Voice Thread Book Reviews

Over the summer, students were required to read a second book (in addition to Gathering Blue). If students had not read The Giver, they were asked to read it. If they had read The Giver, they could choose from a list of other titles. Students wrote book reviews of their second summer reading book and recorded them using a site called Voice Thread.Β You can see an example here. As a homework assignment, students listened to another student’s book review and posted comments to this blog post.

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64 Comments on “Voice Thread Book Reviews”

  1. kandrejko16 Says:

    I listened to Sami Frankel’s book review. She wrote about the book, the Giver. I think Sami did a great Job describing the book and giving great examples of things that the author did that she liked. She did an amazing job, and I agree with all of the things that the author did well. To improve her book review she could have spoke louder, because I had a hard time hearing it. Overall, I think she did amazing!
    Great Job!

  2. rschleicher19 Says:

    I listened to Delaney Vandergrift’s book revies. She did “Silent Boy” I thought she did a great job of talking loudly enough so I could hear, and using good, descriptive passages. I think she could’ve worked on talking just a little bit clearer at times. Overall, I loved it!! Fantastic!!

  3. ekerns6 Says:

    Max, i listened to yours, it was preety sweet! That book has an interesting title, The Mysterious Benedict Society. Your voice was clear throughout the whole review, which was pretty crazy. I don’t know anything you could have improved on.

  4. ssotolongo29 Says:

    Jackson- nice job talking clearly when u were talking about the giver. It was descriptive and i also liekd the way you would say quote before every qoute,it was funny. You could speak a little louder and try and say more things about the book.

  5. ctaylor20 Says:

    I, ctaylor20 (Charlie) read Alya’s review of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone. It was a well spoken review, but the only thing wrong was that she didn’t sight her pages or the author. On the other hand, it was a very good and it explained how detailed J.K. Rowling writes her books.

    Great job Ayla!!!

  6. sstohlman28 Says:

    I listended to Rachel Thimsen’s book review. I think that she really liked based on her comments. You had a very strong voice & it was very clear. I really want to read a Tree grows In Brooklyn now. GOOD JOB RACHEL! πŸ™‚

  7. cmiles7 Says:

    I listend to Jonh Rabon’s book review he had good descriptions and a good closing sentence. Some things John could of improved were having an opening sentence and I think he should record a gain because Max, Cohen, and Alma were talking very loudly in the background it was so loud I could regonize their voices.

  8. bhodgdon12 Says:

    I, Brett read Zak’s book report on The Giver. Zak one of the things you did great on is tell about the detail of the book. One thing you could have improved upon is how fast you said your book report. Zak you did a great job keep it up!

  9. gcornett4 Says:

    I listened to John Rabons book review of the Giver. He did a good job on the transition sentences but he had no beggining sentnce. He should of put down the first sent and not forget it next time. Besides that it was pretty good.

  10. kshy8 Says:

    Raven Watson-I think you did a really good job on your book review of the Giver. I especially liked how you described Lois Lowry’s writing style. I think those parts were excellent. One thing that I would have done to make it better was to make the transition sentences go with the quotes more. Overall, I think your book review was really good and I enjoyed listening to you read it aloud.
    Katie Shy

  11. sstohlman28 Says:

    Adding on to my comment about a Rachel’s book review “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, I think that you should of had longer transition sentences. Anyways good job again!

  12. afischbein26 Says:

    Charlie- you did a great job telling about The Giver. You had great descriptions about the book. Also you made me want to read the book again. If you were going to improve I think you should say when you are going to read a part from the book say that you are, but overall it was amazing.


  13. vkasula2 Says:

    Katie Pelnik if thats how spell your last name,
    I listened to your review and it fantastic,
    I dion’t think anyone elses could get better than.
    Keep it up and you’ll get straight A+ s in 6th grade Language Arts

  14. audell9 Says:

    Isabelle Blank
    The Giver
    Isabelle did very well on being loud and passionate. She had a very great picture, and I knew what she meant on the picture. Color.
    Isabelle was a bit too loud. I was so caught in her voice that I wasn’t payinga ttention to the actual book review. I have known Isabelle or a year and I know that she is very dramatic. But sometimes too dramatic.
    All in all sh did a very good job.

  15. jwilliams28 Says:

    To Sydney Johnson,
    I think you did a great job giving great details, you really seemed like you enjoyed the book. You explained well what you thought of each part from the book. J.K. Rowling did a great job of describing the scene too, i felt as if I were part of the story, i may say that a lot for great descriptions, but this was an extra special description. I really thought the details for the picture were nice. Oh and Sydney, nice job with the “excitement and mysterious” as stated in the second sentence. Nice recording!
    Keep up the great work!

  16. jwilliams28 Says:

    Oh, I forgot, Sydney did Harry Potter and the Sorcers Stone.

  17. mgordon26 Says:

    Brett- I think brett did a great job speaking loud and clear and had great descriptions and I enjoyed the book review the whole time and was entertained and love the quotes. The thing you did the best on was speaking because I listened to other people and you did the best job.

  18. nverderame4 Says:

    I listened to tory Andrews recording and it was phenominal. Her word choice was great and the transition words she put in to her sentences were fanastic. Her introduction was concise short and sweet. Her closure was fantastic word choice and all. Her examples from the book was good three of them all with the fantastic ending and explanation. So she had an all around fantastic job on her recording

  19. ipremasinghe23 Says:

    I listened to Tory Andrews book report. I think she did a fantastic job with her wording and her speaking was wonderful. She choose three great examples and she explained them well. I don’t think she could’ve really improved on much, but I don’t think she had to say the page numbers after her quotes. Keep up the good work Tory, you’re doing a marvelous job!:)


  20. myim4 Says:

    I listened to ayla kauffman’s book review. I liked her choice of examples. I liked her choice of examples becuase they were very descriptive and real. i also liked her conclusion. She didn’t just ramble on and on. She just simply said that she thought she really liked the plot of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

  21. rvanvliet6 Says:

    I listend to Tory Andrews book Report. She did The Giver. I think that she did a fantastic job in picking quotes and explaining them. I dont think she could’ve improved at all except I think she should of said the page number before the quote because it made it a little confusing.


  22. jmilligan14 Says:

    I read Ivana Premsinghe’s book report. She chose to review The Giver by Louis Lowry and I thought that it was great. She had excellant quotes from the book that I thought were great examples of creative writing, and also thought that she could identify why she chose her examples and how they are examples of creative writing in a very well organized way. But I do think that she could have made better transition sentances between quotes. But other then that, I think she did a great job.

    Josh Milligan

  23. bmartin3 Says:

    I listened to Isabelle Blanks book report. She read the book the giver. She did an awesome job on it! She had great quotes and a great conclusion. She did a great job explaining her examples and saying why she chose them. She was also very clear. The only thing I would have made different was, to put why she chose the example and then the quote. Other than that she did a great job!

  24. sjohnson6 Says:

    Review by Joanna Williams
    The Giver
    Joanna, I thought you did an amazing job on your review! It had great description, and I loved how you said, “It made me feel like I was in the book” in your transition sentences. You also had a great conclusion, and introduction. I thought the introduction explained the book very well, you made me want to read the book over again! There is nothing to change in your review, but with the recording, next time make sure you speak louder so people listening can understand you better.

    GREAT JOB!!!!!

    -Sydney Johnson

  25. sstohlman28 Says:

    Samantha Stancill “Number the Stars”. I think think that Samantha did a great job at picking out quotes form the book. She had a very strong introduction and conclusion. I think she needs to speak lowder.
    Shannon Stohlman πŸ™‚ bye

  26. ahall11 Says:

    Tory Andrews book review about the giver
    Tory, your book review had very convincing points,and the examples you used were great. You really chose great parts of the book to share, and described why you liked liked them very well. Your wording was excellent and you made me feel like I wanted to read it again! Although if there was anything I think that you could have said differently is that Lowis Lowery is a woman and you said she was a man, but it was a honest mistake because I thought she was a man until we started going over it in school. Other then that you did a fantastic job!!!!!

  27. ahall11 Says:

    above is Abby Hall’s comment about Tory Andrew’s book review

  28. sstohlman28 Says:

    Kristin Andrejko Book Review on The Giver,
    Kristin, I am very impressed by how well you your examples, and transition were. I like how you used a lot of enthusiasm while reading the quoets. it really brought me into the the author when you said your transition sentences. I really don’t think you need any more improvment all you need is to keep working hard!
    -Shannon πŸ™‚

  29. stucker24 Says:

    I listened to Ethan Kern’s book review. Ethan, you did a spectacular job!! You were respectful towards the author, but you were also willing to share your thoughts that the author could do better. I noticed that you also went the extra mile by giving good details like: definitions of words for example, to prove your point. You also had great examples all with the main idea that the story wasn’t the best book you had read so far. I only found one error, and that was that your intoduction sentence was not very formal. You started it with your main thoughts and I think you should have started it with something like: “The Giver was not one of the best books I have read”, then go into your main dislike of the book. For the most part, your book rview was awsome!


    -Sydney Tucker

  30. hpatel24 Says:

    I read Brett’s book review.
    Brett, I liked the way you choses some examples from the book and talked about them! You chose very important sayings from the book. One thing I would work on is, in the begining of your book review you didn’t say what the title was. Someone could get confussed by that. Other than that I think you did a good job.

    Hursch Patel

  31. zdavis5 Says:

    I read Brett Hodgden’s book review about The Giver.
    Brett, you did a great job describing how the book was mysterious and descriptive. You did a great job speaking clearly and slowly. One improvment is that you could’ve included an example that was exciting because you said that The Giver was exciting in your book review. Overall I thought that is was a really good book review about The Giver.


  32. ebednarek22 Says:

    Hey- I read Alya’s book review it was amazing the discriptions were great I chould picture the castle in my head-Erin B.

  33. cmizelle13 Says:

    This is Celia.
    I did Anne’s book review on the Giver and thought it was AWESOME .She used really good words and did good quotes. When Anne was describing the book she said not only what the author did well, but why she liked what the author did. If she could have done anything better then I would say possibly to next time to talk a tiny bit more between each quote so you can tell when oe quote ends and the next begins. Great job Anne, keep up the good work!!!!

  34. hchow26 Says:

    I read Katie Pelnik’s book review and I thought she did great! I know it was hard for her to talk because other people were talking in the background too. She used some bog words to express how she really felt about the book, and Katie really seemed to understand the book, and Katie talks about how Lois Lowry doesn’t reveal her secrets until the end. But she didn’t give her 3 examples from the book, not at least that I heard. Great job Katie!!!

  35. mgibbon14 Says:

    I decided to listen to Ethan’s book review. Ethan reviewed The Giver. Ethan had great examples and great opinions. I liked how he disliked the book and showed it by saying what the author could have done better. Ethan could have said why Jonas was happy in the snow. I agree that I would be miserable too, but Jonas had a reason. That is what Ethan could have talked more about. Ethan did a great job.

  36. dvandergrift8 Says:

    I listened to Samantha Stanciils book review. I thought she did amazing although I’ve read the book she made me want to read it again. Also I think she could have tried to be in a more quiet place while reading becaus ei could hear a few noises in the back ground and to talk a little bit slower. As she read and i heard the word holicost i heard the way she talked and it really made me feel sad in a way and made me think of what happend in the holicost. Great job Samantha

  37. akenyon5 Says:

    I listened to John’s book review, and I thought that he really had a grasp on the subject, but I think that he could have moved to a quieter place. Over all though, I think that he did a great job on his book reveiw, and should get an A+. Good job John!!!


  38. dvandergrift8 Says:

    I listened to Tory Andews book review. I thought Tory did an amazing job i have never read the giver but wow did she make me want to go out a buy a copy of it now. It is so hard for me to come up with something to say that she could have inproved on because i thought she did perfect. I loved how she put so mush passion into describing Jonas. It made me kind of so sad when she was talking about the sharp pain and the crying. Ok i came up with something that she could have inproved on and it was very hard for me to come it with one. She could have backed away from the microphone just a little bit. πŸ™‚ Outstanding Job Tory.

    Delaney V.
    Also my other comment i forgot to put my name so the one above this one is mine. BYE

  39. dvandergrift8 Says:

    well the one after the one other one

  40. mhutzenbuhler14 Says:

    I listened to Nyal Patel’s book review. He was reviewing the Giver. I think your speaking and information was great. You could of had a little more enthusiasm though.

    Matthew Hutzenbuhler:)

  41. mstewartatcary Says:

    I am really appreciating the respectful tones that those posting comments are using. Great job everyone!
    Ms. Stewart

  42. sfrankel1 Says:

    I read Samantha Stancill’s book review on Number the Stars. I think that her book review was really, really good and all of the examples as well as the conclusion sentence made we want to read the book. However, I think that she could have improved her book review by adding in transition sentences other than “This was another great example of…” All in all though, I think that Samantha did really well on her book review.

  43. ajenkins26 Says:

    I think that Rachel did a very good job on her book report on A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. She spoke very clearly and did a wonderful job choosing three quotes that were different and had good examples. She had a introduction, conclusion, and great transition sentences. I like how she did not say much about liking or disliking the book until the end. I do not think she could have done any thing better.

  44. sfrankel1 Says:

    I also erad Tory’s book reveiw on The Giver, because of everyone else’s reaction to it. I agree. She did really amazing on it. Although I have read The Giver multiple times, she brought tho my attention some details that never really crossed my mind. Like Delany, I can’t even think of something that she could have improved on. I think that maybe she could have… I don’t know. I can’t think of anything. Her book review was truly amazing.

  45. acorn16 Says:

    I really liked the quotes you picked. I was very impressed with your transition and enthusiasm. I really liked how when you read your book review you used enthusiasm. I do not think you need any improvement

    -Ashley πŸ™‚

  46. zdohm9 Says:

    Review by Abby Hall
    The Giver
    Abby, I really injoyed your book review. You did a good job with your transition sentences. I agree that the author was very mysterios. You spoke clear and loudly. Maybe next time speak a little bit louder when there is noise in the backround. You did really nice.

    Zoe Dohm

  47. bdworsky16 Says:

    I listened to Jay Ramger’s book review about The Giver. I liked the comment about death, and how parents do not always tell their kids everything. Going back to the same comment, I didn’t think it was explained very well. I think saying parents don’t tell their kids everything, well parents and children can be referred to all different people in the book. For example, he may have been trying to say Jonas’ parents don’t tell him everything; well someone listening to this could interpret a different way, such as The Giver being Jonas’ parent. I think otherwise he did a great job on the assignment.
    -Collin Dworsky

  48. rmcdonald17 Says:

    I listened to Max gordons book review on Hoot. He did a good job describing what the sentence’s did to you. One Thing I would change is that Mrs. stewert told him to stop and do it over again. The problem is that you could hear all of this. He should have started a new review.

    Ryan Mcdonald

  49. acorn16 Says:

    I really liked the quotes you picked. I was very impressed with your transition and enthusiasm. I really liked how when you read your book review you used enthusiasm. I do not think you need any improvement

    -Ashley πŸ™‚

    (Kristin did the giver)

  50. cdworsky16 Says:

    I listened to Tory Andrew’s book review about the giver. One thing I really liked was the quote about the elephants. One thing she could have improved was maybe speaking a bit louder.

  51. kashok4 Says:

    I listened to Max Gowan’s book review. He reviewed the book The Mysterious Benedict Society. The best thing about his book review was that he used some very high-level vocabulary and he created some very grabbing sentences. One thing I think he could work on is talking a little bit more quietly and I think he could have spoken with a little bit more enthusiasm.



  52. kmarsh2 Says:

    I really like how you introduced your book review on The Giver because you sounded as if you were a news reporter! I also liked how there was no background noise (good job on finding a spot ^_^) and how you explained everything clearly.
    I think you did a great job, and I like how you said everything clearly.
    To tell you the truth, because of the picture you set for your thread (a hippo) and your volume, I felt as though you were on a wildlife channel and were studying/doing a segment on the hippopotamus in the wild!
    -Kai ❀

  53. jrabon16 Says:

    I listened to johhnathan averys voice thread. Th book was The Giver. I think johnathan avery did a good job on his voice. Johnathan could have done a better job of speaking louder.

  54. javery10 Says:

    Issablle read the book The Giver. She did a great a great job on explaining what she thought about the book. Also she used 3 great examples and the sentences were fluent & great. I think everyone would enjoy her book review.

    Jonathan Avery

    ‘Release feeling good emotion’

  55. cyeaney25 Says:

    I listend to Amanda Lee’s book review. I though it was cleraly describd, but Amanda repeated the same words/ideas again and agian. If i were her, i would try to think of different words to use for each idea. However, her book review flowed along perfectly. The ideas weren’t out of order, and Amanda put in some good use of the authors writing.

    By: Colin Yeaney

  56. jrabon16 Says:

    I did Max Gordans voice thread. Over all max did a very good job on his voice and the tone. What Max could have done better was when he reapeted some words in the very middle and also should have not let Coen speak on their.


  57. iblank20 Says:

    I think that Anna did an exelent job of explaining “Harry Potter and the Scorcerers Stone”. She gave 3 examples about the book that were well picked.I think that maybe Anna could have maybe written a little more fluently in her transition sentences, but all and all, her eveiw was great!(Her book reveiw included all that it was sopposed to)

    Written by Isabelle Blank

  58. rthimsen10 Says:

    I listened to Anna Jenkins’ book review. She read Harry Potter 1. I loved how she talked like the characters would talk. It made me feel like I was listening to Harry Potter on a tape. I think that she could have had a tiny bit longer book review because I was really getting into it and then it ended. Awesome job!
    Rachel πŸ™‚

  59. mstewartatcary Says:

    Dear Zak,

    I liked your book review on the Giver very much. I liked the way that you had a very thorough review and had three very good and descriptive quotes. Something i think you could have improved on though was that in a few places u were a little bit confused and it sounded like you hadn’t recited it before. Next time I you could read your review and then recite it after you know it clearly. Besides that I think it was a very good book review.

    Sincerely, Jay

  60. alee14 Says:

    Alex Udell wrote a great review about the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. She also did an amazing job with her opening sentence and I loved her use of words. Next time i think she could talk a little bit louder… but just a little! She had a wonderful book review! GREAT JOB ALEX!!!!!!!

    Think of cows!

    -Amanda Lee πŸ™‚

  61. anyangoro9 Says:

    Dear Ashley,

    I think that you did a very good job of speaking clearly throughout your review. It sounded like you knew what you were talking about and was sure about everything you were saying. One thing I think would’ve been better is that you didn’t repeat the same thing that you said before reading the quote after the quote. Otherwise it was a very good book review.


  62. mgowan8 Says:

    I’m Max Gowan and I read Zak Davis’ book review. He reviewed The Giver by Lois Lowry. He did really well at describing the author’s way of writing but I think his transitional sentences could have been a bit stronger. Also if he could have slowed down a little bit when he talked that would have been good. But overall great book review Zak!

  63. kmarsh2 Says:

    can someone leavea comment on my thread? it might be too long but I would appreciate being noticed…


  64. HurschP Says:

    I think that all tricksters have a suprise to them. Like something that the reader woulden’t expect. Thats how I figure out the ending.

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