kind of like Kira. Eveningstar Macaw has a family and Kira doesn’t. But they both informed someone if they thought somthing was wrong. I personly think that Eveningstar Macaw is braver so far because Kira just did what she had to do. Eveningstar Macaw went it to a jungle where there was a lot of harmful things.


  7. sfrankel1 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw and Kira are both alike as well as different. Both are young when someone close to them passes away. However, one likes helping her mother gather herbs to make medicines. Another similarity is that they both live in villages. However, Eveningstar lives in a NAtive American village and Kira lives in an “English” village. The two girls also have to work for someone else at young ages. Another difference between the two is that Eveningstar is not afraid to show her rebelious side while Kira hides hers. Both girls are very curious and eavesdrop on another character while they should be focusing on something else.

  8. rwatson5 Says:

    I think Eveningstar Macaw is different than Kira because Kira had to build up courage, and Eveningstar Macaw already had it. Eveningstar Macaw is much more braver than Kira, but they both have the same personal life. They both have had a family member die, and there villages are both going through hard times. I think this book will be thearetically similar to Gathring Blue.


  9. kshy8 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar and Kira are alike in many ways and different in many ways. One way that they are alike is that they have both lost loved ones at a fairly young age. Another similarity is that they both did something that nobody else in their village did or had the courage to do. They are also both very courageous. They are different in many ways, too. For example, Kira is disabled, and Eveningstar isn’t. Eveningstar had siblings and parents, and Kira doesn’t.
    Katie Shy

  10. ryanm Says:

    I think Evening Macaw are similair because the both had someone very close to them die at a young age. Kira had her mom die. But threr is a difference because the types of deaths were different. This book might be similar to gathering blue. I hope not.

    Ryan Mcdonald 11

  11. ctaylor20 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw is realtied to Kira in the way that they are both girls and they are both mentally strong. They are different in the way that Kira weaves and Eveningstar Macaw does medicne and healing with her mom. That brings me to anothor difference, Kira’s mom is dead and Eveningstar Macaw has a up and running mom. I think his book will be a political and exciting novel.

  12. kristina Says:

    I think evening star has a very similar personality to Kira, because they share one quality, braveness. Kira, is brave throughout the whole book because when her mother dies she has to live on her own. In this way she has to be brave to survive on her own even with a twisted leg. Although evening star doesn’t have a twisted leg, she still is very brave. Since she has heard the horrible damage and terror that the savages have done, it really frightened her to see them in the jungle. Overall, they are both very brave in this way. Another quality they share is their family. Both of their family’s have gotten sick and died. Katrina, Kira’s mom died in the beginning of the book. Macaw Water, Evening Star’s aunt dies in the beginning of the book. There are many qualities that are similar between Kira and Evening Star.

    Kristin A.

  13. nverderame4 Says:

    They are som what the same because everything was said to be perfect just like in Gathering Blue. Also when eveningstar meets the savages it feels like when kira gets confronted by Vandara. Both live in villages that have gone through a sickness or deth but theirs was by some sort of other people.

    -Nick Verderame

  14. hpatel24 Says:

    I think Eveningstar Macaw and the people that live in Maya are living in the same type of way as Kira and the people that live where she live where she lives because, they both live in a community with different communities that they don’t know of.
    I also think that this book is like what people in Egypt did. For example on pages 1-14 it talks about how they believed in the afterlife, and they had wars with the other people like Egypt had.

    Hursch Patel

  15. akenyon5 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw is a girl who doesn’t relly do what normal girls do, muchlike Kira in Gathering Blue. EM and Kira both are girls, and they lead a pretty common life. They both live in communities even though they are different time periods. Both cultures in Gathering Blue, and in WOS weave cloth,and consider it a job. The naming in Gathering Blue are alittle more “normal”, but unlike GB, the WOS names don’t change, no matter how old you get.

  16. rvanvliet6 Says:

    I think that Evening Star and Kira are alike because they both had family members die and that they both are very courages and brave. Also they are always willing to dig deeper and find new things.

    Richard Van Vliet

  17. SydneyJ Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw and Kira are alike because, first of all, they both care about the people around them. Also, they both have gone through a lot, like family members dying and the sicknesses of the villages. They both have also had tragic things happen to their villages, like the Disaster, and when Eveningstar’s village kept being attacked. I think this book so far has great description and the setting makes me think of where the people actually are or what they are doing or seeing. Even though this book has just started, I think it is a lot like Gathering Blue, and is very exciting.

    Sydney Johnson

  18. acorn16 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw and Kira are alike because they both live in villages. They have both experienced death. They also both had to go through the sicknesses of the villages. So far the book is very exciting and descriptive. It kind of starts out a lot like Gathering Blue. I really like the beginning. I can not wait until we get to read more of it.

    Ashley 🙂

  19. mstewartatcary Says:

    From Samantha…

    I think Eveningstar is not like Kira because her community is not flawed and she is not confined. Kira is a confused girl who’s life has been in poverty all until her trial; Eveningstar’s life is fine and her only trouble is walking to the jungle!

  20. zdavis5 Says:

    I thought that Eveningstar Macaw was like Kira because they were brave and always wanted to know what was going on. Eveningstar hid in the bushes when the Savages were near to see what was happening. Kira hid with Thomas and Matt when Jamison was talking to Jo when Jo was cryng. A difference in their lives was that Kira only had a father that did not live with her, and Eveningstar had a mother and father who she lived with.

    Zak Davis

  21. rthimsen10 Says:

    So far, I think that in some ways Kira is like Eveningstar Macaw but in others she is not. Kira is like Eveningstar Macaw because they both are the very brave girls. Eveningstar Macaw is basiclly the only girl that would go into the jungle alone. Kira was very brave because she was able to stand up to mean adults (Vendara) and also survived a scene in the court room! Kira is diferent from Eveningstar Macaw because their habitat is much different. Eveningstar lives in a sort of jungle enviorment and Kira lives in a forest enviorment! They’re also alike because they are both girls and are both the main charater!

    Rachel (-:

  22. iblank20 Says:

    Kira and Eveningstar Macaw have many ways in which they are alike, one of the more subtle reasons is that they are both brave, and in a more obious way, they both have mothers that collect things from the ground; Eveningstar’s mother collects herbs and Kira’s mother collected just any kind of plant for different color dyes. Kira and Eveningstar are also alike because they loose people close to their heart. They are different because Kira lives in the future and Eveningstar lives in the past. Also; everyone seems to work together in Eveningstar’s village, and in Kira’s village, it every man for himself. In Kira’s village, there is the fear of beasts, but there actually aren’t any beasts, but in Eveningstar’s village, there actually ARE beasts in the forest. In Eveningstar’s village there are games, where as in Kira’s village, there is no fun and games. Another similaruty in Kira’s village and Eveningstar’s village is that, in both villages, the men have more rights than the women. Eveningstar has siblings, where as Kira has none.
    Gathering Blue and Well of Sacrifice are alike because at the very first part of each book, someone close to the main character dies. There are pictures in Well of Sacrifice, where as in Gatherrng Blue, there are no pictures; making the structure of the books different.

    -Isabelle Blank

  23. kashok4 Says:

    I think Eveningstar Macaw and Kira are similar in two ways: Kira and Eveningstar both had bad t hings happen to them. Kira had her mom die and her dad nearly die. Eveningstar had her friend Bird Zero Moon, her aunt Macaw Water, and four of her cousins die. They are also similar because they both have some special skill that is unlike many other peoples’ in the village. They are different because Eveningstar lives in a country that is not as flawed as Kira’s village, so Eveningstar has more rights. Also, Kira’s special skill is very different from Eveningstar’s skill. In Kira’s village, a lot of the girls and women who were allowed to do art wove. In Eveningstar’s village, not many girls knew how to or even had the courage to look for plants with medicinal properties in the jungle.

    Kaavya Ashok

  24. mgibbon14 Says:

    I agree with Hursh it is going along with all of our other books (Gathering blue and The Giver). It also goes along with our world cultures. I think it will be a good book and it will be like The Giver and will be emotional and not as much detail. The author doesn’t tell you what the community looks like and that is the same in the giver.

  25. cyeaney25 Says:

    I agree with Josh. Kira and Eveningstar have the courage to do something that no one else can do. However, I disagree that Eveningstar lived in a village where she wasn’t forced to do anything. Eveningstar had to gathere herbs/plants for her mothers medicine. But I do agree that Eveningstar’s community is alot more organized than Kira’s.

  26. akaufman4 Says:

    I think that Kira and Evening Star are alike because they both have experienced death in their family. They are different because Evening Star’s community is so far has been a whole lot more organized than Kira’s. But it could get worse.

    Ayla Kaufman
    “I love chocolate!”

  27. bhodgdon12 Says:

    I think that Kira is not very alike to EveningStar Macaw. For example, EveningStar had both her mother and her father, Kira did not have either. Also, EveningStar was in perfect health but Kira was not, she had a twisted leg. I also disagree with Issabel she said that they were both very brave. I could not find a way so far that EveningStar was brave, anyone would have just ran home and told an adult is there ws an enemy around theire villiage.

  28. jwilliams28 Says:

    I agree with Celia, both live in communities with people dieing. I also agree with Ivana too. Nice points of view people!

    Well first of all, the village in Well of Sacrafice was being attacked, and in Gathering Blue Kira’s village was never attacked that we know of. Though I do believe that the Gathering Blue village had people being killed, in Well of Sacrafic it seems more people die and also they for the most part are not being killed by people in their own village. They seem to have different time periods and really different settings. It is sad that her only friend died. I can’t imagine having only one friend and then them dieing.

  29. Bethanym Says:

    I think Eveningstar Macaw is like Kira in some ways because they both are adventurous, and like to explore. They have both had intense moments in their life even though they were young at the times. They both like to explore even though they might get caught. They also try to help and alert people when something is going wrong and no one knows about it, but them. Kira is different because she is an orphan and she comes from a more controlled culture, where as Eveningstar comes from a bigger culture that has more freedom, so their cultures and how they live are not similar. Kira also has a disablity and Eveningstar does not, so I guess that makes Eveningstar more wanted in her culture, and in Kira’s culture her disability makes her more unwanted, but she has a talent and Eveningstar does not exactly have a “talent” like Kira does.

  30. npatel17 Says:

    In my opinion I think that Eveningstar Macaw is similar to Kira becuase they both have experienced pain not physically but from their loved ones. The overall story is totaly different from GB, for example the setting, the characters (of course) and thier personalities, and the Well of Sacrifice takes place in 900 A.D. I think the author did a great job writing the story becuase they used alot of descriptive words and made the setting feel real.


  31. cdworsky16 Says:

    I agree with Brett. I mean anyone that saw a dangerous enemy would of tried to hide.
    Honestly i didn’t think Kira was that brave and well we haven’t read enough of the book yet to see if Eveningstar will be brave, that we will have to find out.
    I think it is a good start and there will be a lot of action in the rest of this book!

  32. rschleicher19 Says:

    I think EveningStar Macaw are alike in many ways. For exampe, each girl was willing to do whatever she could to help her community. Kira worked on the Singer’s Robe for the Gathering, and before that, helped at the weaving shed. EveningStar went deep into the jungle to fetch herbs to halp her mother heal patients. Also, they both ahs someone in their family who they loved die. However, I do not think that EveningStar is having as tough of a time as Kira did so far. Even though her aunt, uncle, and 4 cousins are dead, she still has her mother, father, and brother. She does not have a disibility, like Kira has a twisted leg, and no one wants to kill her.


  33. gcornett4 Says:

    I think that that they are the same and different. One is that EveningStar lives in a big city while Kira lived in a small village. They are same because they are different from others becasue Kira has a bad leg while EveningStar goes into the jungle which other girls dont’t do. An example is her sister who is a great weaver. They are both brave which is another thing they both have.


  34. jweintraub28 Says:

    I agree with Cohen and Brett, because it makes sense to hide if you see a dangerous enemy. also, Kira and EveningStar are alike because each wants to help the community, like what Riana said, which was that Kira worked on the singers robe and EveningStar went into the jungle to get herbs.


  35. bdworsky16 Says:

    I think i also agree with Cohen and Brett, it does make sense to hide. She also alike because they have talents, Kira’s is making cloth, Evengstar Macaw’s is finding and pointing out herbs. They are both very brave also. They both want to help the community, and people that have been close to them have died.

    ~~Collin Dworsky~~

  36. mstewartatcary Says:

    No more comments about candy in your posts, folks!
    Ms. Stewart

  37. kbell9 Says:

    I belive that Kira and Eveningstar both have a strong sense of right and wrong plus a burning determination that makes them the characters they are. Besides the close deaths in their family and knowledge of herbs they both are in a similar age group and have a very close male companion that gets put in danger.

    ~Kendall Bell
    7th period

  38. mstewartatcary Says:

    Posting for Ethan…

    I think Kira and Eveningstar Macaw are related, like they have had family members die and are both sort of down on luck, but both are also very different. For example, Kira’s problem was in her government and Eveningstar’s was an entirely different government. Another example is that Kira is in a post-apocalyptic time era while Eveningstar’s is before ours.

  39. cwagner6 Says:

    I agree with celia because they are alike and different in many ways. Like the way celia said about how they are different because eveningstar does not have a disabillity like kira and her leg. The biggest similaraty to me is that they both have someone that has died. That is what the similar and different things were to me.

    -Caroline Wagner 🙂

  40. stucker24 Says:

    Sydney Thinks…

    I think that Kira and Eveningstar Macaw are the same because they both seem the same age and their community both go through sickness and have spacific beliefs in their community. They were also both in danger of servival at the begining of the books.

    They are both different because The Well of Sacrifice took place back in time, and I think Kiras story took place in the future. Also from the start, Eveningstar Macaw was way more brave than Kira was.

    – The awsome Sydney Tucker

  41. afischbein26 Says:

    I think Evengstar and Kira are alike and different. Both Evengstar have lost people that are close to them. They are different because Evengstar lives in a world of war and Kira lives in world of dictatorship.


  42. ahall11 Says:

    I think eveningstar and Kira are alike because they both have something they do to contribute to the communiunty, Kira weaves, and eveningstar finds and understands how to use herbs and spices in order to help people in the village. Although we don’t know much about eveningstar yet I think that they are both brave and willing to break the rules to help their socity. They also both have had people that are close to them die.
    -Abby Hall

  43. ssotolongo29 Says:

    I think they are alike in the way where they are unlke othe girls. They do special jobs and wear special things. Although they are different. Kira was an orphan and could not have been able to go through the jungle. They also both have had family die though.

    Silvia Sotolongo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  44. AlexU Says:

    I think that Eveningstar is, and is not like Kira in a couple ways. First of all she and kira both live in communities. Second of all both communities’ had goverment. Third of all they are both girls. A couple of differences between them are: First of all Kira had no parents, and Eveningstar does. Second of all (at least so far in the book) Eveningstar is very strong, and Kira is weak. Third of all Eveningstar is alowd to go in the jungle, Kira’s village has a “property line” that they can not go past.
    These are just a couple of te many similarities and differences in the books!

  45. mhutzenbuhler14 Says:

    I think that Kira and Eveningstar are similar because they both live in villages and have someone close to them die. They are different because they live in different time periods and Eveningstar is not controlled like Kira. Kira also lacks the ability to run.

    -Matthew Hutzenbuher

  46. aatieh12 Says:

    i think that kira and eviningastar are the same but yet different. i think they are the same because they both like adventure. they are both alike because they both look alike to me. on the other hand they are different because because they come from different cultures. they are also defferent because they both have different names(duh).

    Ahmad Atieh yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. mgordon26 Says:

    I think they are very much a like in many ways because they both have sort of the same personalalities and they contribute to the community in their own ways. The community style is diffrent like evening star has more of an orginized community and Kira had a smaller and diffrent society. They are both have a lot of courage and are willing to break the rules if necessary and have experienced death in there friends and family. I love the book and think the book is very descripted.

  48. ebednarek22 Says:

    Eveningstar and Kira both have something speacial that they are able to do. Also they both are very strong and can perservere

    – Erin Bednarek

  49. AnnaJ Says:

    I think that Kira and Eveningstar Macaw are alike because the both do not have a lot of friends in the begining,, both have jobs that other people wont do, and they have both had family die. Kira is disabled, but Evening Macaw is not, the both have life threating things happen in the first chapter.


  50. ahoffman14 Says:

    I think Ceila and Caroline are right. The only difference I can think of is that Kira has a disability and Eveningstar doesn’t.The way how they have had loved ones die and are unlike other girls and boys. They both also sound like there very brave. So far, I think that Eveningstar is going to go through a lot with the small savege! The book sounds like its ation packed and I can’t wait to see what happends to Eveningstar and the saveges!!

    Alexa Hoffman:)

  51. sstohlman28 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar and Kira are alike. For one thing they both are not afraid to do anyhing. Eveningstar is the only girl that will go into the jungle, and Kira is not afraid to stand up to someone. Eveningstar and Kira live in poor societies yet the societies are strangley different. In Eveningstars society there are not many rules, or rulers. In Kira’s society it’s like the Council of Guardians whatch the villagers every move. They have a lot of rules and are not as free as Eveningstars society. They share the similarity of having roles and duties according to where they are in social class.
    -Shannon 🙂

  52. cmiles7 Says:

    I think that eveningstar macaw and kira are alike because they both have heart but one is brave enough to go into deep jungle at the age of ten while the other is always scared half to death 🙂

  53. vkasula2 Says:

    I think that Kira and Eveningstar are the same and different in a few ways,
    like Kira and Eveningstar both had someone they actually love pass away and see saw stuff that they wish everyone had seen to because it was very important. I also agree with Josh Milligan because there cities where different because Eveningstars city was more like Jonas’s city and Kira’s city they did stuff only because they wanted to survive.

    – Varun re:

  54. javery10 Says:

    In the Book The Well of Sacrifice I believe the first chspter is interesting and a good start for the book. Also I believe That the character Eveningstar has alot of relationn with Kira. They both are struggling with their soceity and village. They are both different because in Eveningstar’s village there is love and people do not hate eachother instead they heal eachother. Also if someone is sick they do not leave them alone they heal them, talk to them, and and stay with them even when they die. Eveningstar’s village seems almost the oppisite of Kira’s village because Kira’s village does ot have love but Eveningstar’svillage will not coroperate with their neighbor villages.

    -Jonathan Avery

    ‘Express your feelings with good expression’

  55. vkasula2 Says:

    I don’t exactly think what Zoe said was correct because Evening Star was not to brave because Eveningstar ran as fast as she could after the salvages left and she said she was really really scared, which exactly the opposite of bave.

  56. jrabon16 Says:

    I think Kira is similar to eveningstar macaw because they both have the same personalities. The reason why is because they are both very friendly and have some fear. Also they both have to follow the rules of their government like eveningstar macaw lives under her familys rules and Kira lives under the council of edifice rules.

    John rabon

  57. dvandergrift8 Says:

    I think that they are very similar they’re both very out going and wanting to find that thing. Also because of the rules.

  58. torya Says:

    I think that Eveningstar Macaw is similar to kira because they both live in a community where they are unknown about any other surrounding life. They are both extremely brave and confident even though they both have boundries and laws withen their community. I agree with Abby when she said they both have a meaning or job in their community. Kira weaved and Eveningstar understands and learns the ways to use herbs and spices. Their jobs were also passed down by their mothers.


  59. MinjieY Says:

    I think that Eveningstar is like Kira becuase they have similar personalities. They also have had a beloved one pass away and they both have some kind of fear. Both Kira and Eveningstar also have a special job that nobody has.

  60. anyangoro9 Says:

    I think that Evening Star and Kira are the same because of how Evening Star would help his mother out with her job, also they are both pretty much fearless people they aren’t afraid to do things that they know will help. I also think that they are different because of what each of them are capable of do, Kira couldn’t do the things that Evening Star is doing because of her leg.

  61. jayr Says:

    I think they were the same because they both had someone very close to them pass away.They both also fear everyday of something. Kira is scared that the council will not be pleased with her and throw her in the forest. But Evening Star is scared of the savages. I think Kiras life is more controlled though and Evening Star is more free to do as she wants.

  62. Anne G. Says:

    Yes, I think Eveningstar and Kira are alike and different. I think they are alike by the fact that they both seem very adventerous and intrested in their surroundings. But they are also different because in Kira’s world you don’t really have to worry about what is happening in the surrounding areas because those people won’t hurt you. But in Eveningstar’s community it seems just from using the word and describing savages you understand that in Eveningstar’s communtiy they have to be more careful about the surrounding villages and communitys that would harm their village. And create a commotion between two different groupes of people.
    ~Anne Graham~

  63. gcornett4 Says:

    Test comment

  64. kpelnik26 Says:

    I thought that the book is probably in the future or the past. It was very interesting how the character talked about the savages. I think that the beginning of the book made me think of many questions about the book.

  65. jduke18 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar and Kira are alike because they both have gone though bad times and they both live in a village sort of place. They also live in places were the man in charge is a killer in a way to harm those around them.

  66. jduke18 Says:

    I think that Eveningstar and Kira are alike because they both have gone though bad times and they both live in a village sort of place. They also live in places were the man in charge is a killer in a way to harm those around them. But Eveningstar has food and drink while kira sruggles to live.I think that Well of Sacrifice is very descriptive. Eveningstar and Kira also had different traits. For example, Eveningstar is very brave while Kira is very worrisome. So I think that Eveningstar Macaw and Kira are the same and different.


  67. hpatel24 Says:

    I think that the second chapter is not as good as the first chapter because, you could predict that Eveningstar is going to gather some people to go and capture the savages. So I basically knew the whole chapter. I think the author should have changed the second chapter a bit.

    Hursch Patel

  68. jduke18 Says:

    The Second chapter was ok and better than the first chapter. It was more exciting and fast-paced. I liked the sort of way how even though Eveningstar spared Small’s life she did not really spare him because he is a slave in the city.It showed that even her kindness was not particularly kind.Some similarities of buety between there times and the 21st centurie include the peircing of ears, lips, noses, and toungues.


  69. kmarsh2 Says:

    Eveningstar Macaw doesen’t remind me of Kira at all! I mean, Kira was a little disabled, yes, and Eveningstar Macaw RAN back to her village to send a message about Small and the rest of the Savages. Last time I checked, Kira could not run!

    However, in characterisics, Kira and Eveningstar Macaw are both very intelligent, but in different ranges. Kira has knowledge of only her society, and, after the scenario for the trial, the Council of Guardians.

    Evening star Macaw obviously has knowledge that there are other societies in the world besides hers that can endanger her society and their way of life.

    I hope I made a nice argument.


  70. vkasula2 Says:

    Eveningstar dosen’t remind me of Kira at all.

    First of all the time periods were different Eveningstar is in the 9th century
    and Kira is in the future.

    Also in Kira’s village the FAKE government kills people for power and Kira wants that to end. That does not relate to anything about what Eveningstar does, which is find the salvages and end the war with them.

    Another thing is that Kira’s leg is disformed and Eveningstars isn’t.

    But I do think Kira and Eveningstar are very smart and talented

    -Varun K.

  71. vkasula2 Says:

    I just want to tell Katy (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) that this book is in the past because they were in the MAYAN civilization and Eveningstar said they were in the 9th century.

    -Varun K.

  72. AshleyC Says:

    I am responding to Varun’s comment. Kira and Eveningstar are kind of related in a way. If you think about it they both experienced death. I agree with you when you say that they are both very smart and talented. You are also correct when you talk about how Kira’s leg is deformed and Eveningstar’s is not.

    -Ashley 🙂

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