Kira’s Second Trial

As an extension activity after reading Gathering Blue, students engaged in a second trial of Kira based on a set of hypothetical facts. Students were given a memo detailing the events following the end of the book, trial procedures, requirements for writing a brief or juror statement, and the roles they would play. An excerpt from the memo follows…

The Facts

            After the events of Gathering Blue, Kira decides it is important that she share the knowledge she has of the Village of Yonder and the people who live there. She also plans to expose the lies the Council of Guardians are spreading about the “beasts” that live in the woods beyond the town. Kira continues to live in the Council Edifice and work on the Singer’s robe. However, she begins to secretly add a new section to the Robe which tells of the overthrow of the Guardians by the people of the town and the joining of their community with that of the Village of Yonder. Kira hopes these events will occur in the future. Kira tells as many members of the Fen as she can about the events of the previous week and her discovery that Jamison tried to kill her father. She also goes to the cell where the Singer is held and attempts to help him escape.  A guard catches her during the escape attempt. That same day, Jamison discovers the alterations Kira has made to the Singer’s robe.   

            Kira is brought before the Council of Guardians and charged with treason. The town’s treason statute reads as follows:

A person shall be guilty of treason if he or she makes war against the Council of Guardians or aids enemies of the Council of Guardians. A person may not be convicted of treason if he or she is a prisoner.

Trial Procedure

            A pre-trial hearing has been held and the facts of the case have been decided upon by the judge. The prosecution, defense, and witnesses have agreed to these facts. You may expand upon these facts and include facts from the book, but you may not alter them. In making your arguments, you should use information both from Gathering Blue and the facts of this case.

            At the trial, the prosecution and defense will make opening statements and each have the opportunity to pose three questions to each of the witnesses. Jury members will also be allowed to ask two questions per jury member (to whichever witnesses they choose). After hearing the arguments, the jury will deliberate and render a verdict. Guilt or innocence will be determined by a simple majority. If the verdict is guilty, the judge will sentence the defendant.

Student Reaction

            After the trial, students will post comments to this page to discuss their experiences of the trial.

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50 Comments on “Kira’s Second Trial”

  1. cmiles7 Says:

    I think that Kira should have been guilty because everybody liked Kira and then we had the trial and most people would fvor her because they liked her in the book.

    Casey Miles

  2. jrabon16 Says:

    I thought the trial seemed very real nand like a very real trial with all the characters of a real trial. We were very fortunate to have a very good defense and prosecution.

  3. mhutzenbuhler14 Says:

    You are so right Casey! The entire jury was pro Kira. She should be dragged out to the field. Down with Kira up with the council.

    Matthew Hutzenbuhler

  4. ajenkins26 Says:

    I think that the jury was fare, but i think that we should have benn able to kira or the gaurd a small punishment. Because we could not, I think that when our class voted Kira not guilty that it was a good choice.


  5. mgibbon14 Says:

    I agree with john. The trial seemed pretty real even though it was not. It was a lot of fun and interesting to discus.

  6. cmizelle13 Says:

    In my trial Kira was juged innocent. I think this was a little bit unfair (even though I was on the defense) because the jury read the book through Kira’s eyes and they would already be thinking that Vandara was the bad guy. Maybe it would have been more fair if they had just read the trial memo not the whole book. The trial was still really fun and mostly realistic.

  7. tandrews13 Says:

    I thought both teams were very strong and confident with their opinion. Sometimes both teams were asked a difficult and unprepared question but handled it well. I believe that the jury could have chosen either guilty or innocent evenly.


  8. agraham16 Says:

    I think Kira should have been guilty. If the book was from Vandara’s point of view Kira would have most likely been guilty.

  9. jramger22 Says:

    I think that the other side of the trial should have won even though I was matt. It seemed that there side had more good questions that would I think would have won a real trial.

  10. kandrejko16 Says:

    As a member of the Jury, my thoughts about the trial may have been different than the prosecution or the defense. I thought the defense presented information that helped the fact that Kira was not guilty. They were well prepared and acted very professional. They had a lot of detail showing that Kira, did as she was told and should not be guilty. Overall, the defense was able to convince me and other jury members that Kira was not guilty.

  11. bdworsky16 Says:

    I think Kira should have been guilty or thought more guilty by the jury because the case was about her trying to help the Singer escape, and the guard caught her. she should already have to go to prison or death sentence. I definitley thought that the Defence did make good arguements in our period.

  12. ebednarek22 Says:

    I belive that kira was supposed to be guilty but I wasn’t suprised when she was guilty after all I was part of the jury

  13. rschleicher19 Says:

    I thought both “teams” had great opinions. There were times when a witness was asked a difficult question, (like me :)) and had to make up a good answer on the spot. That was pretty hard. I thougt that it was pretty cool that I had an opinion on Kira before the trial, and then after really looking into it, my opinion changed completely. Overall, though, I think the trial was REALLY fun!!

    RIANA!! 🙂

  14. jmilligan14 Says:

    I dissagree. Kira should not be guilty because she is a prisoner and does not have the freedom to do what she wishes to do.

  15. ipremasinghe23 Says:

    I thought the trial was a great experience. Both sides had such good arguments, that when us memebers of the Jury had to decide the outcome, it took longer than we thought. The trial was well organized and I think it was a lot of fun!


  16. acorn16 Says:

    I think that Kira should have been guilty because she broke the community rules. She tried to help the singer escape and that was against the rules. I know that she was just trying to help but still she should be charged with treason.


  17. ctaylor20 Says:

    As a defendent of Kira (Matt) I belive she was not gulity. The witnesses of the Guardians lied almost every question. On a brighter note it was a very fun class period and I had a great time. (Try to incorperate somthing like this into another class Ms. Stewart).

  18. myim4 Says:

    i think kira should be guilty. She tried to make the people mad and make the people start a war with the council. For that reason i think she is guilty of treason. i also think the jury decided that she wasn’t guilty only becuase they read the book already and felt bad for her.

    – Minjie

  19. afischbein26 Says:

    I choose Kira as guilty because her witness didn’t give good information, but they did have a better opening sentence. I was not surprised when Kira lost. I think Kira should of had a harsher punishment.


  20. rvanvliet6 Says:

    I think Kira should have been innocent because I think that she is a prisoner. I really think that the only reason that the people say she should go to the field is because they hated the book.

  21. gcornett4 Says:

    I think both teams did a very good job but I think that Kira should of been guilty because she clearly went against the council! The jury said that Kira should of done community work…….

  22. mgowan8 Says:

    I think that Kira was comepletly innocent because I hate to brag but our team did really awesome and we caught them off gaurd with our questions.

  23. akenyon5 Says:

    I think that Kira should have been convicted guilty because she was trying to wreck up the community by trying to steal the singer. Without the singer, there wouldn’t be any record of what had previosly happened, so the community could make the same mistake again without the memories of what would happen.

  24. npatel17 Says:

    I thought that both side did very well, and even though I am in the prosecution I think that the jury gave a wise diccision. The jury took what was said from the trial and came up with a good answer because my side (I mean me) was a little bit truthful when we were supposed to lie! I think that the wittnesses did a great job coming up with answers,like me except my answers were not particualy “good”!

  25. hchow26 Says:

    I thought the prosecution side should have won, even though I was Kira. The prosecution side made really good questions and answers, and the prosecution side was smart and quick with their answers with the jury’s questions while the defense side didn’t have the best answers or questions.

    Hannah Chow

  26. aatieh12 Says:

    i think that we had a lot of fun in the trial. it is also very serious too because it counts against us in our grades so much. my part of the group really got to work thinking of questions for the prosecution and the defense. i was part of the jury so i don’t get much attention in the trial, i thought of juicy questions in the trial and so did a lot too other people. i had fun.

    Ahmad Atieh

  27. kpelnik26 Says:

    I think that Kira should have been guilty because she is not a prisoner she is as free as any one else in her comunity. The council of guardians took her in when they didnt have to. They saved her. So she is completely guilty. Because she even admit to trying to break the singer out and she is not a prisoner.


  28. jwilliams28 Says:

    I thought the jury was fair and had reasons why Kira was innocent/guilty, (even though i was a jury member). I think that it really depended on the period and how the trial went if Kira was guilty or not. She did have a little benefit since she did seem to be a innocent girl in the book; but still that doesn’t mean much. But majority of people posting thought that their side should of won; ever thought of it from a jury members point of view?

    -Joanna 🙂

  29. sstohlman28 Says:

    As a member of the Jury, we decided that Kira was guilty. I agree with the choice we made. I think that even some questions were hard for the defense they pulled through. Everybody did a great job at asking as well as answering them. The trial was a great experience! 🙂


  30. zdavis5 Says:

    I think kira should be guilty because she aided an enemy of the council of gurdians. Since she was not a prisoner she didn’t have a reason of running away. She should be killed as quickly as possibly.

    Zak Davis

  31. vkasula2 Says:

    I think Kira should be guilty because she tried to make a rebellion against the council of Guardians and that is what the council of guardians tried to prevent from happen


  32. vkasula2 Says:

    I agree with Brian Dworsky because the defense made good comments but the jury still should have known that Kira was breaking the law.


  33. zdohm9 Says:

    I thought the jury decided the right desision. The procecution made guilty statements twards Kira. The jury believed that Kira was guilty but because the procecution made it clear Kira was a prisoner the jury could not prosecute Kira. I thought the trial went well.

    Zoe Dohm

  34. sfrankel1 Says:

    I think that both sides in our trial had very good arguments for their sides. I had a lot of fun in during the trial and I think that the jury was correct in judging Kira as innocent becuase of the information in the trial memo that said that if the defendent is a prisoner s/he can not be held as guilty.

  35. javery10 Says:

    I believe that the jury made the wrong decision because Kira was going against some of the greatest people in the village. The Council of Guardians have brought the village this far.Anyway the trial went well and it was fun I am happy I learned how to participate in a court case. Also Judge Stewart was great and she taught us alot about court since she went to law school.
    Jonathan Avery

  36. bhodgdon12 Says:

    I think the jury made a very good decisision to decide Kira was not guilty. The villiage will be much with Kira. I thought everyone did a great job, and I really enjoyed doing the trial and I think the trial ran very smoothly. Both sides defended very well but there were a few slips in what the accusers had said.

  37. mgordon26 Says:

    I think both sides did a great job and both sides had great points and it was very close. It was a good time to learn more about real court and what it feels like in real life. I think everyone was well prepared and we all had a blast. I was the the member of the council and both sides were great and was asking the witnesses great questions. It was very fun.

  38. sjohnson6 Says:

    I think the trial was fair and Kira is innocent. I loved the Defense’s questions, they were great and very convincing. The Prosecution’s questions were great too, but the Defense’s turned out to be more convincing. I also agree that the trial seemed very real and everyone had great, and detailed questions and arguements. In the end, the Jury, (I’m in the Jury) was convinced that Kira was innocent. If Kira had been charged, the whole village couldn’t of known about the Village of Healing, and that the Council had been lying to them, and trying to keep them in the village.

  39. kbell9 Says:

    As a council member I say that the prosecution won fair and square. However as myself I was surprised that the jury voted in our favor because we (i’ll give ryan some credit) had to make up questions on the spot. some were good others not so good. But to be candid I really thought the jury was going to be goody goody given their back ground and that the whole thing was presett. However it was fair and very enjoyable.

    Kendall S. Bell

  40. rmcdonald17 Says:

    as a member of the council i thought it was a hard fought case and we came out on top. But I also think she should have been put to the field. I have to give kendal credit. for coming up with questions that gave us the decisive edge we needed. I was surprised we won, because the jury giving kira a good edge in wich we did not have. So i thought it was fun and hopr fully we would get to do it again.

  41. ahall11 Says:

    I was a council member and I think that Kira was innocent and the trail ran smoothly and was fair. It was also a great way to decied if Kira was really gulty or innocent. I think that everyone played their part well and reacted good to unexpected questions. It was also an interesting way to earn a grade but very fun, enteraining, and over all a great way to experience what a real court session is like and a great way to be graded.

    Abby Hall

  42. jweintraub28 Says:

    I think Kira deserved to win the trial (like she did), but since everyone hopefully read the book, everyone knows how the book should end, so Kira should win. the questions were very predictable i think so it wasn’t that hard for med to answer the prosecution and jury’s questions.

    Jacob Weintraub

  43. audell9 Says:

    For the “Facts” I think Kira should be guilty. Kiar should be guilty because of many reasons. number one she is trying to get the people in the village to know about there not “being beasties” and this could really affect the communty because then people of the community will wonder off and could not come back because they weren’t able to get food and then they could die of many people started to do this then the community could fall apart and there would not be a small number for population. Number two she added on to the Singer’s Robe. This could be bad i n the sense of that there is a village of yonder but that is bascially taking advantage of the Singer’s Robe and making it sonething its not. Number three letting the singer escape. Letting the singer escape is a good thing and bad. Its good because Kira was helping someone. Its bad because Kira was letting someone go who means very much to the community, and the community would get mad! Then Kira would probably be taken to the field or or when she would of had a meal Jamison could of snuck in to the kitche nor where ever they cook the food and poisened it. Then you would have beeen taken to the field and woul have been buried (maybe). Those are three points that say why i think Kira is guilty!!!

  44. iblank20 Says:

    I thik that Kira should have been guilty because she commited all of the things that she was accussed of; don’t get me wrong, I think that how they were treating people inthe community was wrong, but we’re not on trial for that, what we put on trial was whether or not kira was guilty of treason, and she was in my opinion.

    Isabelle Blank

  45. stucker24 Says:

    Since I was apart of the jury, I had a choice to decide who was right. I really KNOW that Kira is guilty. The best thing about it, is that everyone agreed with me. I mean, the facts are all there, Kira’s guilty. NOUESTIONS ASKED!! Guilty, Guilty,Guilty!!!

    -Sydney Tucker

  46. cyeaney25 Says:

    I agree with Sidney. As being part of the prosecution, I also believe that Kira was guilty. She did something that she knew she wasn’t supposed to do, and then Kira tried to get away with it. If one of the Council members foud out what Kira was doing, she knew that she would be in so much trouble, but Kira went ahead and did it anyway.

  47. cyeaney25 Says:

    I agree with sidney. As being part of the prosecution, I also believe that Kira was guilty. She did something that she knew she wasn’t supposed to do, and then Kira tried to get away with it. If one of the Council members found out what Kira was doing, she knew that she would be in so much trouble, but Kira went ahead and did it anyway.

    Colin Yeaney

  48. alee14 Says:

    I was on the defense as Annabella, and the jury decided that Kira was guilty. I disagreed with them because Kira was a prisoner and prisoners can not be convicted of treason. So she is innocent!

    -Amanda lee

  49. kking23 Says:

    Like Amanda, I was annabella too.
    The jury that I had dicided that Kira was inoccent.
    They agreed that Kira was a prisoner, and therefor could not be convicted of treason.
    🙂 Yeah Jury!

    -Katherine King

  50. jweintraub28 Says:

    I read Ahmad’s book review and i thought it was ok. the only thing I thought was not that good was his selection of quotes. There were some that weren’t revalent to the book review.

    – Jacob Weintraub

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